Here's What Jeffree Star Looks Like Without Makeup

Jeffree Star is known for his over-the-top makeup looks. The singer-turned-makeup mogul has been doing his own makeup for more than 25 years, and fans have seen him modeling a variety of looks on his popular YouTube channel. Star, born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. in 1985, first found a following on the bygone social media website MySpace — where he boasted the most followed profile in 2006 — before reinventing himself as a bona fide beauty guru. His successful brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, has helped the influencer become one of the biggest YouTube stars of the last decade and amass an impressive fortune of $200 million, according to The U.S. Sun.

On any given day, Star may appear on his social media pages with hot pink or rainbow hair, exaggerated eyeliner, and deep red lipstick. Fans never know what to expect when they tune in and get his signature "Welcome back to my channel!" greeting on YouTube. But while he looks gorgeous in glam, underneath it all, Star has model-worthy features — and once in a while, he graciously grants fans a glimpse of his unfiltered beauty.

Jeffree Star shared a makeup-free selfie on Instagram

Jeffree Star loves to show off different makeup looks but still gives his followers a peek at what's underneath every once in a while. In a 2018 Instagram photo, Star posed for a rare makeup-free selfie. The beauty guru's long blonde hair was also free from a wig as he shared a fresh-faced look that showcased his natural features. While the shot provides a glimpse of Star without makeup, it also unveils the guru's shaved eyebrows — which he recently boasted about growing back. In fact, the only embellishment on Star's freshly cleansed visage is a tattoo that boldly reads "Vanity," positioned by his right temple.

Star had also given glimpses of his glam-free look on his YouTube channel. In 2017, he tested extreme makeup removers, and in a video, he showed fans his face after it was wiped clean of all the glitz and glam. Star also shared a photo of him sans makeup on Facebook — which definitely had us doing a double-take. In a photo posted in 2013, he posed makeup-free and wearing a dapper suit. His blond hair was cut short, and there was no trace of his glamour girl persona. "I love being a chameleon...." Star wrote of his no-makeup look.

Jeffree Star began wearing makeup when he was 12 years old

Jeffree Star has been wearing makeup longer than he hasn't. In an interview with Nylon, he revealed that he began experimenting with makeup when he was 12 years old. "My mom had this big makeup tower in her bathroom that I would play with. I'll never forget the first thing I picked out. It was this red shadow that I put on my eyes and thought looked really cool," he revealed.

Star told Logical Harmony that he got ideas for makeup looks by looking through his mother's "Cosmopolitan" magazines when he was a tween. "When you come from a poor background and a family full of alcoholics, you don't fully understand what that means when you're a little kid. I found art and makeup, it changed my life," he explained of his escape into the world of cosmetics.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder also revealed that he really didn't have any male makeup icons that he looked up to as a kid because he was too young to appreciate the gender-bending stars of the '70s and '80s. It wasn't until he was a sophomore in high school that he began to wear makeup to school. "I didn't even know about guys wearing makeup, like David Bowie and Boy George," Star told Nylon. "When I was really young, I wasn't into that — I was into Britney Spears."