Where Is Former Vanderpump Rules Star Peter Madrigal Today?

Peter Madrigal has been part of "Vanderpump Rules" since day 1. He was introduced in the debut episode titled "Welcome to SUR" in 2013, and has appeared in a total of 97 episodes of the Bravo reality show, per IMDb. In earlier seasons, Madrigal was part of cast trips and rowdy guys' nights. He even stripped down for a sexy SUR photoshoot alongside Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, Ariana Madix, and more. He's been seen less in more recent seasons.

Despite his long run on the show, Madrigal has never been a main cast member because there is one thing that sets him apart from his co-stars: he's actually a real manager at SUR, the West Hollywood restaurant co-owned by Lisa Vanderpump that has long served as the centerpiece for the show. That means Madrigal has to be careful about how he is shown on TV. "I kind of avoid everything," he told the "Jamie All Over" podcast in 2022. "The thing is, I'm not going to be able to be managing SUR and involved in drama. That's not good, you know what I mean? There always has to be someone with a level head through all the chaos involved."

Peter Madrigal has several side hustles going on

Peter Madrigal's cheeky tagline is #IreallyWorkAtSUR. He often reminds fans of his real connection to Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant as he promotes the establishment. In December 2023, he posted on X, "Never forget, I am the O.G. of #PumpRules...the rest are wannabe's!" Madrigal has several present-day jobs listed on his LinkedIn page. In addition to his role as the restaurant manager at SUR, he is the co-founder of Amare magazine alongside George Rojas, and an owner of the haircare product company Hairo. He also formed his own production company. "I have a bunch of projects that I'm working on at the moment. So that's one of my main focuses," he told "Jamie All Over" podcast. Madrigal also launched his own merch line called Number1 Guy, where he sells "Vanderpump Rules"-themed merchandise. 

Like many other "Vanderpump Rules" cast members, Madrigal even had his own podcast. He previously hosted "Madrigal at the Movies" with pals Rob Federic and Rob Shulte. The movie trivia pod aired new episodes from 2020 to 2022. Most recently, Madrigal embraced his Bravo persona with an appearance at BravoCon 2023, where he hosted WW's Points Party cocktail bus outside of the BravoCon venues in Las Vegas.

Peter Madrigal is content with staying behind the scenes

Peter Madrigal never aspired to be a leading man on "Vanderpump Rules." In 2021, he told fans on X, "I'm at SUR all the time...but not shown. All good, it's cool with me to stay low profile." But during Season 10, he logged major screen time as a suitor for Raquel Leviss. Madrigal was filmed on two dates with Leviss before she friend-zoned him on camera. Lisa Vanderpump also chastised him for dating an employee. When Leviss' affair with Tom Sandoval was later uncovered, Madrigal blasted her for using him as a "pawn." He told the "Pay Attention Puh-Lease" podcast that while he wasn't part of the "Vanderpump Rules" Season 10 reunion, he "should have been."

Madrigal admitted if he ever had an opportunity to be a bigger part of the show as a cast member or producer, he'd do it. On "The Viall Files," he said, "I would probably want to focus it on the SUR brand more. I'd probably want to bring in some fresh faces, some new cast members. I would definitely cast in the restaurant. There's plenty of people that could probably make an impact as far as who would be good on the show, and then find out where the drama can go from there."