Best And Worst Dressed Avengers At The Endgame Premiere

Avengers: Endgame had its long-awaited premiere on April 22, and the Los Angeles Convention Center was filled with more superheroes than your average Comic-Con. Some of them were even in full cosplay mode, which appears to be a brand new purple carpet trend among Marvel's elite. Why not? A gown is a dime a dozen, but a bark-encrusted Groot jacket really is something special.

Though the plot remains under-wraps, some very glammed-up heroines used their outfits to give us a few hints about whether or not the universe will survive Thanos' wrath. Does Brie Larson and Scarlett Johansson's Infinity Gauntlet-inspired jewelry hint at a happy ending? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, they've got fans buzzing. Unfortunately, not all outfits leave a lasting impression or hint at a future where the entire universe doesn't succumb to genocide. Cobie Smulders was snooze-worthy in red, Goop-in-chief Gwyneth Paltrow forgot her pants, and Karen Gillan was just way too much.

Here's a rundown of the best and worst dressed at the Avengers: Endgame premiere.

Gwyneth Paltrow, where are your pants?

Tony Stark's girl crush forgot to put on pants before she hit the Avengers: Endgame red carpet. Our lady of Goop showed up to the Endgame premiere looking like a supreme court justice on the top and an understudy for Fosse on the bottom. Call it Ruth Bader chic. Perhaps she was just channeling her role in the upcoming TV series The Politician, or preparing to sit-in for a very important Goop video conference (who hasn't worn a variant of this pantsless, work-from-home Skype call uniform?).

Truth be told, if there's anyone who could pull off the pantless blazer look, it's Gwyneth Paltrow. She is, after all, a boss lady, and if feminism has taught us anything, it's that women don't have to wear pants if they don't want to (though the red carpet is a great place to at least put something on your bottom half). Unfortunately, the G. Label blouse is a little bulky for the star's small frame, but it's hard not to like her classic, stiletto Jimmy Choos.

According to Variety, Endgame might be the last time we see Paltrow in her Marvel role. The star claims she's "a bit old to be in a suit and all," but age is just a number, especially when you've got $140 anti-aging night cream.

Brie Larson stole Thanos' thunder

There is a very clear and distinct reason Brie Larson has somehow become a lesbian icon. The girl really cleans up when she leaves the room. Not only did the Captain Marvel star get totally ripped to perform most of her own stunts, but she very well might have defeated Thanos (or at least stole his glove) before slipping onto the Avengers: Endgame red carpet. The evidence? She was absolutely dripping in Infinity Stones.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the gems on the gauntlet have some major significance. According to US Weekly, green represents time, red represents reality, orange represents the soul, purple represents power, blue represents space, and yellow represents the larger mind. In the comics, it's changed hands from Thanos, to Nebula, to Captain America, and the former used it to wipe out half of the universe's population in Infinity War. Now, it appears to be Captain Marvel's turn to wield the power. Larson accessorized the Gauntlet with a lavender Celine dress, proving you can cosplay at an A-list event while still looking stylish (ahem, Vin Diesel, take note).

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were sleek, sophisticated, and totally in love

If you're single and feeling sort of bitter, go ahead and call Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's gooey display of unadulterated newlywed joy on the Avengers: Endgame red carpet totally eye-roll worthy. For the rest of us, their matching black Saint Laurent outfits land them on our best-dressed list, but are we totally sure that's not Hannah Montana? Cyrus has spent a suspiciously long amount of time around blonde wigs. You never know.

According to Elle, this was the first premiere the stars ever attended as a married couple (though, Cyrus did fill in for her man at the Isn't It Romantic premiere after he had been hospitalized with kidney stones). Cyrus opted for a sophisticated velvet, cutout gown, while Hemsworth wore a sleek, black suit. Thankfully, the days of cartoon bodysuits and shiny boob belts seem to be behind the "Malibu" singer.

Overall, the couple's best accessories were their smiles, which were plastered across their faces for the entirety of the red carpet walk. Cyrus did have a brief relapse where she stuck out her tongue, but only to lick Hemsworth because he is, indeed, delicious.

