The Untold Truth Of Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau is a massively popular YouTuber and social media personality. At the time of this writing in 2024, her channel boasts an impressive 5.4 million subscribers. Those aren't rookie numbers, people. Known for her admittedly outrageous storytime content, Mongeau gave fans an insider peek into her YouTube process during a 2016 interview with Fangirlish (via Fandom).

"I mean I can definitely get a bit clickbaity at times ... but I always try to keep it real. That's just who I am," she explained, but added, "I don't know why crazy s*** happens to me, I really don't. My whole life I just always assumed that I'm one of those people who won't ever lead a normal life — but at this point, I wouldn't want a normal life."

Since then, this fan-favorite, yet sometimes polarizing YouTube star has faced her fair share of controversies (both real and manufactured), scandals, and public beefs. Ready to hear all the dirt? Smash that like button and subscribe to read the untold truth of Mongeau.

Was Tana Mongeau's engagement to Jake Paul fake?

In June 2019, Tana Mongeau announced her engagement to YouTuber Jake Paul, whom she was first linked to in April of that year. "JAKE JUST PROPOSED," Mongeau confirmed on X. But while the famous Youtuber was uber-excited to share the good news, fans were not convinced, with many insisting it was a ruse to get more social media engagement. "Clout queen and king my God," one user commented. Mongeau, however, shut down the rumor mill, insisting that her engagement to Paul was real. "it's not [a joke]. I'm engaged. Holy f***," she wrote in response to a tweet suggesting that their engagement was staged. Of course, it also did not help that Paul proposed to Mongeau with a diamond-looking ring — later revealed to be made from cubic zirconia and priced at $125.

Mongeau and Paul cast even more doubt on the legitimacy of their relationship after getting married in July 2019 — in a bizarre 10-minute Las Vegas ceremony that saw the "Bizaardvark" alum get into a fight. However, there was no need to wonder for too long. In January 2020, Paul and Mongeau announced their separation. "I'll never know what the future holds and I will always love Jake and everything we did," she wrote in part on her Instagram.

Later that year, Paul confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that his engagement and subsequent wedding to Mongeau were staged. "We all do things sometimes. And sometimes you end up getting fake married. So I'll leave it at that," he told the outlet.

She tried to make TanaCon happen

Tana Mongeau had a gripe to pick with VidCon after the yearly YouTuber conference didn't provide her with a "Featured Creator" badge in 2016 and 2017. In a nearly 80-minute video called "Why I Won't Be Attending Vidcon 2018: A Rant," she explained that event security had forced her to leave after being "mobbed" by crowds and creating a safety hazard — a situation she claimed could have been avoided with said badge.

In protest, Mongeau created "TanaCon," a rival convention set to take place the same weekend as VidCon. However, it was an unmitigated disaster. According to The Verge, it was labeled the "new Fyre Fest" due to scheduling conflicts (some creators attended both events), an over-capacity venue, and thousands of attendees stuck outside without food, water, or shelter from the sun. Once the event space filled up, many attendees were "advised to come back the following day," before the event was shut down altogether.

A year later, Mongeau told Paper magazine, "I think in the moment I was so excited for it to be a real possibility and I definitely was harboring a lot of really negative emotions towards VidCon, just thinking in a really unhealthy way." As for how she felt about TanaCon with the luxury of hindsight, she said, "Wow, this was a giant mistake with so many of the wrong intentions."

Tana Mongeau's ups and downs with Bella Thorne

Former Disney Channel actor Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau were first romantically linked in September 2017, when they posted photos of the two kissing. "Dreams do come true kids," Mongeau tweeted alongside the snaps, while Thorne chimed in with, "Who's shook." However, their relationship was over a little over a year later. 

"Tana and I aren't together anymore, pls stop asking," Thorne tweeted in February 2019. "We love U guys." Confirming their breakup, Mongeau shared alongside a broken heart emoji: "I love her forever don't get that twisted. she changed my life forever. don't rly wanna talk on it.. there's no negativity at all." By early June of that year, Mongeau publicly asked Thorne to take her back ... but less than two weeks later, she announced her engagement to Jake Paul.

Amicable split aside, Thorne didn't appear to take the news very well. The "Famous in Love" star posted a photo of herself with red, crying eyes. Alongside dozens of crying emojis, she wrote in the caption, "When ur ex gets engaged."

She had beef with ... Whoopi Goldberg?

