Pierce Brosnan's Sons Have Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

Actor Pierce Brosnan and his longtime wifeKeely Shaye Smith, have two sons together — Dylan and Paris Brosnan. Dylan, born in 1997, is older than Paris by four years, and the siblings grew up during the height of Pierce's fame when he starred in the likes of The World is Not EnoughDie Another Day, and The MatadorTranslation: These two lucked out in the cool dad department.

Although the brothers are inherently famous due to their well-known last name and industry connections, they've made a conscious effort to carve out their own paths in the entertainment world. Take Dylan, for instance, who landed high-profile fashion campaigns due to his dashing good looks. Once you feast your eyes on his runway snaps, you'll quickly understand how he became a hot ticket in the fashion world.

Then there's Paris, who has dipped his toes into just about every creative arena out there. From nailing it in the fashion biz (that's right, he's following in his big bro's footsteps) to exploring politics, Pierce's youngest son is ready to become a household name.

Honestly, we're still reeling from how quickly the brothers' star power has risen in recent years, but it's clear we need to get with the program ASAP because Pierce Brosnan's gorgeous and grown-up sons are ready to take on the world. Watch out, folks.

Dylan's kind of a big deal

Dylan Brosnan burst onto the fashion scene seemingly overnight, quickly nabbing major campaigns with Burberry and St. Laurent, to name a few major brands. The shaggy-haired and exceptionally tall supermodel also booked high-profile runway shows after he was "discovered," a twist of fate dad Pierce Brosnan touched on during the June 2015 Saint Laurent runway show in Paris, France. "We live in Malibu and Hedi Slimane discovered him at the coffee store, took his photograph. That's how it happened and now here we are," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's kinda crazy beautiful isn't it?"

Pierce became a proud papa once again when, in December 2015, Dylan became the new face of Burberry. "Shooting for Burberry was a lot of fun and a really good experience," Dylan said about shooting the smoldering campaign that earned him international attention, as reported by People. "The atmosphere on the set in London was very friendly and laid back."

Dylan has since modeled for Elle Russia, GQ Style, and Dolce and Gabbana. We don't know about you guys, but we can't wait to see what this stunner does next.

Paris is following in Dylan's footsteps

Dashing good looks must run in the family gene pool because Paris Brosnan is slaying the fashion world alongside his big bro, Dylan Brosnan. The handsome and hazel-eyed star has modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, GQ Korea, and Teen Vogue, to list a few places, and, at the time of this writing, Paris is signed with the impressive Next Models agency. But as successful as Paris might be in the modeling industry, he doesn't take the gig too seriously.

"My favorite thing about modeling is probably traveling to new places like Italy or all over Europe," he told Abstract Filth when asked about the profession's perks. "Hangout, party drink champagne, and chill with pretty girls." Hey, at least the kid is honest.

Paris can also poke fun at himself, as evidenced by this hilarious statement he made about modeling: "It's pretty silly doing that kind of stuff, and you just walk. [Laughs] There is nothing to it. I wear these clothes, and look serious. Like blue steel." A+ for the Zoolander reference, kid.

Getting political with Paris

Children of celebrities are born with built-in public platforms, a privilege Paris Brosnan's has taken full advantage of for the greater good. Case in point: In October 2018, Pierce's son wrote, directed, and produced "Your Voice Matters," a video that encourages young people to get out and vote. So cool, right?

"There's a lot at stake right now," Paris told People about why he made the film. "I think it's important that my generation is participating in the political process." As for what political topics are important to Paris, he told the outlet that he's especially passionate about "affordable education, immigration reform, affordable health care" and "gun control."

Paris got the chance to explore these areas further when he worked for Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey in summer 2018. "It was a little scary at first because I was one of the youngest ones there," he said about the experience. "I didn't know that much about politics and legislation but he really inspired me to educate myself about issues that were important to me so that one day I could be the change I wanted to see." Way to get involved, Paris.

Wait, what's Raspberry Blonde?

Fashion might be Dylan Brosnan's bread and butter, but that doesn't stop him from exploring other creative platforms. Want some proof? Look no further than the young star's solo musical project, Raspberry Blonde.

"I started playing guitar for a really long time, and then I kind of got into song writing more recently, like four-ish years ago," he told Milk.xyz about the start of his musical ambitions. "Then I was in a few bands for a while. [But] I wasn't writing songs in any band, none of my material was getting used, so I decided to just record it by myself. It was pretty tricky getting bands together, so I just did everything myself until the actual live shows came about." In other words, Dylan writes and records Raspberry Blonde's music solo, but he has a backup band for in-person concerts. 

