Why Meghan And Harry May Split From Kate And William

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in a breathtaking May 2018 ceremony, many assumed the newlyweds would easily slip into their new roles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This is because Prince William and Kate Middleton — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — were expected to ease the pair's transition into public service as a married couple, an area of expertise they've mastered throughout the years. 

The quartet was quickly nicknamed the "Royal Fab Four" by the press, a fitting moniker given their group date nights and joint appearances at public events. But the Royal Fab Four's future was put into jeopardy on Nov. 23, 2018, when The Sun reported that Meghan and Harry planned to move out of Kensington Palace in London where William and Kate also reside. As for the pair's new residence? They'll shack up in Windsor Castle's Frogmore Cottage, a 10-bedroom home about 20 miles from the city. Not too shabby.

A statement from Kensington Palace about the move didn't give much of an explanation for the change, leading some to speculate about a brewing feud between the royal couples. As for the media? The press went wild over the news, with some outlets suggesting that Meghan and Kate can't stand one another. Other sources, however, chalked up the split to William and Harry forging their own identities.  

Join us as we uncover the real truth behind Meghan and Harry's possible split from Kate and William.

Prince Harry wants out of the fishbowl

Prince Harry transformed from a fun-loving party guy to a family man seemingly overnight when he first met Meghan Markle in July 2016. The royal is now focused on his home life with Meghan and he's concerned about how they'll raise their child, who is due in spring 2019

Unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton who are comfortable with having their kids in the public eye, Harry is reportedly eager to enjoy family life out of the limelight. Although Harry "loves his brother and his little niece and nephews," he "wants to escape the goldfish bowl of royal life for the sake of his marriage and his unborn child," according to the Daily Mail. Fair enough. To achieve this sense of privacy, Harry and Meghan won't be able to live at the bustling Kensington Palace with William and Kate. A total of 50 people live at the stunning home, including royals and support staff, according to Elite Daily. It's a packed house.

We can't help but wonder, however, whether Harry will achieve his goal. Living over 20 miles outside of London won't necessarily ensure the couple has total privacy, but at least their new town is less paparazzi heavy than London.

Are Meghan and Kate at odds?

One of the more juicy theories concerning the possible split is Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's strained relationship. Meghan reportedly made Kate cry following following "Princess Charlotte's bridesmaid dress fitting" for Meghan and Harry's May 2018 wedding. Although it's unclear what prompted the supposed fit of tears, a source told the Daily Mail, "Kate had only just given birth to Prince Louis and was feeling quite emotional." 

But wait — that's not all. The supposed feud between the sisters-in-law started around Christmas 2017, Meghan's first major holiday with the Cambridges. The Prince of Wales — aka Prince William and Prince Harry's dad, Prince Charles — reportedly orchestrated a meeting between the couples after noticing tensions within the group.

Charles' attempt at peacemaking flopped, unfortunately. After "Kate had a quiet word with Meghan, it escalated rapidly after Meghan complained to Harry that she had been 'told off,'" leading to World War III to break out, according to the Daily Mail. Harry took Meghan's side (duh), "while William defended Kate, who was five months pregnant with Louis and certainly didn't want this sort of confrontation."

Despite the blow out, Kate later set up a tea with Meghan to offer her advice about royal life. When Meghan supposedly didn't take the suggestions, Kate was "very sad about what was happening and felt that Harry was 'changing,'" according to a source speaking with the tab.

Of course, it's also completely possible that the couples get along just fine.  

About that awkward Christmas...

The Christmas fight between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle is allegedly more layered than one might think. It all started when Harry expressed anger about Prince William's supposed cold treatment of Meghan during the festivities, which led to a "fallout" between the two. "Harry felt William wasn't rolling out the red carpet for Meghan and told him so," a source told the Daily Mail. "They had a bit of a fall out which was only resolved when Prince Charles stepped in and asked William to make an effort. That's when the Cambridges invited the Sussexes to spend Christmas with them."

As for why William wasn't so welcoming? "The problem is that the Cambridges felt things had moved very quickly between Harry and Meghan," a source explained to the Daily Mail. "Wills particularly was worried and felt close enough to Harry to voice his thoughts."

Once word of William's concerns reached Harry, it all went downhill from there. We guess William should probably familiarize himself with the old saying "silence is golden" because complaining about your sibling's partner has little chance of ending well.

The princes aren't the Olsen twins

It can be easy to forget that Prince William and Prince Harry are two separate individuals given how often they're lumped together as one person. Although it made sense when the two were kids, the now adult brothers are supposedly tired of twinning. "This isn't the end of a great relationship but the start of something new," a source told the Daily Express about the separation. "Harry and William will always be close, but they don't have to be twins."

Completely fair point, right? Even though some siblings prefer to be joined at the hip (we're looking at you, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen), there's also something to be said for keeping a healthy distance. Additionally, Harry is reportedly tired of third-wheeling it with William and Kate. "Harry knows he will always be in William's shadow and for many years he has felt like a bit of a spare wheel, dragging along behind his brother and Kate," an insider the Daily Express. "Now he has a life of his own and a family of his own. It is perfectly natural to want to be more independent."

