What The Cast Of Breaking Amish Looks Like Today

In the hit reality TV show Breaking Amish and it's sister spin-off Return to Amish, TLC supposedly pulled back the curtain on the secret world of the Amish and Mennonite cultures by highlighting a group of five youngsters. The original cast members — Sabrina Burkholder, Abe and Rebecca Schmucker (who tied the knot in the Season 1 finale), resident bad boy Jeremiah Raber, and self-made model Kate Stoltz — all hung up their plain clothes, and said goodbye to the horse-and-buggy for a chance to live the so-called "English" lifestyle a.k.a. the way the most of Americans lives their lives.

The first season, which aired in 2012, was based in New York City, with the kids getting thrown into "real life." All five kids ultimately decided to leave their Amish and Mennonite lifestyles behind after getting a taste of the Big Apple.

After the franchise became a hit, some of the cast opted to leave the Breaking Amish spotlight altogether, but you can still catch some of the cast out and about, trying to capitalize on the fame they reaped from the show. Here's a peak at what the cast has been up to since they've decided that cars, light bulbs, blue jeans aren't so bad after all.  

Abe and Rebecca Schmucker

Abe Schmucker and his wife Rebecca (Byler) Schmucker were two of the main characters on both the Breaking Amish and Return to Amish series. The Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania couple got a lot of air time when they married on the first season with lots of drama surrounding their wedding and storylines to follow. Abe even brought his mother Mary, brother Andrew, and Andrew's wife Chapel along for the ride in the spotlight with all three family members getting air time as regular extras on the show.

After four seasons of stardom, Rebecca shocked fans when she announced on her private Twitter account (oddly via a screenshot on her public Instagram) that she and Abe wouldn't be returning for Season 5 of Return to Amish. "It's been a long road to come to this decision as a family, and to move on to things that make us happy and brings us closer to where we want to be," the tweet read. "We are living our best life!! Ps. I got my GED!!"

Rebecca also responded to a fan in the Instagram comments, writing, "It will be funny to watch now that I'm not on it!! I'm just curious who will be made out to be a witch now! Lol although I do suck at getting my point across nicely 89% of the time."

Clearly the Schmuckers are enjoying their life out of the spotlight — after all, a regular old light bulb was already huge upgrade. 

Kate Stoltz

You could tell Breaking Amish star Kate Stoltz was a good-looking girl even in the first episode of Season 1, where she was introduced in a long, matronly Amish dress with just her face peeking out of a white bonnet. But, life with some electricity and a flat iron has really brought Stoltz out of her shell, taking her naturally good looks to the next level.

As of this writing, Stoltz still has her signature long, pretty, chestnut brown mane, and doesn't look like she's aged a day since the show's premiere in 2012. Her plain-Jane Amish look was replaced with trendy clothes that she actually makes and sells on her website.

One interesting thing about the show's self-made model is that Stoltz clearly wants to get as far away from her Amish roots as possible. On her website, there is little mention of her Breaking Amish days, but rather, a lengthy sales pitch about how she was signed to a top ten modeling agency, has walked the NYC runways, and attended the prestigious FIT (Fashion Institute of Design) in New York. Stoltz credits her sister — again no mention of the Amish — with teaching her to make clothes as a kid. On her website, Stolz writes that she "spent her teenage days sewing handmade clothes for her siblings and herself. After moving to the city, she soon missed creating and working with her hands."

Amish amnesia? Everyone knows who put her on the map and in New York City.

Jeremiah Raber

Small town Amish boy Jeremiah Raber was portrayed as the show's wild child. What's he up to these days? Trying to make money any way he can apparently. Raber directs his Twitter followers to his website Unbox me Amish — a monthly mystery subscription box of Amish products. Over on Facebook, Raber's pushes his clothing website and other branded products, like cutting boards and doormats.

While the resident bad boy is going down every avenue to make a buck, when it comes to love, Raber still seems to follow the rebellious image we saw on camera. After hooking up with on-off fling and castmate Sabrina Burkholder on the show, Raber took himself off the market in 2016 when he married Carmela Mendez (above right), a girl he met online. However, Raber and Mendez have a tumultuous relationship that's played out in the press with ongoing drama, like Raber posting a now deleted Facebook video (via InTouch Weekly), claiming Mendez "stole $16,000 from the sale of their home," and that she was addicted to "pain medication."

In 2017, Radar Online reported that Raber was arrested after an alleged domestic violence incident. As of this writing, the couple appear to be going strong. In a March 2019, Carmella posted a picture of the two (above right) indicating all is good in Raberland — this month at least. 

Andrew Schmucker

Abe Schmucker's brother Andrew appeared on the original seasons of Breaking Amish and Return to Amish as a guest cast member. Andrew eventually got his own role on the show's spin-off Breaking Amish: LA, which debuted in 2013. Just like his brother Abe, Andrew has stayed out of the public eye for the most part — when he's not getting into trouble that is. In 2014, Andrew made headlines for violating parole. He was allegedly on probation for theft charges and was arrested after failing a urine test, according to the Jeffersonian Democrat. The outlet reported that the Schmucker brother was sentenced to seven months in a state institution as a recourse.

