The Untold Truth Of The Wives And Girlfriends Of The LA Rams

The St. Louis Rams suffered through twelve straight seasons without a winning record before their move to Los Angeles in 2016. With a change of scenery and the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, fans hoped the team's fortunes would change. They didn't. Rookie quarterback Jared Goff was trending toward the dreaded NFL bust label, and the team stumbled to 4-12. Enter new head coach Sean McVay — a 30-year-old offensive guru from the Washington Redskins — and the Los Angeles Rams became legit. With talent stocked through the draft and high-priced free agent pickups, the Rams have compiled a scorching 24-8 record since McVay's arrival and earned a trip to Super Bowl LIII.

But their success wouldn't be as sweet without the wives and girlfriends who support them through thick and thin. Wide receiver Cooper Kupp can't thank his wife Angela enough for her "unfailing love" and "unwavering support." Wide receiver Robert Woods' wife Alexandra has a message for the world: "WE'RE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL, BABY!!!!!!" So take a timeout, grab a Gatorade, and learn the untold truth of the wives and girlfriends of the LA Rams.

Sean McVay's girlfriend calls him 'McBae'

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay met his girlfriend Veronika Khomyn while he was still an assistant coach with the Washington Redskins, and the pair are still going strong. She's such a great girlfriend that the Ukrainian model "and a few friends took care of clearing the townhouse" the couple shared in Virginia while McVay was busy with his new gig in California, Sports Illustrated reported. She also "sold it in a day," by the way.

Khomyn also informed McVay (whom she calls "McBae") that everybody knew about their new $2.7 million digs in Encino. "It's all over TMZ yesterday," McVay "lamented," per ESPN. "I closed on a place earlier this week. My girlfriend — she's on social media, I'm not — she says, 'You know, it's everywhere, where we're living and all that stuff.'"

Khomyn, who studied at George Mason University, has no problem sharing her affection for McVay publicly with her 43,000+ Instagram followers. "The best love is the kind that awakens your soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds," she once captioned a picture of her kissing McVay on the cheek. She even maintains an Instagram account for their dog, Kali.

Cooper Kupp married his college sweetheart

While attending Eastern Washington University, standout slot receiver Cooper Kupp met Anna Croskrey. The devout Christians married in June 2015. In an interview with The Spokesman-Reviewsix months before Kupp was a 3rd round pick of the Los Angeles Rams; the couple pondered their future. 

"Obviously, we have dreams about what we want in our lives," Cooper said. "What's our house going to look like, when are we going to start a family and of course the football side of things? A million dollars for me playing football for God is so much more than a million dollars or a billion dollars can ever mean." Anna, a former college heptathlete, talked about how their shared love of sports helps their marriage. "It's not so much playing the games on the field but the dedication off the field and in the video room and the weight room," Anna said. "That's something we can share and something that makes our marriage so strong because I know what he strives for." 

Three years later, the marriage was as strong as ever. "To my soulmate, on your 25th birthday; the world is a much brighter place because you are in it. I love you," Anna wrote on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Kupp was sidelined for Super Bowl LIII after tearing his ACL in Week 10. But don't worry Rams fans, Anna is bringing the "good luck charm."

Aqib Talib and his wife Gypsy had a 'crazy' wedding

Five-time Pro Bowl selection and Super Bowl-winning cornerback Aqib Talib married Gypsy Benitez in 2016. Per Heavy, her "social media accounts ... are private and [there is] little known about her beyond her relationship to her husband." What we do know: their wedding was an all-timer. While still a member of the Denver Broncos, Talib and Gypsy tied the knot in a lavish ceremony that had a guest list that included a who's who of the NFL stars such as Von Miller, Chris Harris Jr., Emmanuel Sanders, Vince Wilfork, and Devin McCourty.

And it cost a pretty penny to have that much fun. "We started at $300,000, and we ended up at $320,000 or $420,000 or something crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I was mad at the wedding planners," Talib told ESPN's His & Hers (via Complex). "But when I walked in and I seen that reception room, I just had to say, "I ain't mad no more.' ... Money well spent.'

Aqib regularly posts about Gypsy and their three kids on his Instagram, and if he wins another Super Bowl, be prepared for him to shout her out like he did after the Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in 2016. "Aqib Talib is at the podium," reporter Jeff Howe tweeted after the game. "Mid-question, looks at his wife, 'You're looking gorgeous, baby. We're gonna get it in tonight.'" That's true love right there.

Robert Woods is 'in awe' of his supportive wife

"Still in awe of this day. I married my best friend," wide receiver Robert Woods posted on Instagram, reminiscing about his 2018 wedding to Alexandra Barbee Woods. "My brothers witness how you've touched my life and continuously flood me with love. I appreciate all that you do I love you @a.barbee and I always will."

Although both are Los Angeles natives, Robert Woods started his career with the Buffalo Bills. But distance couldn't stop the love this couple shared. "Not a day went by when we didn't talk, text or FaceTime," he told Wedding Style. They made it work by Alexandra flying cross-country to visit him and Robert spending his breaks and offseason in California. When the Los Angeles Rams signed him in 2017, the couple no longer had to be apart.

A rabid football fan and vocal supporter of her husband, Alexandra never passes up an opportunity to be a cheerleader for her man. "A few of my favorite things about Game Day include: Watching my husband live out his wildest dreams, the amazing crowd energy, the overpriced pretzels & these special post-game kisses!" she wrote on Instagram.

Rodger Saffold says he doesn't 'deserve' his wife

Left guard Rodger Saffold is the "longest-tenured Ram" on the Los Angeles Rams roster after being drafted in 2010. His relationship with wife Asia Saffold might also be longest-tenured relationship on the team as well. According to Fab Wags, Rodger and Asia grew up on the same street as children in Ohio. They lost touch after high school, but thanks to Facebook's ability to let you slide into DMs, the couple eventually reconnected, tied the knot in 2014, and had two children.

The couple also dabbled in reality television, starring in Hollywood & Football, the short-lived E! "docuseries chronicling the moves of six Rams players and their families from the Midwest to their new life in Los Angeles." The series premiered in 2016 and lasted one season. Remember when we said "longest-tenured?" Rodger and his UNC-Chapel Hill alumni wife are the only two left from the show still wearing Rams jerseys.

When Asia isn't proudly supporting her husband at games, she maintains a mommy and beauty blog, The Balanced Mom, where she shares "the journeys of motherhood, marriage, self-love, health, and faith." Whatever the journey is, the marriage part is definitely working. "Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife @asiasaffold I know I don't deserve you but that makes the journey well worth it!" Rodger posted on Instagram in 2018. May their journey continue.

Did Jared Goff's 'stupid jokes' win over Christen Harper?

According to Sports Gossip, quarterback Jared Goff is reportedly dating swimsuit model Christen Harper. She attended the Rams' divisional playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys, but for now, it appears Goff is "hiding her from everyone except some friends." Not only is Harper signed with the modeling and talent agency Wilhelmina, she's also pursuing an acting career. Harper appeared in a 2006 episode of Entourage, per IMDb,  and she wrapped on two feature films — Auggie and The Obituary of Tunde Johnson — that are currently in post-production at the time of this writing.

While we don't know how Goff won the heart of the 5'9" brunette beauty, her 2017 interview with Maxim might give us some insight. "A smile definitely catches my attention, but a funny joke will make me stay a while," she revealed. "I think I have a tendency to laugh a little more at stupid jokes when I like someone." So Goff has a great smile and either tells funny or stupid jokes. We'll get to the bottom of this, folks.