The Accident That Majorly Impacted Kendra Scott's Life After Shark Tank

Kendra Scott's life changed drastically after her appearance on "Shark Tank" and not in the way that she probably hoped. Scott wasn't actually a contestant on the show but popped in as a judge since she had established a renowned jewelry empire. According to ABC, Scott began her career in 2002 with little to her name. From going door to door to building a "billion-dollar valuation" company, Scott worked hard to get where she is, and she couldn't have done it without her family's motivation.

While her business has become a high priority, nothing comes before Scott's family. She has even said that family is one of the "pillars" of the foundation of the business. So, even though the Kendra Scott jewelry business was immensely important, she always prides herself on putting her sons first. She wrote in her blog, "I was surrounded by a large, loving family and a kind, generous mom who set an example of the mother I wanted to be someday. She taught me that being a mother may be the hardest job in the world, but it is by far the most rewarding."

Being a mom is Scott's primary role, so when a significant accident shook her family, she prioritized it above all else. However, this accident slowly took over the entrepuer's life.

Kendra Scott suffered PTSD after son's ski accident

In 2018, Kendra Scott dealt with a traumatic accident that involved her son, Beck. The businesswoman revealed on the "Tamron Hall Show" that Beck had gotten into a terrible skiing accident that caused him to be hospitalized for 28 days. The entire time, Scott was by her son's side. She said, "I built my company on family first ...  So when Beck was hurt, the only place I was going to be — and everybody knew it — was next to his bedside."

Based on Scott's Instagram, Beck was able to make a full recovery. However, the mother of three had her own mental struggles she had to deal with following the skiing incident. She shared with Hall, "After you go through something like that as a mother and you do feel so helpless, I realized when I got back from that, anytime the boys would do anything, I would almost be just clenched with fear." The businesswoman voiced her struggles with her doctor, who diagnosed her with PTSD. According to the American Psychiatric Association, PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder can "occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event."

Although she didn't experience the accident herself, the doctor explained that Scott "experienced every moment of that terror as a mother." Scott was in denial about her diagnosis for a bit, but over time she understood what the doctor meant as she had gone through the traumatic experience as well.

Kendra Scott has been open about her mental health struggles

Kendra Scott has opened up about her struggles with mental health and has become a big proponent in openly discussing the topic. The businesswoman revealed on "The Tamron Hall Show" that she had a lot going on at one point that was causing stress, anxiety, and sadness. She shared, "My father had two major heart attacks ... in the midst of all that we went through the pandemic. I had to close 120 stores, so I was so worried about my Kendra Scott family. I personally had some health issues, and I was going through a divorce." While Scott has been putting on a brave face, she has realized it's perfectly fine not to be okay.

And it's not just in her personal life that she has been more open about mental health struggles. Scott and her jewelry business have even partnered with the company Active Minds, which helps young adults struggling with mental health issues, per PR Newswire. Scott shared, "Almost every family in America faces a mental health challenge at some point, and my family is no exception. We must remove the stigma and continue to educate ourselves." In addition to partnering with Active Minds, Scott has even created a jewelry line where a percentage of the profit goes to mental health causes. From dealing with her own experience to advocating for the topic, Scott is raising awareness when it comes to the conversation of mental health.