Is Hallmark's Niall Matter Married? What We Know About His Wife Sara

Day in and day out, Hallmark fans, better known as Hearties, watch actors fall in love on-screen. But do some of their favorite Hallmark actors have that one true love like in the films they star in? Look at Niall Matter; he's quite the hunk and charismatic, but is he happily married, or is he still searching for love?

Matter joined the Hallmark Channel in 2016 and quickly became a fan favorite. Since his debut on the network, the actor has starred in over 25 projects, including "When I Think of Christmas" and "A Christmas Together with You." Four years into his career with the network, Matter shared what he loved about the Hallmark Channel. He told Media Village, "I'm very happy every single day that I get to go to work. It's been a four-year run, almost, and it's a great family I've found myself a part of at Crown Media. Sixteen projects, in four years, is phenomenal and I'm very, very, grateful."

As much as Matter loves working with Hallmark, fans love watching the actor just as much. They will tune in for any project he takes on, especially when he's playing a romantic role in a Hallmark film. But while fans may fall in love with Matter on-screen, that's as far as it will get — hate to break it to Hearties out there, but this Hallmark hunk is happily married.

Niall Matter married Sara Bradley

In 2016, Niall Matter married Sara Bradley, now Sara Matter, in an intimate ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii. Niall is extremely private about his relationship with Sara. She is reportedly a businesswoman and entrepreneur in Canada, where she and Niall are from. But other than that, not much is known about the couple's romance. However, now and then, the "When I Think of Christmas" actor will share glimpses of his relationship with Sara on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In 2018, the actor teased how he and his wife crossed paths when responding to a tweet by co-star Candace Cameron Bure, who said Niall had the "best story" on how he met Sara. He replied, "Hahaha!! I was getting nervous there. It was AMAZING working alongside you @candacecbure. It's a real life mystery and some very serious sleuthing skills led me to the woman who is now my wife. True Story!" Although he didn't divulge the story, it must have been amazing if Bure thought it was the best.

A year later, in 2019, Niall shared the sweet nickname his wife gave him because of his holiday spirit both on and off-screen. He tweeted, "Well, I have much more up around here then just a wreath... spent most of the day getting the tree perfected. My wife called me Mr. Christmas if that's any indication." Despite fans not knowing much about their relationship, it's clear they have a playful connection.

Sara and Niall Matter built their family

Niall Matter and Sara Matter decided to expand their family the same year they married. In 2016, the couple welcomed the first of their two children, who happened to be a little girl. Three years later, they gave birth to their son in 2019. Keeping with their desire for privacy, neither Sara nor Niall has revealed their children's names.

In 2017, when speaking with Media From the Heart, Niall revealed that having a family now made it difficult to balance his work-life schedule. He shared, "I was hitting the pavement a lot harder before and trying to get my face out there a lot more, but with the family, I want to really enjoy this time with my wife and daughter and work on things that I want to work on. But not overdo it. I used to really overdo it and burn my candle at both ends so to speak."

Although he tries to take a step back from acting to spend more time with his family, he also knows that he has to keep working so he, his wife, and his children can have a good life. He said, "Obviously, I had the responsibility of providing for my family, so I can't take too much time off. But I definitely have been taking time off to help with my daughter and make sure that my wife is happy and that the family is doing well."