Is The Bold And The Beautiful Star Don Diamont Married In Real Life?

Don Diamont has been a regular fixture on American television for decades. The model-turned-soap opera star began his career when he joined "Days of Our Lives" in 1984 as the character Carlo Forenza. He then got his big break playing Brad Carlton on "The Young & The Restless" from 1985 to 2021. However, these days, Diamont is perhaps best known for his role as Bill Spencer Jr. on the long-running soap "The Bold & The Beautiful." He joined the cast of "Bold" in 2009 and has been part of the show since. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Diamont shared what drew him to playing the character. "His emotional complexity. He's such a complicated character. A guy who, to his best efforts at times, can't get out of his own way," he said. "The very things that have made him one of the most powerful people on the planet are also the very things that personally can be so destructive for him."

As Bill, Diamont has been paired with many of the show's leading ladies, such as Heather Tom and Katherine Kelly Lang, who played his ex-wives (and sisters) Katie and Brooke Logan, respectively. On working with these talented actors, Diamont told Soaps in Depth that he considers himself very lucky. "Each one of them has a really great sense of humor and takes the work very seriously without taking themselves too seriously," he said. Interestingly enough, Diamont has also had his fair share of romances in his personal life, much like his character Bill.

Don Diamont was once married to Rachel Braun before moving on

Don Diamont has tied the knot twice — first to ex-wife Rachel Braun, whom he dated for eight years before marrying in 1994. He and Braun welcomed two children, sons Alexander and Luca before they parted ways in 2002. Diamont had also become a stepdad to Braun's two kids, Sasha and Lauren. While promoting his book "My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other" in 2018, Diamont opened up to TV Insider about the end of his marriage to Braun. Talking about their children, he said, "It was crucial for me that these guys understand that I was leaving their mother, but I wasn't leaving them. I will always be there for them. I'm here, and I'll always be here."

Several months after his split from Braun, Diamont started dating Cindy Ambuehl, whom he met when she auditioned for the role of Ashley Abbott on "The Young and the Restless" back in the '90s. He and Ambuehl got engaged in 2003 following the birth of their sons, twins Davis and Anton. Nine years later, in June 2012, the pair exchanged vows at the Chateau de la Chevre d' in Eze, France. "When we met, it was truly love at first sight, and that feeling has never left me. Not for a moment!" Diamont gushed on Instagram. "I really am the luckiest man alive! I love you @cindyambuehl‼️ Forever and Always!!!"

Don Diamont's marriage to Cindy Ambeuhl is thriving

Reflecting on his marriage with Cindy Ambuehl, Don Diamont told Soaps that he feels incredibly blessed to have her as his wife. He said, "I know I'm an incredibly lucky guy. I mean, sometimes, I'm not sure how she puts up with me... but I'm sure glad she does!" The "Bold & the Beautiful" star has repeatedly enthused about his wife in interviews, once referring to Ambuehl as a superhero. "Cindy has a tremendous goodness — she has an open, warm, loving heart," he told TV Insider in 2018. "There's no 'quit' in her. She can take on any challenge. She is tenacious. She's 'Superwoman.' Anyone who knows her knows that's the truth."

Having been married to Ambuehl for more than a decade, Diamont also shared the secret to their strong and happy union. "We laugh a lot," he told Soaps. "I think that's important, that you can laugh with your partner." Regardless of how successful he is as an actor, the star told Digital Journal in 2018 that his greatest accomplishment in life will always be his family. "My wife and my kids and having a really wonderful home life. Ultimately, that is really what matters," he said. "My professional success has allowed me to provide for my family and bring a lot of stability to my family and life. [But] being a really good husband and dad would be my priority over anything else," he added.