After an alleged hacker threatened her with extortion over nude photos, Bella Thorne took back her power and posted the images in question on X in June 2019. "Yesterday as u all know all my s*** was hacked," she wrote in part in a text-post. "For the last 24 hours I have been threatened with my own nudes I feel gross, I feel watched, I feel someone has taken something from that I only wanted one special person to see."

Shortly after, the ladies of "The View" weighed in on the controversial matter — with one Whoopi Goldberg pointing the blame at Thorne. "If you're famous, I don't care how old you are, you don't take nude pictures of yourself," the comedian said, adding, "Once you take that picture, it goes into the Cloud and it's available to any hacker who wants it, and if you don't know that in 2019 that this is an issue, I'm sorry. You don't get to do that."

Where does Mongeau come into all of this? After Thorne called Goldberg's comments "disgusting" (via CNN) and refused to ever appear on the daytime talk show, Mongeau came to Thorne's defense on social media. "Yo F*** @whoopiegoldberg. f*** slut shaming," she wrote in her Instagram Stories (via We the Unicorns). "F*** blaming girls for bad things that happen to them & inciting fear." The YouTuber added, "Whoopi I feel so sorry for you to have that mindset."

Mongeau also started drama with Noah Cyrus

In May 2019, Tana Mongeau's celebrity beefs continued when she uploaded a video targeting Miley Cyrus' baby sis, Noah Cyrus. The nearly 50-minute clip, "The time Lil Xan cheated on me + why Noah Cyrus HATES me: STORYTIME," detailed an alleged incident in which she ran into ex-boyfriend Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus (who was dating the rapper at the time) at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

"I turn to see Lil Xan beelining toward me," Mongeau claimed in the video. "And I see, out of my peripheral [vision], a very, very unhappy Noah Cyrus walking up to us. And I'm standing there ... and she looks at me and it's just this awkward-a** silence ... She just looks so f***ing unhappy that she even had to, like, walk up to us." She went on to allege that the younger Cyrus sibling looked her "up and down" before shoulder-checking her. "I hear from a bunch of other people that [Noah] just, like, hates me," Mongeau explained. "It hurt. It still hurts."

For her part, Cyrus responded via X and basically told Mongeau that the alleged incident was all in her head. "lol this is hilarious," she wrote. "I deff dont hate you and for sure turned the opposite direction of you no shoulder check. lets hangout and talk about how b***hy girls are to other girls @tanamongeau dm me." The two were spotted by paparazzi hanging out during the COVID-19 pandemic in September 2020.

She was accused of exploiting Mac Miller's death

On the day of the tragic death of rapper Mac Miller in September 2018, Tana Mongeau posted a screenshot of a text conversation she had with him. "You had this love for life and what you do that made me fall for you 10x harder," she wrote in part in the caption (via Girlfriend). "I wanted to come over last night ... my soul is shattered ... what i would do for you to tuck my hair behind my ear and kiss me one last time ... I love you, Malcolm. I love you."

The YouTube star later sent out a follow-up tweet hinting that she and the rapper had shared a secret relationship, which led many to believe she was using Miller's death to bring attention to herself. One unimpressed user on X commented: "Tana Mongeau saying she dated Mac Miller and in the process, making his death about her is the biggest reach of 2018. sit back down pls."

Responding to the backlash, Mongeau clarified her posts, noting that she meant well and her intentions had been misunderstood. "In that moment, all I wanted was to like, humanize him ... And show him how I saw him," she explained during an appearance on the "No Jumper" podcast show. 

Her controversial feud with iDubbbz over using racial slurs

In 2017, Tana Mongeau called out YouTuber iDubbbz for his infamous propensity for using racist and inflammatory language on his channel. "So 3 million ppl subscribe to u and u openly say the n-word and r***rd???? Kill yourself," Mongeau wrote in a tweet directed at iDubbbz at the time (via Intelligencer).

In retaliation, iDubbbz crashed Mongeau's January 2017 meet and greet, taunting and prompting her to say the racial slur while posing for a picture. Though he was eventually escorted out of the event, iDubbbz was not done getting his lick back. Taking to YouTube the following month, iDubbbz shared a compilation of tweets and clips that showed Mongeau using racial slurs. "You know you're a stupid n***a right?" she asked in one of the videos.

