What Happened To Ben And Emily After Below Deck?

"Below Deck" fans can't get enough of the series' sun, sea, and shenanigans. Per Bravo, the show documents the lives of stud-of-the-sea Captain Lee, his team, and their luxury yacht guests as they traverse the sparkling ocean, stopping off at several stunning locations worldwide. However, it's the crew's drama, bed-hopping, and romances that really bring the entertainment. One coupling that had fans glued to the screen was the relationship between chef Ben Robinson and second stew, Emily Warburton-Adams.

Sparks inevitably fly when a group of hot twenty-somethings is thrown together for weeks on end. It would take hours to compile a list of everyone who's dated on "Below Deck," and Ben's enjoyed more than his fair share of the show's situationships. One of the biggest dramas from "Below Deck" resulted from the flirty and fiery will-they-or-wont-they "friendship" between the lusty Lothario and chief stew, Kate Chastain, during Season 2.

Fans were left wondering whether Kate and Ben were more than just friends after sparks flew between the two. Spoiler alert: They were, albeit for a limited period. "We hooked up a few times," Ben confessed during Season 3. Meanwhile, Kate drew a parallel between their steamy trysts and cheesecake. "It's really decadent, delicious, but you can't eat it every day," she said. ​​But what happened to Ben and Emily's relationship after "Below Deck"? Are they still rocking it on the high seas? Or is it just another case of a boatmance gone flat like Ben and Kate?

Bromance to nomance

Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams got hot and heavy on the high seas during "Below Deck" Season 4. Bravo reports that the "English Rose" set pulses racing the second she boarded the Valor. But it was slick Brit Ben who sealed the deal. "Going on a date with him and things like that, I felt very close to him very quickly. He was British, and he made me laugh. I do like an older guy," Emily admitted during an appearance on "Life After Bravo." She shared that Ben won her over with his tasty treats. "It was totally real feelings," Emily said. "He knew what I liked, and he made me my food. It was a real perk."

So what happened to Ben and Emily after the "Below Deck" cameras stopped rolling? Sadly, according to Bravo, despite their romance continuing when they first hit dry land, ultimately, it fizzled out.

"I can't exactly claim that we're steady and dating at this point in time," Ben admitted on the "After Deck with Kate Chastain" podcast. "We just don't see each other enough to have a serious relationship." However, he wasn't prepared to throw in the towel altogether. "You know, Emily and I, we're always going to have a special place in one another's hearts," Ben said. "So, hopefully, we may be able to rekindle something in the future." Still, it wasn't to be, and the former couple are firmly in the friend zone.

Baby daddy Ben?

Emily Warburton-Adams isn't the only "Below Deck" ex that Ben Robinson's stayed close to. After posting a photo of himself posing with a heavily pregnant Kate Chastain, he sent the rumor mill into overdrive. "Who knew that Kate Chastain and I would be the same weight one day... But to be fair, I have been hitting the gym! Please wish my great friend an easy delivery and a healthy, beautiful baby! I am so proud of who you have become and the mother you will soon be," he captioned the pic.

Decider reports that Kate gave birth to a bouncing boy named Sulivan Cay in May 2023. She's never revealed who the father is, and gossip quickly spread that Ben was her baby daddy. The rumors wouldn't die once the fire was lit, and Kate was forced to shoot down the speculation. "For the record, the only thing this handsome guy has in common with any chef is the tendency to get emotional around meal times," she tweeted, along with a picture of her little boy.

Still, it did little to stem the tide of gossip, and Kate was compelled to provide photo evidence to prove otherwise. "It would be great if people would stop commenting and messaging me 'Baby Ben!'.......every single day," Kate tweeted alongside a composite pic of Sullivan and Ben as newborns. "For reference, this is Ben as a baby on the left next to Sullivan. Clearly not related."