Awkward Julianne Hough Moments That Were Captured On Camera

Julianne Hough knows her way around a camera, yet not every moment in the spotlight has been golden. The "Dancing with the Stars" alum has encountered her fair share of awkward moments, which, much to her dismay, have been immortalized for the world to witness.

Hough has never been one to shy away from the camera or opportunities presented to her, no matter how scary they may have seemed. She told ET, "People always ask me if I'm nervous to do live things, but that's what I feed off of, that adrenaline." Hough is no stranger to live TV as many of you may know her from "DWTS," but you might be shocked to discover that she got her start years before she became a professional dancer on the show.

Hough got a taste of fame when she appeared as an extra in the film, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," in 2001 at just 12 years old. Four years later, she would star in the ABC series "Show Me the Money" before landing her life-changing gig on "DWTS" a year later. Hough has been on camera since she was a teen and has grown up right in front of our eyes. And while being on camera for so much of her life has allowed her to capture some incredible moments, it has also caught a couple of awkward ones.

Julianne Hough seemingly forgot Florence Henderson's passing

Julianne Hough made a cringeworthy mistake on "Dancing with the Stars" after seemingly forgetting "The Brady Bunch" star Florence Henderson had passed away. Hough, now a co-host on the competition show, was interviewing Henderson's co-star, Barry Williams, following his performance. "When you're out there dancing, are you feeling something? Are you channeling something?" she asked, according to Hello! Williams then made a touching tribute to his former co-star and friend. He said, "Absolutely, yes. Florence Henderson was on this show and she wasn't just a friend, but also a mentor to me. It's her encouragement that brought me to 'Dancing with the Stars.' I feel Florence's presence here."

What was a sweet moment turned into a blunder after Hough made a comment where it appeared she had forgotten Henderson had died. She said, "Well, I'm sure she is just rooting for you." Henderson passed years prior in 2016 due to heart failure, and Hough's comment wasn't received well, with the internet trolling her for her mistake.

One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote, "Someone let Julianne Hough know Florence Henderson is dead." Another user said, "Not Julianne not knowing Florence Henderson is dead 'I'm sure she's out there rooting for you!" Some came to Hough's defense, suggesting the host could have meant that Henderson was rooting for Williams from heaven. Still, on camera, Hough's comment didn't come across well.

Julianne Hough's awkward cut to commercial

Hosting a show is no easy feat. You must make smooth transitions and markers, all while being on camera. Julianne Hough thought she was up for the challenge for hosting "Dancing with the Stars," telling Variety, "I know what people are looking for and how I can support and make them feel the most comfortable." But the dancer may need more work on her hosting gig because she had an awkward moment with Ariana Madix.

During an emotional moment on the show, Hough interviewed Madix following her performance, and the "Vanderpump Rules" star got vulnerable about the loss of her grandma. "I feel like I've found my dream again. I wish my grandma was here to see. We lost her last year, and she would have really loved to see this," said Madix (via The U.S. Sun). Following Madix's comment, Hough awkwardly transitioned to a commercial. The host said, "I know she would have loved that. That was such a powerful dance. Let's get your scores — I am so sorry to do this — when we come back." It seemed even Hough noticed the awkward cutaway as she winced while making the transition, and the internet didn't let her live down the moment. One X user wrote, "Damn, poor Julianne having to throw it to a commercial break when Ariana brings up her grandma passing away." We said hosting is never easy, and clearly, this was a tough moment, even for Hough.

Fans were not impressed with Julianne Hough's attempt at speaking Spanish

Julianne Hough is no professional when it comes to speaking Spanish, and when she tried to give it a go live on television, it didn't impress fans. Lele Pons, a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," dedicated one of her dances to her idol and famed musician — Shakira, per The U.S. Sun. The Venezuelan influencer shared her admiration for the Colombian singer, saying, "Te amo, te amo, te amo." Well, Hough decided to share her love for Shakira too, as she tried repeating Pons, saying, "Te amo, te amo, te amo." But Hough wasn't nearly as smooth as the influencer, and fans were turned off by the moment.

Hough faced a lot of heat for the awkward attempt at speaking Spanish. One individual tweeted, "After hearing Julianne say te amo I KNOW she says gracias at Mexican restaurants after ordering." Another user tweeted a photo of Selena Gomez in a sarape, a blanket style tied to Mexican culture, and suggested that was how Hough felt after saying te amo.

Hough tried her best to speak in Spanish, but doing it live on air only gave people the opportunity to poke fun at her awkward pronunciation. This wouldn't be the last time she would get criticized for saying something wrong. Hough caught some flack for mispronouncing Marvel star Xochitl Gomez's name during a "DWTS" taping. It just seems like Hough can't catch a break.

Julianne Hough's snide remarks to Charity Lawson

Fans of "Dancing with the Stars" felt that Julianne Hough made some out-of-pocket remarks toward former "The Bachelorette" star Charity Lawson. According to TVShowsAce, Hough was interviewing Lawson after one of her performances and made what people thought were rude and mean comments about the reality star's potential of being eliminated. Hough said, "So, last week you were in the middle of the leaderboard, how does that feel coming in? You know, it's elimination coming up. Are you ready to go home?" Many felt Hough's comments were unnecessary, and Lawson quickly shut them down. The former bachelorette said, "Um, let's not talk about that. I've enjoyed my time and I think we all are, like, everyone here, like, it's just one big family. I'm so grateful and humble to be enjoying this experience." Lawson handled the remarks with grace as the internet came to her defense against Hough's snide questions.

One X user shared, "Julianne what is up with these weird questions? 'Are you ready to go home?' 'How much does she mean to you?' Like girl these are not the questions to ask." Another individual dubbed Hough as unprofessional for asking such a question. They said, "Julianne's means comments to Charity & Jason are not professional. asking her if she's ready to go home?? the hell & to Jason if it was his last time getting perfect scored? She suçks! Stop with the bad energy to them."

Julianne Hough's wardrobe malfunctions

Julianne Hough doesn't always have to be on "Dancing with the Stars" for a camera to capture an awkward or embarrassing moment. In 2015, the professional dancer was seen leaving a "DWTS" wrap party in a criss-cross cutout sheer and blue suede dress, per ET. The dancer looked stunning, but as she was leaving the party, the dress shifted and caused Hough to have a nip slip, and unfortunately for the co-host, it was all caught on camera. This wouldn't be the last time she would have a major wardrobe malfunction in front of cameras.

Hough had another unfortunate clothing mishap when she was leaving a dinner in Los Angeles in 2023, per Daily Mail. Paparazzi were filming and taking photos of the "DWTS" alum as she walked to her car, carrying her new pooch in a carrier on her shoulder. Things took a turn when Hough's green romper popped open in front of the paparazzi, putting her black bra on full display. Hough attempted to cover herself back up, which was a bit of a struggle as she carried her new dog. But she didn't seem too bothered by the wardrobe malfunction as she answered questions from the paparazzi about her new pup while getting in her car. Still, no one wants a major fashion mishap caught on camera.