Chelsea And Cole DeBoer: How Rich Are The HGTV Stars?

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer have transformed homes on the HGTV show "Down Home Fab," but have their bank accounts seen the same transformation? "Down Home Fab" first aired in 2023 after the couple found a passion for design after working on their home. Chelsea told HGTV, "Cole and I really found a passion for interior design when we built our house. It's something we always had an interest in." Viewers were just as interested in watching the DeBoers renovate homes because the show was greenlit for a second season. But if you thought the couple looked familiar, you wouldn't be wrong.

Chelsea and Cole are used to the lights, camera, and action. Fans of the couple may have first been introduced to them when Chelsea starred on the smash hit MTV show, "Teen Mom 2." In the series, Chelsea didn't have much money and worked different jobs. From landing a job at a tanning salon to becoming a licensed esthetician, Chelsea was trying to make ends meet while caring for her then-toddler, Aubree. It was during this show that she met her current hubby, Cole. Since then, the reality star has come a long way from her tanning job days after she and Cole starred in several seasons of the MTV reality show before eventually moving to the HGTV network to work on redesigning homes. So, how much does the happy couple make now? We're diving in to share how rich Chelsea and Cole are.

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer are well off

Chelsea DeBoer is making some good money thanks to her time on "Teen Mom 2." The reality star was reportedly one of the top-earning moms from the show, making $250,000 per season. Chelsea starred in ten seasons of the show, so it would seem she made a hefty amount from the series alone, and it was reported that Chelsea's net worth is anywhere from $1 to $2 million. This estimation doesn't just include her time on the reality show, as Chelsea also has had a successful clothing line included in the tally. Chelsea's net worth has likely increased because in 2023, she and her husband, Cole DeBoer, went on to launch their HGTV show, "Down Home Fab."

As for Cole, he, too, is bringing in some dough, just not as much as his wife. It has been reported that the HGTV star is worth an estimated net worth of $500,000. But as with Chelsea, launching their HGTV show and the success that came with it, the couple is sure to have increased their fortune. Overall, Chelsea and Cole's combined net worth could be anywhere from $1.5 million to around $3 million.

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer have upset fans with monetary decisions

Chelsea and Cole DeBoer may be making some good money, but they have had some problems, too.

In 2022, Chelsea was in the hot seat after she opened up about a purchase she made on the family's Instagram account. The entire DeBoer family posed in front of a cabin as Chelsea wrote, "10/10 recommend buying your childhood cabin. SO excited for my kids to make all the great memories here that I made." While many fans were excited for the reality star, some felt Chelsea was coming across as "tone deaf" in her caption because not everyone can afford a cabin, let alone a home. Some users on Reddit called out the "Teen Mom 2" star for her caption. One user wrote, "I can't even afford to buy a house to actually live in and she is recommending buying a vacation house to create memories." This wouldn't be the last time that Chelsea would upset fans when it came to money.

With the renewal of a second season of "Down Home Fab," Chelsea and Cole were seeking potential renovation clients and put out an ad to find any contenders, but included a list of requirements that must be met, including "an existing budget of 75k," (via The U.S. Sun). When viewers saw this, they called out the couple for the outrageous price point and even bashed Chelsea and Cole's design capabilities.