Who Is The Young And The Restless Star Joshua Morrow's Wife, Tobe Keeney?

Good guy Nick Newman from "The Young and the Restless" could learn a thing or two about undying devotion from Joshua Morrow, to say nothing about declarations of love. In an interview with Soaps In Depth, he gushed about his wife, Tobe Keeney Morrow, stating, "I love her to death and I truly don't deserve her."  Morrow has been married to his wife since 2001, and they have four children together. They have three sons born between 2002 and 2008 – Cooper Jacob, Crew James, and Cash Joshua– and, would you know, they stuck to the theme when they welcomed daughter Charlie Jo in 2012. He also gave credit to Tobe, saying, "My beautiful wife has given me the four coolest children that I could ever have asked for."

Tobe and Joshua met more than two decades ago. He told Soap Opera Digest, "I had met the most beautiful, magical, and hot woman in the world... I told her on the spot, 'We're getting married someday,' and she said, 'Shut up, you weirdo.'" It seems as if Tobe believes she leads an ordinary life, despite her husband's unconventional initial conversation and his status as a soap opera star. She once described herself on her social media account, tweeting, "I'm a mom of 4, teacher who spends her free time watching her kids play sports. Not exactly primetime TV." While Tobe's life may not be caught on camera, it's every bit as glamorous.

Tobe Morrow enjoyed her kids before returning to work

Tobe Keeney Morrow is the daughter of James and Linda Keeney. Sadly, Tobe's father died in July 2023, but she and her siblings were fortunate enough to spend time with him before his death. In a 2017 interview for the Calvary Christian School, where she formerly taught, she shared some tidbits about her past, including that her childhood home was on an almond orchard in Paso Robles, on the central coast of California. Growing up, Tobe was a tomboy but also enjoyed artistic pursuits such as dancing five days per week. In fact, she taught a children's dance class. It's no wonder Tobe ended up becoming a school teacher herself.  

Tobe detailed the start of her career, stating, "I started teaching 1st grade in 1997 at a school called Langdon Ave Elementary school, which is in the Los Angeles Unified school district. I taught until my first son Cooper was born in 2002. I took a VERY long break to be a mommy and came back to teach once all my kids were in school. Lucky for me, they all go to school at Calvary. It's great teaching in the same school with my children. I absolutely love when they all come to my classroom. It's the best job in the world!" While Tobe enjoyed her time as a teacher, she challenged herself to a new career.

Tobe Keeney Morrow enjoys making beautiful spaces

"The Young and the Restless" actor Joshua Morrow has a talented wife in Tobe Keeney Morrow. She is the principal designer at Morrow & Co., an interior design firm, and describes her aesthetic as "classic and comfortable."  Yet, it seems Tobe only realized later in life that her new career was an obvious choice. 

Tobe took to Instagram to muse about how her career path changed after leaving the teaching profession. She penned, "When I was a teacher, my favorite thing to do was create magical spaces for my students. I should have known what my next career path would have been. I still like making things beautiful and always with a meaningful touch." She then referred to the accompanying video of an outdoor Easter setup for her students. She wrote, "I could have bought Easter decor, but it would have had no meaning. The students found their creations as table decor and garland, and their beautiful art on display like a museum. The smiles and the pride in their little eyes was all the thanks I needed... #itsalwaysinthedetails." Tobe's students must have enjoyed having her as a teacher!

Tobe has caught the eye of the rich and the famous. Singer Katharine McPhee Foster occasionally comments on Tobe's pics and has apparently even used her services. Foster commented on a pic of a cozy kitchen nook on Morrow & Co's social media feed, writing, "My house be so pretty." Glamorous indeed.