Things You Didn't Know About Courtney Stodden

Reality star Courtney Stodden grabbed headlines in 2011 when, at age 16, she tied the know with 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison (The Green Mile) in Vegas. The controversial marriage, which had to be legally approved by Stodden's parents due to her young age, continues to serve as catnip for the tabloids. What is Stodden's deal, and why would she want to marry a middle-aged man? Before you ask, "Why would you even want to know?" look what we dug up.

She starred on Celebrity Big Brother

Stodden became an overnight sensation in the U.K. when she appeared on season 12 of Celebrity Big Brother in the summer of 2013. Despite being a relative unknown to British TV audiences, Stodden lasted 21 days in the house, just shy of the show's big finale. While in the house, she raised eyebrows for allegedly getting too flirty with housemate Mario Falcone, despite being married to Hutchison at the time, reported the Daily Mail. And speaking of her hubby...

She split from Hutchison

In November 2013, Radar Online reported that Stodden and Hutchison had separated after less than three years of marriage. Speaking to E! News a few weeks after the split, Stodden admitted that she began to have a change of heart while living in the Big Brother house. "I was missing him, but not intimately," she said of her husband. "I couldn't neglect my desires, and wanting to embrace my independence and my freedom." Stodden even admitted what everyone else had been thinking since 2011: that her marriage was totally abnormal. "I got that it was unconventional, but I didn't get how weird and strange that came across..." she said. "When I was 16, I got my marriage license instead of my driver's license. Come on."

Around the same time, Hutchison—who, strangely enough, continued living with Stodden and co-managing her career after their separation—also spoke to E! News about their breakup, saying he didn't think they'd get back together. Which is funny, because, whad'ya know...

They got back together

After a nine-month separation, Stodden and Hutchison reconciled, according to Us Weekly. Speaking to the magazine, Stodden's mom, Krista Keller, shared the bizarro details of their reconciliation, claiming, "[Stodden] kind of was exploring being 19 and being alone and exploring the life of a 19 year old. It was a legal separation, and she started dating and started going out with different guys, and then she had someone to compare Doug to. She really realized that she has a really great husband...her first choice was her choice!" Keller also claimed that Hutchison was "gracious" during their separation and simply let his wife do what she needed to do. Riiiiiiiight.

Her relationship with her mom got really weird

Amid the sex-tape drama, Keller confirmed to FOX411 that she was no longer co-managing Stodden's career with Hutchison due to "creative differences." Keller seemed to imply that those differences involved her daughter's sex tape. "I wish things would have gone differently in the last 6 months in her career and as far as the decision making, I feel as the manager, I should have been respected and listened to," Keller said. Stodden told TooFab she asked her mom to step down.

Keller and Stodden attempted to repair their relationship the following year on the Lifetime reality series The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, but it appears they still have some work to do. In an interview with TooFab, Stodden accused her mom of trying to steal hubby Hutchison away from her. Keller responded with her own accusations, claiming that Hutchison had feelings for her too. She even claimed he fantasized about having the mother and daughter in bed together, according to The Daily Mail. Ugh, that is too freaky, and also sounds like the plotline of another video for charity.

She punched her first kiss in the face

Speaking to Fox News in 2014, Stodden admits her first go at love wasn't all that smooth. "I was in first grade and the boy who had a huge crush on me, he would run around the playground and he would chase me around and I thought he had cooties," she said. "So one day he cornered me and kissed me and I was having none of it and I literally punched him in the face. So my first kiss experience was a little violent." Understatement of the year.

She met Hutchison at acting lessons

Ever wonder how Stodden and Hutchison's crazy relationship began? The way Stodden told the story to Good Morning America in 2011, the whole thing was "really beautiful." "My mother was managing my career," she said. "Her friend told my mother that [Hutchison was] holding some workshops for acting. And I was very interested in acting. So what better way than to connect that way?" Hutchison added: "She sent me an email. And our exchange, at first, was just really about business." The rest, of course, is very creepy history.