Karen Gillan had some avian Deadpool vibes

At the Avengers: Endgame premiere, Karen Gillan admitted the movie wasn't Nebula's "best moment, for sure." She did have her family ripped away from her, after all — but the red carpet wasn't really a shining moment for Thanos' adopted daughter, either. Gillan wore a puffy, feathered, Christopher Kane dress that we can only assume was inspired partly by Big Bird and partly by Deadpool (which is totally Ryan Reynolds' lane at any given Marvel event). The dress was undeniably a bold choice, and apparently, getting ready was about as painful as transforming into an alien assassin.

"It takes a little longer to become Nebula, although not that much longer, which worries me that in order to just look nice takes almost as long as it takes me to become completely blue and an alien, but there we go," she told Marvel during the live-streamed red carpet.

All in all, her bow-accented stilettos are a nice touch to a look that otherwise had a lot going on.

Chris Hemsworth somehow pulled off a paisley suit

Chris Hemsworth may be the only man on the planet who can pull off a full-on paisley suit. Somehow, his look just works, and he's even wearing navy and black — together! It's like every fashion no has somehow turned into a major yes. Is it the allure of a man who basically filled in for the Crocodile Hunter during an outdoorsy Australia tourism ad? Is it the fact that he's Thor and we're so used to seeing him in a long blond wig that literally anything else is a welcome change?

Elsa Pataky, who had a whirlwind wedding to Hemsworth in 2010, was the perfect plus one. She's come a long way since being mocked by Joan Rivers during her 2014 pregnancy — though she's always, undeniably looked gorgeous. The actress opted for a sleek white jumpsuit, red lips, and tousled, side-swept waves that channeled old Hollywood glamour.

Vin Diesel is Groot

With nine Fast & Furious films and three xXx movies under his belt, Vin Diesel can pretty much do whatever he wants. That includes taking the opportunity to cosplay Groot at a fancy Hollywood event. He is, after all, the voice of the plant-slash-fungus.

At the Avengers: Endgame premiere, the infamous action star Tokyo drifted onto the red carpet in a bizarre getup inspired by his loveable character. This isn't the first time he's done it either. Back in 2018, Diesel sported some twigs for the Infinity War premiere. This Groot look is a little more over-the-top, but can we say it's actually bad?

For a Comic-Con, we'd have to give this as many thumbs up as on-screen explosions the star has gloriously emerged from alive, but at the same time, he also looks like a tree trunk. And he's on a red carpet. He's even got moss growing on him, but perhaps cosplaying will be the new awards show trend of 2019. All eyes are on Ryan Reynolds, who better show up for Detective Pikachu in a Pokeball like that time Lady Gaga rolled down the Grammys carpet in a human-sized egg.

Natalie Portman was rocking the high slit

No one knows exactly why Natalie Portman was at the Avengers: Endgame premiere, but no one's mad at it either. According to a 2016 Wall Street Journal interview, the star was "done" with playing Jane Foster, Thor's romantic interest. However, in the same interview, she made sure to say the franchise was a "great thing to be a part of." Hmm. Regardless, the cosmic couple broke up sometime before Thor: Ragnarok. Such is love.

Portman's appearance on the red carpet has given fans hope that Foster and Thor might rekindle their romance — and let's just say she was definitely looking good enough to win back her ex. It's hard to tell if the star's dress was a two-piece or completely attached, but it definitely screamed sexy and sensible either way. The layered, button-up bodysuit underneath the skirt made the high slit shine, and the black sequins added some fun texture without being too flashy.

Zoe Saldana was a little too pink

It takes several hours to transform Zoe Saldana into Gamora. There's the prosthetics, the hair, the makeup — and then she has to take it all off. Saldana's Givenchy look was an apparent reference to the pink-haired alien. If the bright fuschia fabric wasn't enough to overwhelm her thin frame, there was peplum, pleats, and a whole one-shoulder thing that seemed totally unnecessary. Even if the look wasn't our favorite, she definitely does get some points for channeling Gamora's hair color, but it probably could have been just a touch more subtle.

