The Untold Truth Of Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker creeped her way inside the celebosphere when she released her debut album, Jessie James, in 2009. The country pop starlet has since garnered attention in other ways, most notably as the wife of former professional football player Eric Decker and as the mom to three little ones. Never one to refrain from dishing on how they keep things "spontaneous" in the Decker household, she got the opportunity to open up to her fans even more through her E! reality TV show, Eric & Jessie: Game On. From then on, her loyal fans fell in love with the "Wanted" singer's crass sense of humor, her perfectly coiffed hair, her affinity for daisy dukes, and her flawlessly lined lips

She has since gone on to become a New York Times' best-selling author and the owner of the fashion line Kittenish. Not bad for someone who was "tortured" in school, right? Here's the untold truth of Jessie James Decker.

Her teen years were a nightmare

Though she and her family are now based out of Nashville, Tenn., there was once a time when Jessie James Decker was frequently packing up and moving. Described as a "military brat" by Billboard, Decker was born in Italy and, afterwards, "lived in fourteen different places," as she told the publication. 

It wasn't always easy moving from one place to the next and trying to make new friends. During an episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On, she said she was "tortured" during her teen years and described it all as a "traumatic" experience. "It started off walking down the hallways, calling me 'sl*t,' and this name, and that name. I'm in the eighth grade. I hadn't even had my first kiss yet," she said. She added, "I had websites made about me called the 'I Hate Jessie James Club.' You could go and write why you hated about me." Decker said things got really bad when she was at a sleepover during her freshman year of high school and someone poured a big bucket of "slop" on her. "I remember just rushing off to the shower and crying my eyes out," she said while recalling the experience. 

Bullying aside, Decker told Billboard that the constant moving she experienced actually prepared her "for life as an artist."

She was very 'vocal' on game days

Before her husband, Eric Decker, retired from playing professional football after eight seasons (via ESPN), Jessie James Decker was definitely one of his most critical, albeit supportive, fans. The country singer would regularly attend his games to let her voice be heard, much to the dismay of other sports fans. When he briefly played for the Tennessee Titans, Jessie told Billboard, "I know I probably make a lot of people crazy — including the team. But, I can't help it. I'm a firecracker when it comes to my husband," she said, regarding just how vocal she was from the stands. Whether it'd been a bad call or a play that went haywire, Jessie told Billboard, "If I feel like something isn't being done right, I say it."

She knew that being outspoken drove Eric "nuts," but she just couldn't help herself. She told the publication she was "just proud of him" and it all came down to her duty as a "football wife." She explained, "You're a lot more emotional about it because you love the person out there."

When Eric decided to hang up his helmet and bid the game adieu in 2018, it was a bittersweet moment for Jessie. "I have loved every moment of the last seven years watching my husband kick some serious a*s! It's a career he should be proud of," she wrote in an Instagram post.

Football fans might have breathed a sigh of relief, though.

She has a knife, and she's not afraid to use it!

She and her husband can't get enough of each other, and there's no doubt they're crazy in love. However, that doesn't stop Jessie James Decker from encouraging Eric Decker to stay on the straight and narrow. One such reminder came in December 2016 when the "Lights Down Low" singer shared a photo on Instagram of a sausage chopped to smithereens. "Sometimes I like to send pictures to Eric with little reminders of what would happen if he ever cheated," she wrote alongside the photo. Ouch!

Despite that public warning, Eric found himself in the middle of a cheating scandal almost two years later. A Twitter user shared in a since-deleted tweet (via E! News): "I know people who are friends of the girls [Eric] hooked up with/have seen him in the clubs with girls who are not Jessie." OMG. Someone hide the knives! 

Eric, obviously seeing his life (and manhood) flash before his eyes, clapped back in a tweet, which read, "Sorry lady the only club I've been jammin is The Mickey Mouse Club House! (That's a kids TV show for the non-parents) Make sure your 'friends' check their facts."

Whew! BDD lives to see another day!

A manscaping guru

During an appearance on ESPN's His & Hers, Jessie James Decker spilled some very intimate details about her marriage to former professional football player, Eric Decker. As of this writing, they have their hands full with three kids, but, prior to becoming parents, Jessie and Eric had a lot of free time to roam around in the buff. After seeing him nude for the first time pre-kiddos, Jessie implemented a "no clothes" rule in their house. And if that wasn't TMI enough, Jessie told the broadcast that she loved to manscape her hubby. "Sometimes, I will like to design something very special for Eric, and I make him go to the locker room when they take showers to show it off, if you know what I mean," she said. 