Oh, and if you're wondering how he came up with that interesting band name, you can give credit to his former girlfriend. "One of my ex-girlfriends came up with that name, and then it sort of just stuck," he revealed. "It was better than anything I figured out." Interesting.

The person responsible for Paris' creative genes

It's not too surprising that Paris Brosnan, a filmmaker and artist, often gets asked in interviews about who first inspired his creativity. As it turns out, dad Pierce Brosnan — who is an artist himself — can take credit for his son's creative ambitions. "My father is an artist and is always painting, working on his craft as an actor, filmmaker, and producer," he told Wonderland. "His art work has always inspired me to create my own."

It also didn't hurt that Paris grew up in creative settings like film sets. "I like being creative and making unique art that reflects my own style," he added. "I like that there are no boundaries in art and film. Having grown up in an artistic household and on film sets, I've always been drawn to film and art because of its ability to reach and inspire people (in a visual medium)."

Wow, it sounds like the Brosnan household is one inspiring place. 

About Dylan's love life

Pierce Brosnan's sons seemingly aren't the type of guys to flaunt their relationships, but we do have some possible evidence that Dylan Brosnan dated Avery Wheless, a painter, writer, and filmmaker. The two were photographed grabbing dinner on Valentine's Day in February 2017, and there's a good chance the bill wasn't cheap given that they dined at Giorgio Baldi, a ritzy Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif.

At the time of this writing, we're not sure if Dylan and Wheless are together. But given their creative backgrounds (Dylan is a musician and his dad knows his way around a paint brush), it seems like the two have a lot in common. Wheless, for instance, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a "BFA in painting with a concentration in literary arts," and she has appeared in gallery shows all over California. 

The two also collaborated on the short "It'll Be Alright," a project Dylan unveiled in November 2018. "Excited to share the score I did for the short "it'll be alright,'" he wrote in part. "Directed by @averywheless."

The couple who makes art together, stays together, right? 

Not too cool to be schooled

Paris Brosnan clearly desires to further his education. He is set on earning a degree at the University of Southern California, a prestigious college in the Los Angeles area. "I'm hoping to attend USC School of Cinematic Arts or a film program based in Los Angeles," he revealed to Wonderland in April 2019. "I'm interested in Directing and Cinematography."

At time of this writing, we're not sure whether Paris got accepted into his dream school or not. It's clear, however, that the rising star takes school seriously. When asked by the mag what he had been up to that week, he told the publication at the time that he was "focused on work and school." The youngest Brosnan sibling also told People that he isn't ruling out a career in politics one day, stating, "I really want to be a filmmaker and make documentaries but I could maybe see that path down the road. I think you need to be really passionate to want to do that."

Yep, it sounds like Pierce Brosnan's son has his priorities in order.

Dear ol' dad has their back

Just because Paris and Dylan Brosnan are bonafide runway models, it doesn't mean their beloved dad, Pierce Brosnan, can't shower them with fatherly love from time to time. A perfect example of this? Check out this sweet message Pierce penned to Paris in September 2018, in honor of his son walking the runway for Ralph Lauren.

"Oh what a night. To fly in to NYC and see our son Paris walk the [runway] for Mr Ralph Lauren's 50th anniversary," he wrote in part on Instagram. "Paris had no idea I was in the audience, he and all who walked the runway were beautiful in every way ...a hearty congratulations to all." Aww.

Pierce is also no stranger to promoting his sons' work projects on social media, like that time he shared a song from Dylan's band, Raspberry Blonde. Talk about a devoted dad, right? We love how the actor supports his kiddos. P.S. Can you adopt us, Pierce? Thanks in advance.

Their parents are still very much in love

Paris and Dylan Brosnan seemingly come across as grounded teenagers, a trait that could possibly be attributed to their parents' rock solid marriage. Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, enjoy their day-to-day lives together, for example, and they often take little trips to keep their romance alive.

"My wife and I took a short road trip up to Santa Barbara — we were going for a romantic weekend and to look at houses and drink great wine," the actor shared with People in April 2017. Um, can we come on the next vacay, Pierce?

In the interview, the industry vet also described a perfect day he once shared with Smith, revealing, "Around 5 o'clock, I went out and watched the sun go down. Keely sat beside me, we had a glass of champagne and talked about the day."

Although we're not well-versed in the details of Paris and Dylan's romantic lives (they're more private than public), it's obvious they have great role models to look up to in the relationship department.