Spread your wings and fly, Prince Harry. The world is your oyster.

Miss independent Meghan

Meghan Markle has played by her own rules since the very beginning, starting with her May 2018 wedding to Prince Harry. Instead of opting for the traditional fruitcake (a favorite of the royals) to serve guests, she went with a buttercream-frosted cake drizzled with elderflower syrup and adorned with fresh flowers. Yum. "This is the first wedding without a multitiered fruitcake!" royal expert Omid Scobie told Us Weekly. Scobie also pointed out that Meghan "came in with more of a self-identity," acknowledging that she's "not afraid to pick causes that are less glamorous." 

Then there's the topic of Meghan's clothing, a supposedly sore subject for the royals. "Meghan is being told she needs to start dressing less like a Hollywood star and more like a royal," a source told the Daily Mail. Oh boy. Considering Kate Middleton is more open to follow the royal family's rules, it's not terribly shocking that Meghan wants to move out of Kensington Palace. Meghan, after all, was never destined to be apart of the Royal Fab Four — it's simply not her style to follow the pack. 

Is Meghan a nightmare to deal with?

Meghan Markle presents an easygoing and happy image on the surface, but is she really the charming person fans have come to know and love? The answer is no if you believe the rumor about her terrible behavior ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry. One point of tension? Meghan was supposedly upset about the "musty" smell in the chapel where she wed Harry in May 2018, according to an insider speaking with the Daily Mail. "It's not unpleasant at all, though," the source informed the tab, adding, "It just smells how you would expect an old building to smell. And that's something the Royal Family are particularly used to." 

Instead of just ignoring the historic aroma (St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle was built in the 14th century, for Pete's sake), Meghan reportedly instructed her team to cover it up. "Meghan wanted staff to go around with these atomisers, like spritzer guns, and spray the chapel with scent before anyone arrived," the insider said. Staffers ultimately declined the request out of principle. 

In another supposed incident, of which Kensington Palace issued a rare denial, Meghan yelled at one of Kate Middleton's staffers amid the stress of wedding planning. Kate wasn't a fan of the dressing down, reportedly telling Meghan, according to The Sun: "That's unacceptable, they're my staff and I speak to them."

Tell us how you really feel, Kate.

The Queen plays favorites

The Queen of England is like the Regina George of the royal family, minus the whole mean girl thing. Everyone wants to be her best friend and aspires to stay in her good graces, an especially true sentiment for both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Even though Kate and the Queen enjoy a close relationship, Prince Harry and Prince William's grandmother is supposedly all about Meghan these days. "Since Meghan married Prince Harry [in May], she and the queen have become so close," a source told Life & Style magazine. "The queen has really gotten to know Harry's bride and finds her utterly charming. She thinks everything about her represents the future of the monarchy." 

As for Kate's reaction to the pair's reported closeness?  Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge "is extremely bitter" about the situation, and that "she's beginning to feel more and more shoved out now that Meghan's in the picture." Even worse for Kate, the source claimed she "isn't as close to the queen as Meghan is now."

It's possible that this supposed game of favorites is the Queen's attempt to make Meghan feel more comfortable. But perhaps the Queen should schedule some group hangouts to ensure the sisters-in-law stay civil amid this possible split.

Making room for Markle's mom

Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland (above right), have always maintained a close bond. That's why Ragland reportedly plans to split her time between her home in Los Angeles and England when her grandchild arrives in spring 2019. To accommodate this transition, Prince Harry and Meghan got the bright idea to move to Frogmore Cottage, a house that's more spacious than Kensington Palace's Nottingham Cottage.

"With a baby on the way, there wasn't the option of the Duke and Duchess staying at the palace as Nottingham Cottage is tiny and none of the bigger apartments is available," a source told the Daily Mirror. "Doria will be staying with them for quite long periods and they need a larger place."

Makes sense to us. It's understandable Meghan's mom might prefer a private setting to bond with her new grandchild, especially since she's not used to royal life yet.

Different strokes for different folks

Every royal has a specific area of charitable focus, whether it be mental health awareness or education reform, for example. Prince Harry's priorities mostly matched up with Kate Middleton and Prince William throughout the years, but all of that changed when he met Meghan Markle in July 2016. As for why? It all boils down to Meghan's specific list of interests and her strong commitment to these issues.

"Meghan has very strong views on what she is interested in and that may be what Harry shares, but not what William and Kate share," royals author Sally Bedell Smith told People about the situation.

Of course, it's pretty normal for adults to have different opinions and interests. Smith said as much, adding: "The arrival of Meghan has changed the dynamic of the relationship in a fairly significant way. It is inevitable and practical because it gives Harry and Meghan some freedom to build up their own collection of interests and charities."