Melania's Blunt Take On Trump's Onstage Look Left Us Stunned

Even if you are a former president of the United States, wives will still have an opinion on the way you act and the way you look. Melania Trump was quick to call out former President Donald Trump's appearance on stage, and it's a bit shocking how blunt she was.

Melania has stood by Donald's side through thick and thin. From running for president to his indictments, the former first lady has continued to support her husband. Back in 2016, when he was facing sexual assault allegations, Melania still backed Donald and didn't want people to pity her, per People. She shared, "I'm very strong. And people, they don't really know me. People think I talk about me like, 'Oh Melania. Oh poor Melania.' Don't feel sorry for me. I can handle everything." Even amidst his controversial 2024 presidential run, Melania revealed to Fox News that she was in his corner. She said, "He has my support, and we look forward to restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength."

But as much as the former first lady shows her support, she also isn't afraid to call out Donald. During a stop on his presidential run, the businessman revealed that Melania had some harsh words about his appearance, and it may surprise people, considering she has a quieter personality than her husband.

Melania Trump said Donald Trump didn't look good

Donald Trump has never been a fan of bright lights at his events. You may have seen the actual video or maybe even the meme of the former president yelling at a 2016 rally, "Turn off the lights!" It seems that his dislike for the intense lighting still stands years later.

In October 2023, Donald appeared at a rally for his 2024 presidential run and voiced his outrage for the lighting at all of his events. He shared, "These lights are so powerful ... but these lights are no good." The former president then revealed a list of reasons why he isn't a fan of the bright lighting. He shared, "Number one, you can hardly see the audience." And it seems he's not the only Trump that's not a fan of bright lights.

The former president revealed the second reason why he doesn't like the lighting is because it doesn't make him look good, and his wife, Melania Trump, agreed. In some harsh criticism, Melania told Donald he doesn't look good when the lights are so intense. The former president explained, "When you go home to watch it with our great first lady, [he asked], 'how do I look,' she [Melania] said, 'You didn't look good, too much light.'" Melania isn't scared of sharing her thoughts on Donald's appearance at these events, and he agreed with what she has to say.

Melania Trump isn't a fan of some of Donald Trump's behavior

On the outside, Melania Trump may seem much more reserved than her husband, Donald Trump. However, the former first lady is quite vocal in criticizing her husband's appearance or behavior and has done so many times throughout the years.

In October 2023, while appearing at a rally, Donald revealed two things his wife is not a fan of, per Newsweek. It turns out, Melania does not like when the former president imitates people. At the rally, Donald was going to impersonate a female weightlifter but quickly stopped himself before saying, "I don't want to imitate her. As you know, my wife, the first lady, hates when I do this. She said, 'It's not presidential.' And I said yeah, 'But people like it.'" Not just that, but it seems that Melania is not a fan of Donald's dance moves. The businessman explained, "She also has two things, that, and she doesn't like when I dance a little bit to the [campaign] music."

And it hasn't just been in the past year that Melania has called out Donald. In 2016, the former first lady revealed during a "60 Minutes" interview (via CBS) that she called out Donald's outspoken behavior on X, formerly known as Twitter. However, it hasn't seemed to stop him from continuing his rants on the social media platform.