Best To Worst Dressed At The 2019 CMT Awards

Although it might come as a surprise to some city slickers, the annual CMT Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee is an event where high-fashion and killer looks run rampant. The show is an opportunity for country's finest musicians to trade in their blue jeans and casual wear for the best designer duds, all the way from souped up cowboy boots (yes, this is a thing) to eye-catching gowns. 

The 2019 CMT Awards on June 5 was no exception to the glitz and glam of years past, as numerous famed musicians, like Carrie Underwood, slayed in the fashion department. We won't dive too deep into Underwood's phenomenal look just yet, but let's just say it involved lots of fabulous jewels and embroidery work. Can we get an amen for this red carpet maven?

Of course, not everyone hit the mark Wednesday night. We don't want to be haters or anything, but some stars should have asked for a second opinion before stepping out the door, whether due to an ill-fitting suit or a busy print. You can't win 'em all, folks.

That all being said, strap on your best pair of cowboy boots and let's get crackin' on the best to worst dressed at the 2019 CMT Awards.

Maren Morris brought the heat

"My Church" singer Maren Morris is a breakout star in the country music scene, a title she paid homage to at the CMT Music Awards with a sexy cut-out mini dress decorated with rhinestones and beads. It's obvious the star had a lot of fun with her look, as she struck countless poses on the event's red carpet. 

Oh, and did we mention that the musician came to the event with a hot piece of arm candy? That svelte dude was none other than her husband, fellow country artist Ryan Hurd. 

Swinging back to Morris' phenomenal look, we can't say we're surprised that she decided to spice things up. "I've always changed up my look and hair, but style-wise, too. I don't like to look typical," she told Billboard in October 2017. 

Perhaps it's Morris' adventurous sense of style that led her to snag a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models. "This is one of the most exciting things for me personally just because I've always loved fashion and I've loved pushing the envelope and I just feel like taking it to the next level with Wilhelmina," she told People at the time.

Carrie Underwood was a jewel-encrusted queen

We bet this isn't the most earth-shattering news you'll ever hear, but let it be known that Grammy-winner Carrie Underwood is a force to be reckoned with on and off the red carpet. Underwood exemplified this sentiment firsthand when she graced the CMT Music Awards wearing a jewel-encrusted mini dress with a plunging neckline, designed by Michael Cinco. From the dress' unique embellishments to her "starburst Djula hoop earrings," the mom-of-two stole the show.

Underwood's success might have something to do with her philosophy on fashion, which she says should focus on self-love. "I always feel bad for people in magazines and on TV, where people [criticize] their look a little bit, because they walked out of their house feeling beautiful, and that's the most important thing," she told People in 2012. "So I really just try to wear what I love — and try not to think about who might or might not like it afterward.

Great perspective, right? You should do what makes you feel the most beautiful at the end of the day.

Thomas Rhett went for it

If you're a big country fan, you've probably noticed that male artists tend to favor denim over bright colors. "Die a Happy Man" singer Thomas Rhett bucked this trend, however, when he showed up to the CMT Music Awards donning a plum-colored suit over a crisp white shirt. Rhett got his look from the Strong Suit company, a dapper business that promises its customers "a no excuses garment with fine tailoring and fabrics" that allows them the "freedom to express" who they are. We think it's safe to say "mission accomplished" in this case.

Interestingly enough, fashion has always come naturally to Rhett. "I've always been a stylish kid and even going into high school and in college, I've always loved trying new things, just kind of like in my music," he said in March 2018, according to Country Fancast. Yep, it sounds like killing the fashion scene is Rhett's strong suit (no pun intended).

Danielle Bradbery nailed it with fringe

The Voice Season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery took a risk at the CMT Music Awards by opting for a white blazer dress embellished with metallic silver fringe. What made the look even more fire? Bradbery pulled back her hair back into a slick bun which she complimented with hoop earrings and a bold red lip. We love this look because it embodies country glam and modern vibes all at once. 

Style hasn't always come easy to Bradbery, despite her major win at the CMTs on June 5. "As a 16-year-old girl, you're wanting to do so much and figure out what your style is, and even just the little things like dying your hair and wanting something that you don't have. I had the blonde [hair], and I wanted the dark [hair] and all of that stuff," the songstress said in an interview with Tidal. "So I really had to go through all of the looks to figure it out. So about a year and a half or two years ago was when I was like, 'OK, I'm finally getting somewhere.' I'm where I think I need to be right now."

Amen, girlfriend. It's clear you've hit your stride. 

Dierks Bentley kept it simple and sexy

OK, hear us out for a sec — although country music star Dierks Bentley didn't show up to the CMT Music Awards in the finest of duds, we can't help but think that he looked incredibly handsome at the event. Not only did Bentley pay tribute to classic country style, but he looks wonderfully like himself. Sometimes all you have to do to win the fashion game is to remain authentic, no matter what the critics might think.