Andrew's Facebook page, as of this writing, describes him as a "Happily Married Man" — fans likely remember his on-screen wedding to Chapel Peace Schmucker, the "English" girl he married on Return to Amish. And thanks to his sister-in-law Rebecca Schmucker's May 2, 2019 Instagram comment, we know that Andrew and Chapel "are still married." She added, "They moved out of Punxsy and are doing better."

Chapel told a fan on Facebook that she and Andrew will not be returning to Return to Amish as they were aspiring for "a new life with a new beginning," according to In Touch Weekly. She did, however, confirm on Facebook that the they are still in a good place. "Andrew took me to olive garden for our anniversary dinner it was so good!! E love deeh Smuck!!"

Chapel Peace Schmucker

Perhaps Chapel Peace Schmucker's desire for a new life and new beginnings stems from her continuing controversies. She was busted in Pennsylvania in 2016 with 26 others "during a massive drug sting," according to TMZ. The tab reported that Schmucker "was charged with possession with intent to distribute" after "detectives seized more than $90k of meth, $8,400 of heroin, and more than $27k in cash." 

There was also her allegedly staged cancer scare, which Breaking Amish star Kate Stoltz ripped into on Twitter. "They had me fooled," Stoltz wrote in since-deleted tweets captured by Starcasm. "I'm upset that I was tricked into thinking that her cancer was back ... Chapel was not doing chemo when the show was filmed. She was in remission and had us all fooled into thinking she was very sick ... I'm not downplaying the horrible reality of cancer, treatment, or after-effects. She used it to cover up a heroin addiction." 

Fans may never know if Schmucker really had cancer or merely faked a medical relapse for the show, but she does appear to be out on the streets trying to attain this new beginning. Schmucker's Facebook is full of posts about things like a new hair style, a new job, and getting her life straight. In January 2019, she posted that she's been sober from opiates for three years, and that she "had to leave punxsy and start a new life where I knew no one to maintain my sobriety."

Sabrina Burkholder

Chapel and Andrew Schmucker weren't the only two with drug-associated trouble. On Return to Amish, fans watched Sabrina Burkholder battle drug addiction and lose custody of her daughter Oakley. She then got pregnant with a second child, Arianna, and documented her fears of losing her too. This fear did come true. Burkholder told an Instagram follower that both girls, "are adopted now, and as long as I stay clean and sober, I'm allowed to see them," according to In Touch Weekly.

In March 2019, Burkholder confirmed on Facebook that she became a mom for the third time to a baby boy named Zekiah Brysen Nolt. Shortly after Zekiah's birth, Birkholder put out an emotional Facebook post, that said doctors were initially worried that something could be wrong with Zekiah. She didn't disclose much, just that "medical issues" she had during her pregnancy were a concern. Luckily the baby "got a clean bill of health from the doctor." In the same post, Burkholder shared an update on her own personal growth, writing, "A year ago I was in jail for the third time and had lost all hope of ever being the person I wanted to be. Something changed during that time tho and I feel like it catapulted me to where I am today."

On Easter, Burkholder told Facebook fans she's now clean and sober and credits Jesus with her life's transformation.

Mary Schmucker

Mary Schmucker seems destined to wind up "English". The show documented her struggles with guilt over wanting to leave the Amish, yet Mary snuck off the reserve with Abe and his friends any chance she could. On Return to Amish, fans watched Mary toy around with makeovers, drink booze, and gamble. However, her husband Chester adamantly stuck to his Amish roots, and didn't want Mary getting shunned. Mary's biggest fear was that she would be banned from her daughter Katie Ann's wedding. She can now put that fear behind her.

On May 2, 2019, daughter-in-law Rebecca Schmucker confirmed on Instagram that Katie Ann got married. Mary was not only there, but hosted Katie Ann's big day. "Yes she is the host as all Amish moms are. She is exhausted but happy to be able to do it," Rebecca responded to a fan's comment, asking if Mary was present.

Rebecca added that ex-Amish are not allowed to attend weddings in their community, confirming that Mary must still be welcome in the church. "It's definitely a pa (Pennsylvania) thing maybe elsewhere, but you are right, my family in Ohio still invites ex-Amish to weddings and stuff," Rebecca responded to another commenter's inquiry.

The real question is — how long can Mary withstand the temptations of the "English" now that she watched her baby girl get married? Stay tuned, folks.

Katie Ann Schmucker

Will someone just let this poor girl ride in the rodeo? That's what fans arguably thought when watching early seasons of the show, and Katie Ann eventually followed her dream. On a Return to Amish reunion, Katie Ann announced she was leaving the Amish to move in with her boyfriend, and join the rodeo. 

Apparently the rodeo dream didn't last long, because sister-in-law Rebecca Schmucker confirmed on Instagram that Katie Ann went back to the Amish for her big day. Replying to a fan who asked if Katie Ann's big day was an Amish wedding, Rebecca said, "yes it is." Rebecca included a photo of Katie Ann's four-tier wedding cake with western style decor in the background — reminiscent of those rodeo hopes and dreams.

