Strange Things About Sarah Hyland's Relationship

Sarah Hyland never gave up on finding the love of her life, even after a disastrous relationship with her Geek Charming co-star Matt Prokop. (That romance ended in the actress being granted a permanent restraining order.) And fortunately for her, she didn't have to look any further than her TV screen to find a new boyfriend — Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams. After Adams appeared as a contestant on season 12 of The Bachelorette, their love flourished ... via Twitter, of all places. But more on that in a bit.

Their relationship moved along at lightning speed, and it wasn't long before the Modern Family star and her new beau were spotted wearing matching Stranger Things Halloween costumes in October 2017. A few holidays spent together and some romantic getaways later, the couple kicked their romance into high gear by moving in together. Sounds like a typical, Hollywood love affair, right? Not so fast...

From concerns about how well their furry friends would get along to Hyland's bizarre behavior when Adams left her side, here are the strangest things about Sarah Hyland's relationship.

It goes down in the DM

In 2016, Sarah Hyland took to Twitter to express her thoughts about season 12 of The Bachelorette, but, more importantly, she shared her thoughts on contestant Wells Adams who was vying for bachelorette Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher's heart. Many of Hyland's tweets, in which she gushed over the hunky contestant, are still plastered throughout her Twitter feed's history. "Ugh! @WellsAdams making a Lord of the Flies reference on men tell all??? #knewhewasthebestfromthestart #menwhoreadarehot" she once tweeted.

Adams must've liked what she was tweeting because he reportedly slid into her DMs to shoot his shot, even though he was reportedly interested in podcast co-host Brandi Cyrus' friend Liz at the time. "I remember we were kind of talking online. There was this whole Liz thing," Hyland said on an episode of Adams' podcast, Your Favorite Thing (via Us Weekly). "I remember being like, 'How serious is he actually about me? Is he actually serious about me or is this just a whatever thing?'"

Turns out, it wasn't just a "whatever thing" after all, and Adams was very serious. 

A 'weirdly normal' relationship

Shortly after Adams and Hyland became an item, the two were inseparable. By all outward appearances, they seemed to have an idyllic relationship, and the press just couldn't get enough of the Hollywood couple. 

Despite openly flirting on Twitter, once their relationship became serious, Wells and Hyland decided it was time to put all the juicy details about their romance on lockdown. However, the former The Bachelorette star did give a little bit of insight into their relationship, which he described as "weirdly normal," in an interview with PeopleTV's Chatter.

When he was asked how they manage to keep their relationship private, Wells Adams replied, "That question gets asked a lot because you expect the answer to be like it's crazy because it's in the spotlight but for whatever reason, it's been really nice and normal and wonderful." 

Well, as long as these two are content in their "weirdly normal" bubble, that's all that really matters!

Its been five days, where are you?!

With the Vampire Academy star residing in Los Angeles to tend to her Modern Family filming schedule and Wells Adams living in Nashville, Tenn., the two had to do the long-distance thing for quite a bit. To deal with the physical separation, Adams would frequently visit Sarah Hyland in Los Angeles. "He's a friggin' trooper and always flying out here every weekend," she told Us Weekly. "[Or] every other weekend at least to see me if my schedule has been too busy to see him, which it has been in 2018 with awards season and with Modern [Family]."

Wells and Hyland were so joined at the hip that they would get upset if they were apart for too long. "I think the longest we've gone without seeing each other is like two to three weeks because five days is already too much for us," the actress said.

Non-stop travel isn't always fun, but love can make you do some strange things.

Puppy power struggle

Less than a year after going public with the romance, Sarah Hyland told People magazine that she and Wells Adams had taken the plunge by moving in together in Los Angeles. "I think it's brought us closer. I don't think it's been long enough to discover pet peeves with each other," Hyland told the publication.

Thankfully, things went swimmingly right away. "I think we're in the honeymoon phase of living together," the See You in Valhalla actress gushed. "It's good that nothing is already starting because then I think that would be a bad sign."

But there was one thing the two were really worried about: their pets. "I'm most concerned about my dog and her dogs ... Carl sleeps on my bed. And her dog Boo sleeps on her bed," Adams said during an episode of his podcast Your Favorite Thing (via People). "What's going to happen?" 

While some couples have to deal with major issues when comes to co-habitation, Hyland and Adams are pretty lucky if their only concern was the "power struggle" between their pooches, no?

When all else fails, talk to yourself

Before they decided to live together, Wells Adams would visit Sarah Hyland as frequently as possible. During some trips, he would even stay with the Modern Family actress for weeks at a time, before jetting back to his home in Nashville, Tenn.

After one of his many visits, the XOXO star was alone and missing her boo like crazy. So, she took to her Instagram Stories to let out her emotions. "So my two-and-a-half weeks straight with Wells Adams, every day, is up," she said on the social media platform (via People). "He's gone and I'm home alone, so I guess welcome back to my Instagram stories, b****es."

She also included a written caption on the screen, which read, "@WellsAdams is gone I'm sad [...] Back to talking to myself at home alone."

We get it. She loves spending time with him, but having her whole world wrapped up in one person can't be a good thing.

They're the same person except for below the belt

Compatibility is something that's really important in a relationship. Thankfully, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have plenty of it. They're like two peas in a pod, according to the actress. "We're the same person with different genitalia," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Well, that's an interesting way to look at things, though we're not so sure how we feel about it, TBH. Finding your perfect match is cool and all, but can a relationship really last with someone who's exactly like you? We're not trying to put a damper on their romance, but we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out for the TV stars.

In her interview with ET, Hyland also called Adams, "the greatest," and, given all we know about Adams, there's no doubt that the feeling is mutual. This couple is just too cute for words, and we wish them best with their strange romance.