Captain Jason Was Involved In A Serious Yacht Crash Before Below Deck Down Under

Ship happens when out on the sea, and Captain Jason Chambers knows this firsthand. The "Below Deck Down Under" cast member has dealt with some difficult situations while out on the waters, including a serious yacht crash.

"Below Deck Down Under" premiered in March 2022, and much like its franchise's other spin-off series, it was a big success! The cast members were quickly embraced by the Bravo fanbase, with Chambers standing out in particular. One reason he left a lasting impression on Bravo fans is his status as the youngest captain in the "Below Deck" franchise, per Bravo. But don't let the fact that he is younger fool you into thinking he's inexperienced. Chambers has been doing this job for a while and has no intention of stopping. He shared, "I've been doing this for 20 years now, and the reason I still want to do it, it's not getting old for me, is because I love it. I love being on boats, and I love being the captain, and I love giving entertainment to guests."

According to the Daily Mail, Chambers' earlier stints included holding the position of captain on various luxury yachts. This reality star gained a wealth of experience during his time leading up to "Below Deck Down Under," including navigating a situation where his yacht crashed.

Jason Chambers crashed a massive yacht

Captain Jason Chambers will go down with the ship even in the most difficult situations. In 2019, the "Below Deck Down Under" star was involved in a yacht crash in Queensland, Australia, the Daily Mail notes. A video shared on Facebook by a nearby restaurant, Prawn Star, showed the massive yacht heading straight for the marina, hitting a ramp along the way. The yacht had suffered a mechanical issue, but luckily, Chambers knew what to do to have the least amount of damage.

The reality star revealed to 7 News his strategy after discovering the mechanical issue. He shared, "We took control in the wheelhouse to see if it was a technical fault on the controls. It was still going ahead, so we did what we're trained to in collisions. We shut down all engines, dropped an anchor, and thank God we selected a nice spot where there was no personnel."

The captain was able to avoid the restaurant nearby, but that didn't make the experience any less scary for patrons. Kay Green, Prawn Stars business manager, recounted her experience with ABC News, sharing, "It was scary, people were screaming and very frightened. But no one was hurt, and that's the most important thing." While the situation was unlucky, the crew and everyone near the crash were fortunate that Chambers was on board and knew exactly what to do.

Captain Jason Chamber previous work prepped him for Below Deck Down Under

Whether Captain Jason Chambers knew it or not, his previous work experiences prepared him to take on "Below Deck Down Under." When Chambers crashed into the marina in 2019, he had no idea he would have a similar experience on the show.

In season 2 of "Below Deck Down Under," Chambers and his crew struggled to steer a boat with only one propeller. In a clip shared on Instagram, the captain explained, "This vessel's got one propeller, so it only moves one way, and that way is always to the right. ... The winds blowing me on the dock. The only way the boat wants to move is into the dock." As Chambers predicted, once they removed the lines on the boat, it started heading toward the dock. Luckily, the captain and his team members immediately took the necessary precautions to avoid a crash, and the boat was able to chart the waters.

Chambers has clearly shown his expertise on and off the show, but that doesn't mean he isn't one to get down and dirty like the rest of the crew. He shared with OK!, "I can't help but be hands on. I participate because we're all trying to get to the same ending." The captain has taken on a refreshing new take on being a leader, and fans can't get enough of him and the rest of the crew of "Below Deck Down Under."