Though we weren't a fan of Saldana's gown, her jewelry was absolutely stunning. According to Hola, the star was dripping in nearly $100,000 worth of custom jewelry by Jared Lehr. Her diamond and spinel earrings were reportedly worth a $31,000 and her bracelet was worth a whopping $63,000. She finished off the look with some neon pink, strappy sandals, which were an interesting pop of color in an otherwise monochrome look.

Tessa Thompson had a sophisticated edge

Tessa Thompson's Ronald van der Kemp haute couture gown is hard to wrap our heads around, but in the best possible way. The black dress was ultra-flattering to her figure, had some strategic cutouts that gave it a little edge, and had just enough embellishments to give a craft fair-chic vibe (but still totally high-end). Plus, it had pockets. Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?

For this look, Thompson really let the dress do the talking. She wore her hair back in a braided bun and opted for subtle, nude makeup which was totally classy and uber-feminine. Unlike some of her fellow co-stars, Thompson didn't channel her Avengers character (because the red carpet isn't really a place for cosplay). Instead, she was feminine, subtle and wore not a single stitch of armor — but that doesn't mean she won't suit up in the future.

"I love Valkyrie, I love playing her, so the idea that she could stick around a bit longer and hopefully try to defeat Thanos is obviously very exciting to me," she told Marvel on the red carpet.

Olivia Holt, try again next time

Olivia Holt worked her way into the Marvel universe with Ultimate Spider-Man, and though Spider-Girl isn't an Avenger, she still showed up to the Endgame premiere, diaper in tow. Okay, we can't say for sure she's wearing a diaper, but it's kind of alarming that nobody on her team let her know that her Monse jumpsuit totally looked like it was falling off and exposing — in the very least — some pinstripe undies. Bizarre jumpsuit aside, Holt's side-swept bob is too-cute, and she's totally pulling off the purple lipstick (which isn't easy!).

Holt always wanted to be in a live-action Marvel flick — so strutting down the purple carpet is definitely a step in the right direction. In an MTV interview, the Disney XD actress admitted that, "Being a part of a live-action Spider-Man would be so gnarly, and I feel like it'd just be like a super awesome experience." She sort of got her chance with Cloak & Dagger, a Freeform TV series based on the comics which is in its second season, as of this writing.

Pom Klementieff was classic in Chanel

Pom Klementieff is a more recent addition to the world of Avengers – but you'd never know it. The star looks almost unrecognizable compared to Mantis, her on-screen character. The French actress is blonde (Mantis rocks black hair), clearly has no antennae (Mantis has two) and definitely has pupils (Mantis is sadly lacking in the pupil department). She's also wearing Chanel rather than her green superhero suit, lending itself to her classic beauty.

It honestly doesn't get more classic than Klementieff's knee-length look. The bronze and black are an effortless pairing, and the strappy sandals just polish the whole thing off. It's stunning without being too flashy, and elegant without being too expected. Though the star left her antennae at home, playing an alien was one of Klementieff's dreams.

"It was my dream to be in a Marvel movie one day, and to also play an alien," she told W Magazine. "No, it's true. I've always been a fan of the Marvel universe, so i was so proud to be a part of it. Especially working with James Gunn, who made something really special and a movie about superheroes that you can really connect with. And it's so fun, too, right?"

Cobie Smulders was a snoozefest

Cobie Smulders' Endgame premiere look wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. It simply just was. Of course, she looked stunning because she is stunning, but a form-fitting red gown is just that — a form-fitting red gown. Yawn. You'd think Smulders was a plus one rather than a star attending her own movie premiere, but perhaps after Infinity War, Age of Ultron, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Maria Hill is just over it.  

Smulders topped off her snooze-worthy look with matching red pumps, which were bringing the bridesmaids vibes. And no, she's not barreling through a live-action reenactment of 27 Dresses. According to the Daily Mail, she met her husband Taran Killam (SNL alum and Avengers: Endgame premiere date) nearly 20 years ago. Much like this dress, she made such a little impression that he couldn't even remember meeting her. Nonetheless, they've been married for around 14 years, which is decades in the world of Hollywood, so she must be doing something right (but please, hire a new stylist).