Katya Kuropas: Who Is Michigan Quarterback J.J. McCarthy's Girlfriend?

University of Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy scored a touchdown with his girlfriend Katya Kuropas. With the college team's big win against Alabama on New Year's Day 2024, the entire team has been thrust into the spotlight. McCarthy, being the superstar of the game, has sparked interest in his personal life, especially his love life, which includes Kuropas. Kuropas attended the nail-biting game, sharing snapshots from the day on her Instagram Stories, per Sportskeeda. "A great day," Kuropas wrote. This big game wasn't the first time Kuropas has shown her football beau some support.

Kuropas has attended several games throughout the 2023-2024 season, one of which even caused some controversy. At a 2023 game, while Kuropas was jumping for joy after a great play led by McCarthy, fans noticed McCarthy's father getting a little too close for comfort, as a video made it look like his hand grazed Kuropas' backside. Despite what people thought, it appeared to be an accident amid all the chaos that was going on in the stadium. The viral conversation surrounding the video didn't stop Kuropas from attending McCarthy's big games, and it seems she will continue to support the college athlete.

Since fans will most likely be seeing Kuropas on the sidelines more often, especially with the attention McCarthy is getting, here's everything we know about the football star's girlfriend.

J.J. McCarthy and Katya Kuropas are high school sweethearts

J.J. McCarthy and Katya Kuropas' love story started like many others — the two are high school sweethearts. According to People, the pair first started dating during the football star's sophomore year in 2018. One of the earliest photos of the couple on McCarthy's social media shows Kuropas supporting him on the field. Surprisingly, the couple's romance wasn't easy in the beginning because they had to do some long distance.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the way many schools operated, and it greatly affected Nazareth Academy, where McCarthy attended high school. During the pandemic, the high school decided to get rid of the football program, which was McCarthy's pride and joy, per People. Because of this, the teenager decided to move to IMG Academy in order to keep up with his passion, and it's a good thing he did. His career has exploded since and the move didn't seem to affect his relationship with Kuropas.

In December 2020, McCarthy shared a sweet photo of him and Kuropas smiling after he signed with the University of Michigan. Both rocking Michigan gear, the football star captioned the post, "Twin flame." And McCarthy and Kuropas' relationship has only gotten stronger throughout the years.

J.J. McCarthy and Katya Kuropas are in it for the long haul

J.J. McCarthy and Katya Kuropas have proven that love can last. From high school sweethearts to college lovebirds, the couple is still head over heels for each other. In 2023, McCarthy and Kuropas celebrated their fifth anniversary, and the University of Michigan star shared a touching post for his girlfriend. He wrote, "1,825 days with the love of my life but a million moments that will be remembered and cherished for the rest of my life. I couldn't be more grateful for who you are and everything you do," he wrote. "You make me the best version of myself and it has been a complete blessing to continually watch you grow into the amazing woman you are. I love you my queen!!!"

Kuropas' social media is now private, but before she made the switch, she too posted in honor of the couple's fifth anniversary, per Sportskeeda. Sharing a carousel of photos, she wrote, "Five years later and I love you more than ever!! So many memories, so much happiness, and the most special love..." Although fans won't get to see more posts dedicated to the football star now that she is private, they will surely spot her in the stands as she continues to support McCarthy in everything he does.