What Donald Glover And Maya Erskine's Relationship Is Like In Real-Life

The television show "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" brought actors Donald Glover and Maya Erskine together for the first time. Released in February 2024, this spy dramedy series puts a new spin on the popular 2005 film of the same name. In the latest iteration, Erskine and Glover portray two strangers who become more than friendly when they're hired by a peculiar spy agency. Together, they pose as a married couple that partakes in perilous missions under fake identities. Since these co-stars are the driving force of the series, Glover and Erskine had to become well-acquainted with each other. But the real question is: just how close are they?

While the actors hadn't met before "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," Erskine was familiar with Glover's work. In a January interview with Vanity Fair, she said, "I knew of him because we both went to NYU and he was in a sketch-comedy group there. So he was famous to me." Glover noted that he'd watched Erskine's comedy TV series "Pen15," which ran from 2019 to 2021. The two opened up about those early days together in an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Because they didn't know each other, Glover admitted that there was a bit of awkwardness when they started filming. However, according to Erskine, she soon broke the ice by sharing an embarrassing story with him. After that reveal, Glover and Erskine's relationship began to blossom.

Inside Donald Glover and Maya Erskine's friendship

Transitioning from strangers to co-stars, Donald Glover and Maya Erskine quickly developed a connection, cementing their friendship in no time. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Erskine reflected on the development of their real-life relationship and its parallels to their roles on "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." She shared, "Much like the characters in the show, we were having to depend on each other right away in all of these scenes. And it felt like we got to build that trust and friendship really fast. I felt so lucky that I had him as my acting partner and friend."

Glover spilled the beans on their playful dynamic, telling the outlet, "She [Erskine] gets really mad at me because I tell her how funny she is — she's an incredible actress, but she's so naturally funny. I think she hates the fact that I just think she's really funny." The feeling is mutual for Erskine, who called Glover one of the funniest people around. She told Vanity Fair, "He makes me laugh really hard, and I don't have hard laughs all the time. It's when he roasts me that I especially lose it." It's all in good fun, as Glover added, "That's my love language, roasting you." With their backgrounds in comedy, it's no surprise these two actors connected through a shared sense of humor, and it's evident that they enjoy each other's company. 

What Donald Glover compared his friendship with Maya Erskine to

Donald Glover found the perfect words to capture his and Maya Erskine's dynamic while filming "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Beyond their tight bond and strong chemistry, the co-stars understood each other on a unique level. Glover told Entertainment Weekly, "We became like a married couple on set where it was like we knew what we were going to argue about, we knew what we were going to crack up about." Glover and Erskine have their share of experience acting like spouses!

Funnily enough, Glover and Erskine put their knowledge of each other to the test by playing the Newlywed Game for Prime Video. Aside from demonstrating how well they know each other, the pair gave fans a glimpse into their authentic, adoring relationship. When seeing the other's answer to their own hidden talent, Glover and Erskine burst out laughing. For Erskine, Glover wrote, "Dancing (Crying?)" — Erskine called "making jokes about farts" Glover's special skill. "You're really good at it," Glover said of Erskine's impressive ability to cry on cue. Glover then prompted Erskine to show off her signature dance move. "I kind of love it," the "Atlanta" star applauded. With their sweet relationship, we hope to see this dynamic duo on screen together more.