"Us ex-Amish can't be there, but I hope it's a good day for them," Rebecca captioned the pic. She told a fan on another Instagram post that even though she couldn't attend Katie Ann's wedding, the two are still close. "I'm actually hanging out with her right now," Rebecca commented, adding, "Lol she saved me wedding leftover food." 

Fans obviously want to know what Katie-Ann wore and what her groom looked like. We'll have to settle for a picture of the cake for now, as there's few details circulating about the nuptials. We wish the little Schmucker the best of luck in her new union! 

A bun in the oven for Katie Ann

Speaking of Katie Ann Schmucker, she's apparently following the old 'First come's love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage' melody, since she's pregnant with her first baby less than a year after tying the knot. Katie Ann's sister-in-law Rebecca Schmucker first teased the news when she posted a photo of a mystery pregnant girl on Instagram on April 19, 2020, with the caption, "Can you guess who is due very soon? IT'S NOT ME! Boy or girl?"

The Return to Amish star revealed that it was Katie Ann in a separate post four days later, writing, "Most of you guessed it right!! KatieAnn is expecting!! I took this picture tonight because Malika and Katie looked so cute just cuddling on the chair! The girls cannot wait to meet their new cousin!! We are all impatient at this point! Lol." Several fans were quick to comment asking if Katie Ann is still living the Amish life to which Rebecca confirmed that she is. No lightbulbs or blue jeans for Katie Ann, we guess.

In case you're wondering what style baby clothes Katie Ann's mini-me will be rocking — Rebecca shared the dirt there, too. When a follower asked if the baby could wear English clothes on Instagram, Rebecca replied, "It depends on the community they live in and also what momma prefers." 

We're envisioning a lot of white baby bonnets in that little one's wardrobe.

Sabrina Birkholder is busy with babies, but feeling blessed

2020 was off to a good start for Return to Amish star Sabrina Birkholder. Not even a year after announcing the birth of her third child Zekiah, Birkholder announced April 21, 2020 on Facebook that she gave birth to baby number four. It was a girl (Skylar Miriam Nolt) this go around for the Mennonite reality star. Birkholder shared a few details about the birth, telling fans that the baby's father was in the delivery room, and that little Skylar was born via an emergency c-section.

Birkholder seems to be making quite the comeback! When she's not posting pictures of her kids (or baby daddy), she's sharing inspirational songs or posts about her faith on social media. On Thanksgiving 2019, Birkholder proudly reminisced on Facebook about how far she's come, writing that she "can't imagine sticking a needle in [her] arm" ever again and credited Jesus with helping her stay clean. "A few years ago, I was in a toxic relationship and getting high on Thanksgiving. I couldn't see a way out. I thought I was worthless and I believed that I would never get clean. I couldn't imagine life without heroin," Birkholder posted. She also mentioned that the rekindled relationships she has with her Mennonite parents and brother are part of the fulfillment of "more than [she] could have ever possibly dreamed."

Hopefully she stays on the right track!

Reality television star to tractor trailer driver?

Return to Amish star Abe Schmucker can now add 'Truck Driver' next to reality television star on his LinkedIn account (if he has one). The former Amish star has made quite the career change going from television to truck driving.

His wife Rebecca Schmucker seems to be super supportive of her hubby's new gig though, although she admitted that it is tough when he's gone. "Yes I've struggled with anxiety a lot but it's much better in the last 2 years. I always relax when he's home though. Nothing like have our family under 1 roof," Rebecca told a fan on Instagram.

In the same post, Rebecca admitted in the April 2, 2020 post that she hadn't seen her hubby in over two weeks, although she went on to brag about her hubby's hard work. "I couldn't be more proud of my husband!! This picture that a coworker of his took just... I have no words to describe it!! He sacrifices so much every single day for little appreciation! We haven't seen him since March 15 and we are not so patiently waiting for him to come home! His job is essential and the fact we still have a paycheck is definitely appreciated!" Rebecca shared. 

We can only imagine how good it feels like to operate a vehicle that big after driving a horse and buggy for all those years.

Don't talk about Kate Stoltz's people

If you want to poke fun at the Amish don't do it in front of Kate Stoltz unless you want to hear her snapback. The former Breaking Amish star is now living the 'English' lifestyle as a fashion designer/model and doesn't reference her Amish roots that often. However, she's apparently still highly defensive of her childhood culture. 

It all started when authors Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez tweeted a meme that made reference to Amish women as "old farm witches." The post struck a nerve with Stoltz as she re-posted the tweet on Instagram three days later, along with a lengthy defensive comment. "I grew up Amish. This type of discrimination and sexism happens unchecked ALL the time about my religious and cultural background and it's never ok," Stolz wrote, adding, "Amish people are rarely on the internet and don't believe in suing for religious discrimination." She went on to call the post "ageist and "sexist" and added that she "used to be ashamed of my heritage because of comments like this." 

"It took me a long time to realize that I'm not the one that should feel ashamed, it's people that don't have the compassion to understand other cultures, religions and lifestyles," Stoltz continued, also adding that she felt a "responsibility" to speak out.

Get em, girl.