Jessie admitted Eric didn't have to worry about his "grooming situation," being that he's a married man and all, but she still loved to "get creative" by going to town below the belt.

Don't even think about sliding into her husband's DMs

Jessie James Decker is typically sweet as a peach, but, every now and then, her perfectly manicured claws come out when someone gets a little too close to her husband. Jessie James Decker told E! News that she once checked Eric's social media messages, and she noticed that a woman had sent him naked photos. "I looked to go look at her page. She had huge boobs too and she was married with children," Jessie said, filling a clueless Eric in on the 4-1-1. She then mentioned she "so badly" wanted to let the woman's husband know what was going on, but she "blocked her for [Eric] instead."

Eric seemed completely oblivious to the entire encounter, which is proof that he apparently doesn't check his social media messages often. So, note to all the women out there who are even considering sliding into his DMs: Don't. Even. Think. About. It.

She's nanny-free

This is one entertainer who keeps herself super busy. We still don't know how Jessie James Decker manages to run her career, all while being a devoted wife and mother. Her husband, Eric Decker, expressed during an episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On that it was her work ethic that initially attracted him to her. But he also "enjoys" when he comes home and she's there waiting for him. Jessie made it pretty clear that she wasn't going to give up her ventures to be a stay-at-home mom and that she wouldn't be scaling back on her workload any time soon.

Despite the projects piling up, Jessie seems to be handling her growing empire like a pro. And she still remains as committed as ever to being a full-time mom. She even told People magazine, "I don't have nannies; I take care of my children."

Just call her supermom!

She suffered from postpartum depression

Many of Jessie James Decker's die-hard fans aren't aware that she suffered from postpartum depression (PPD) after giving birth to her first daughter, Vivianne. The "Flip My Hair" singer told Health, "I think there's a lot of stigma around postpartum depression because people are so fearful, women especially, of not always appearing to be so strong, and that they have it together." Thankfully, she had her mom and her husband to lean on during that rough period, but she knows other women aren't as lucky to have such a strong support system. She added, "I think if we all stick together as women, I think we can all get through it together."

Since then, she has made it her mission to turn her social media platform into a thriving online community where she can help other moms. But sometimes, Decker is the one who is looking for advice. In an August 2018 Instagram post, she revealed she was dealing with a common mommy issue: postpartum hair loss. In her photo caption, she wondered if any of her followers had the magic cure. "Maybe there are some good vitamins I could take for that?" she asked. The comments section was flooded with tons of advice, and, whichever method she rolled with, it obviously worked because she's still #hairgoals for life.

She wouldn't stand for behind-the-scenes manipulation

Remember how we mentioned you should never mess with her man? Well, some unlucky producers of her E! reality show, Eric & Jessie: Game On, which began filming ahead of the couple's 2013 wedding, found this out the hard way. In her 2018 book, Just Jessie (via Us Weekly), Jessie James Decker revealed that the producers in question attempted to manipulate her and her then-fiancé with questions that would spark an argument between them.

She wrote, "During my interview, this producer tried to provoke me into acting jealous about my future husband's career!" Jessie claims one of the two producers even asked her, "What's it like watching Eric's career take off when yours isn't doing anything?" Whoa. The audacity!

In the end, Jessie wasn't going to let them get away with their shady tactics, and she had the producers fired. That'll teach 'em!

This southern gal doesn't go dutch

Jessie James Decker was going through a situation with "the only guy who ever ghosted [her]" when she and Eric Decker met through mutual friends, according to her memoir Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food (via Us Weekly). They eventually began dating, but Jessie admitted she made Eric work for her attention. "I wouldn't call it game playing. I'd call it common sense ... I made Eric hunt for me," she wrote in her book. "I never texted, called or anything-ed him first. I'm not kidding. For the first three months of our relationship, he never got an incoming call from me."

That didn't deter Eric from "coming at her" and trying to date her, though, but he preferred to split the bill on their outings, and she wasn't having it. "The first time we went out to dinner, I pulled out my credit card at the end — just for show — and he gave it to the waiter along with his card!" she wrote. "We went out a few more times, and the same thing happened again and again."

Jessie said she finally confronted him about it, explaining it was a no-no because she's "from the South." Eric was apparently clueless and super "embarrassed," and he never let Jessie reach for her wallet again.