What Corey Feldman Blames For His Divorce From Courtney Anne Mitchell

Corey Feldman announced his separation from his wife, Courtney Anne Mitchell, in early August 2023. "We have been through so much together and still have much love and respect for each other. There is no one to blame," the "Lost Boys" star told Page Six in a statement. Feldman and Mitchell began dating in 2012 and Feldman proposed in Palm Springs four years later, writing "Will you marry me" on a piece of paper along with two check boxes, a "yes" and a "no," according to People magazine. Of course, Mitchell checked off the "yes" option. About a week later, the duo tied the knot at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, E! News reported at the time. After seven years, however, the two ended their marriage and Feldman shared some insight into what caused the split.

"This is a case of life becoming really hard, Courtney dealing with health issues, and two people who have grown apart and now find themselves at a crossroads," his statement given to Page Six continued. The health issues that he's referring to started off with a COVID-19 diagnosis and have plagued Mitchell for a few years. In June 2023, she shared an update on Instagram in which she explained what was going on. "I contracted a bug in December 2021 which I believe led to the Chronic Hives Condition, as it wasn't there prior," she wrote. Additionally, in her own statement shared with Page Six, Mitchell revealed that she has been suffering from another condition.

Courtney Anne Mitchell is no longer touring with Corey Feldman

Courtney Anne Mitchell has been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, according to Page Six. The condition is marked by extreme levels of tiredness, regardless of the amount of sleep or rest a patient receives, per Johns Hopkins Medicine. Additionally, someone with chronic fatigue syndrome can experience headaches, depression, mood swings, and forgetfulness amongst other symptoms. "This has taken a massive toll on me and my family," Mitchell said in her statement. 

Mitchell, who is a singer and a DJ, had been touring with Feldman and was performing with him and his band around the country. Due to her health issues, however, she won't be continuing on. "It's been a long journey of dealing with my own chronic fatigue syndrome which makes it difficult to keep up with the high energy of touring and traveling from place to place," Mitchell explained. Regardless of their separation, both Feldman and Mitchell had nothing but glowing things to say about one another and their relationship in their respective statements. Moreover, neither has made any significant changes to their respective social media accounts, as their photos together haven't been deleted and Mitchell still refers to herself as a "wifey" in her Instagram bio.

Courtney Anne Mitchell is focused on her health

Less than one month before their split, Courtney Anne Mitchell shared a birthday tribute to Corey Feldman on Instagram. "Happiest of Birthdays to my Husband @cdogg22 I hope you are enjoying your time in Hawaii with your close family. Much love; Courtney, your loving wife," she captioned the post. Although the post seemed relatively normal, some fans took to the comments section to express their concerns about Mitchell. "Happy birthday to Corey but this seems cryptic, hope all is ok," one Instagram user wrote. "Haven't seen you post in a month, I sincerely hope all is well. Miss your posts," another Instagram comment read. Flash forward a few weeks and it appears as though the instincts of those fans were spot on.

Mitchell has been active on social media since she and Feldman shared the news of their separation, and she's even provided a small update on how she's doing health-wise. On September 10, 2023, a fan commented on a post that Mitchell uploaded on Instagram, asking how she was doing — and Mitchell responded. "Healing one day at a time," she wrote, adding a red heart emoji. Mitchell hasn't shared too many health updates on social media, but she has posted about some of the things that she does that seem to help her, such as drinking watermelon juice.