The "Drunk On a Plane" singer touched on this exact sentiment in a conversation with Taste of Country, explaining, "I love clothes that are perfectly worn-in like you've had them a lifetime, but can also take the wear and tear that comes from an active lifestyle." Bentley also credited his stylist, Annie Psaltiras, for helping him with his low-key vibe. "I was tired of wearing suits to red-carpet events and she found me some cooler jackets, pants and vintage Ts," he explained to Women's Wear Daily

You do you, Bentley.

Luke Bryan slayed in designer duds

Country music heavyweight Luke Bryan knows how to wear a suit, a skill he demonstrated at the CMT Music Awards Wednesday night. Bryan donned a Tom Ford jacket for the occasion, pairing it with a black shirt and pants. Although we're not typically fans of the brown and black combo, Bryan looked dashing in the getup. You can't go wrong with Tom Ford, y'all.

Bryan might have killed it this time, but he hasn't always been so fashion savvy. In fact, the star was often mocked for his signature tight jeans, a gag he has addressed publicly before. "I did go to a looser jean this year," he joked to radio personality Bobby Bones in September 2017. "Because I just got tired of like, 'Tight Pants Luke Bryan Brings Show to Hoboken.' Is like everybody here just to see my dance? Nobody wants to hear my vocal quality." Can't it be both? 

Jessie James Decker's look underwhelmed

"Lights Down Low" singer Jessie James Decker usually hits the mark when it comes to fashion, but she fell a bit short at the 2019 CMT Music Awards when she arrived wearing a satin pink mini dress. Don't get us wrong, the songstress looked great — it just felt a little too casual for us. And while we tend to prefer simpler looks, this ensemble could have been dressed up with an eye-catching necklace or bracelet. The lack of jewelry was a missed opportunity, in our opinion.

That being said, we love Decker as a fashion designer and businesswoman. In case you missed it, the mom-of-three launched her clothing line, Kittenish, in 2018, followed by a brick and mortar store in February 2019. "I've always wanted to be a designer and I've always wanted to have my own clothing line and my own store, but I will say I didn't know that it was going to happen so fast," she told Sounds Like Nashville about her successes. "I was just hoping and dreaming."

Mitchell Tenpenny wore capris?

Rising country star Mitchell Tenpenny took a chance at the CMT Music Awards, but it didn't exactly pay off. Although we adored the pink color of Tenpenny's Stephanie Thorpe suit, we didn't love the pants. Are they capris? We couldn't make heads or tails of it, to be honest. And we weren't too thrilled with the baseball cap, either — it takes away from the artist's dashing looks.

Fashion is probably the last thing on Tenpenny's mind, however — the performer is still riding high off the success of his popular single, "Drunk Me." "It's been everything I've dreamed of for the last 12 years trying to do this type of thing," he told AOL. "Just hearing your song on the radio, getting to play shows with people you respect on tours, we're trying to slow down and take a minute to really appreciate what has happened, because you're just working so hard all the time and when you look back ... it's something that you dream of as a kid."

Sheryl Crow boho look missed the mark

Don't get us wrong, we love us some Sheryl Crow ("Soak Up the Sun," anyone?) but we weren't head over heels with this boho look. Although this might work at a country fair or summer festival, we didn't find it to be award show material. And not to get too picky here, but it was a little too busy — from the ruffle sleeves to the eclectic pattern, we didn't know where to focus our attention.

Either way, we have a feeling Crow has no regrets about the look. Want some proof? Look no further than her March 2018 interview with Footwear News, in which she explained: "I don't mind dressing up, but have to make sure whatever I wear I feel super-comfortable in, and don't feel like the clothes are wearing me." Hey, we can't knock Crow for prioritizing comfiness. 

Outfit aside, Crow had a fabulous night at the CMT Music Awards, debuting her new song with fellow country star Maren Morris. Rock on, girl.

Trisha Yearwood's look was a bit busy

Garth Brooks' wife and singer Trisha Yearwood could have chosen a better look for the CMT Music Awards, as evidenced by her marbled blazer paired with a black dress. These two items probably would have worked separately, but together they're a bit busy and ill-matched. But we can't really blame Yearwood for her fashion miss — the singer just went through a serious wardrobe malfunction, after all.

Yearwood opened up the embarrassing incident to People in February 2019, admitting that her "three-snap bodysuit under a skirt" broke apart during a live performance. "I walk out on stage and I feel one of the snaps pop, and I'm like, 'Okay, I got two more," she recalled. "I took another step or two, second one snaps. And by the time I get on stage, the third one has snapped." Yikes.

Yearwood continued: "I just did my show and when I left stage I was like, 'Oh my God, my bodysuit — I'm never wearing another one of these in my life!' I don't even remember my performance because I was just so worried about my clothes. No more bodysuits for me; I'm done with that."

Phew, we're glad to hear that Yearwood came out of this snafu intact.