Here's What Denzel Washington's Four Kids Are Doing Today

In 1977, Denzel Washington crossed paths with his wife Pauletta Washington for the first time. Six years later, in June 1983, the couple tied the knot, going on to start a family together only shortly after. The following year, Denzel and Pauletta welcomed their first child, son John David Washington, on July 28, 1984. Two years later, in November 1986, the couple's second child, Katia was born. In addition to John and Katia, Pauletta and Denzel are also parents to twins Olivia and Malcolm, whom they welcomed in 1991. 

But despite the couple's fame, Denzel and Pauletta raised their kids with a sense of normalcy, often engaging in regular activities with their brood. "I am who I am — a regular guy with a great job. How I'm analyzed belongs to someone else. In a few minutes, I've got a kid's game to go to, and then I'm taking our daughter to auditions. Today, that's my job," Denzel said in a 2009 Reader's Digest interview (via People). 

Beyond that, Denzel also instilled in his kids, the understanding that life is not always a bed of roses. "I try to teach my children there are going to be obstacles. Someone may not like you just because they don't like themselves. But, don't you get bogged down," he admitted during a 2008 appearance on "The Early Show" (via CBS News). So while their dad might be one of Hollywood's most respected actors, the Washington kids have all forged their own paths. Here's a look at what they are doing today.

Denzel Washington's kids all work in Hollywood

Like his father, John David Washington is making a name for himself in the movie industry. John officially kicked off his acting career, starring as NFL player Ricky Jerret in "Ballers," a sports comedy-drama released on HBO back in 2015. "This character, he made me giggle at first because I know guys with his spirit. But what really attracted me to Jerret was the cultural misunderstanding of a guy like this," John told Men's Journal of his character in the show. Since then, John has moved up the Hollywood ranks, with multiple award recognitions, including a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nomination to his name, per IMDb

Similarly, Olivia Washington got her father's acting genes and has since racked up a number of acting credits for herself. Unsurprisingly, Denzel Washington is one proud father. During an appearance on "Good Morning America," he once quipped, "I'm a dad so I'm gonna keep saying it: Olivia Washington is a great young actress. Very, very, very good young actress, so she's coming for her brother [John David]."

But while John and Olivia have chosen careers on-screen, their siblings would rather remain behind the scenes. Per her IMDb, Katia Washington works as a movie producer with credits in movies like "Malcolm & Marie" and "Breaking." Malcolm, a University of Pennsylvania alum has also worked as a producer and director. 

The Washington boys previously dabbled in sports

Outside of their interest in the music industry, the Washington kids also share one thing in common — a love for sports. Before his time in Hollywood, John David had a short stint as a professional football player. Though he did not make the 2006 NFL draft, per Esquire, John David Washington signed with the St. Louis Rams that same year before going to Germany to play with the Rhein Fire football team in 2007. Between August 2009 and October 2012, John played for the  Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League, until the team folded up. John was not, however, the only one to have developed an interest in sports. 

Malcolm, the youngest Washington son, played high school basketball for four years, during which he recorded many feats, including being named an Academic All-American, and 2009 Windward Winter Classic Tournament MVP. Following his high school basketball career, Malcolm continued playing, this time with the University of Pennsylvania basketball team, the Quakers. But while Malcolm never went pro like his brother, he undoubtedly made an impression on some of his former teammates. "He's pesky. He brings energy. And I think he knows that that's his role — the energy guy, bringing a lot of spunk,"  Zack Rosen, a former teammate of Malcolm told The Daily Pennysylvanian back in 2009.