Consequently, the "Cancelled" podcast host responded to iDubbbz's video, admitting to fans that she made some mistakes in the past — some of which she hoped to make right. "I've [sic] made so many mistakes and even at 18, I'm still trying to learn. I intend on owning up to everything, and hoping you'll forgive me," she wrote in a tweet. In May 2023, the beef between the two YouTubers took a different turn (for good) when iDubbbz publicly apologized to Mongeau and his fans for some of his previous content. "I particularly want to apologize to Tana. Tana, I'm sorry. I should have never made that video," he vocalized in his YouTube video.

She was called out for using racist language

While the scandal with iDubbbz eventually blew over, Tana Mongeau soon found herself in hot water again in June 2020, this time with Youtuber Kahlen Barry. Barry, who formerly appeared on Mongeau's collaboration channel, "Trash," accused her of treating him badly after he questioned her past use of the n-word. He claimed that the influencer either feigned ignorance or dismissed his concerns whenever he brought it up. "I would have respected a lot more had she just owned up to it," he explained in a video shared on his YouTube channel.

In a follow-up video, Barry revealed that he had been receiving threats from Mongeau and her manager, Jordan Worona, in an attempt to silence him. According to him, Worona and Mongeau were trying to discredit his allegations by "blackmailing" people who could defend his claims. "You're trying to get everybody who can vouch for me and who is sticking by me and having my back. You're trying to get all of them to be silent and to not stick up for me," he shared.

Though Mongeau would later publicly apologize on X, Barry was not too keen on the apology which he dubbed "manipulative" and "very deflective." In a separate apology video released in September 2020, Mongeau offered yet another public apology where she admitted to "microaggressive" behavior in the past. Barry however once again refused the apology, noting in a tweet, that it fell short of expectations. At the time of this writing, it is unclear where the two stand.

Mongeau began branching out from YouTube

Not content with simply being a YouTube personality, Tana Mongeau began to expand her entertainment horizons in 2019. In addition to trying her hand at acting in the platform's murder mystery competition web series, "Escape The Night," she also struck a deal with Viacom Digital Studios for her own show, "MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21."

Adding to her on-screen prospects, Mongeau has been making that money move through other lucrative projects. You want merch? This YouTuber has got merch: Need a $13 "Tana is My Daddy" mug?" In the mood for $25 thongs with "Scandalous" written on them? How about a $45 hoodie with a tattooed version of Mongeau's face on the front or joggers that say "canceled" down the leg? Mongeau will sell it to you!

Luckily for the social media personality, all of this has been paying off big time in her bank account. Social Blade reported in 2019 that she was raking in between $9,300 and $148,500 per month from her channel alone. Meanwhile, the statistics website estimated that Mongeau was potentially generating up to $1,800,000 per year in revenue. Well, you can't hate that.

She has hinted at her political beliefs

While many celebrities and influencers are public about their political beliefs and alliances, some prefer to be coy about it. Not Tana Mongeau though. In July 2021, Mongeau revealed during the debut episode of her "Cancelled" podcast that she had cut ties with Corinna Kopf, another YouTuber, who faced backlash for allegedly supporting Donald Trump in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. "She had a scandal for liking Trump, I was trying to help her get out of it, but then she was like, 'No, but, so what about my political views?' So I was like, 'Hm, maybe we shouldn't kick it as much,'" Mongeau explained in the episode.

Beyond unfriending Trump supporters, Mongeau has previously declared her support for the Democratic party while also advocating for her fans to vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Taking to X, Mongeau wrote in a since-deleted October 2020 tweet (via TMZ): "If u send me proof u voted for Biden I'll send you a nude for free."

Mongeau however later spoke to Business Insider, clarifying that while she was a Biden supporter, her tweet was only meant as a joke. "Obviously no one needs an explicit photo of me to go vote and make a change in our country," she explained. "As much as I love Biden, I am not telling anyone who to vote for."

She lost a sponsor for wishing her tour guide dead

In August 2023, Tana Mongeau opened up about an unpleasant time at a wine house during a trip to France. In an episode of her podcast, "Cancelled with Tana Mongeau," the YouTuber recounted an experience, noting that their tour guide, a woman named Cynthia, did not inform them beforehand that they would have to walk during the tour. Mongeau, who admittedly had been drinking into the early hours of the morning, also complained about not getting any wine during the tour. "I literally, I absolutely want her dead. At the hands of me," Mongeau added, expressing her wish to cause Cynthia harm (via the Daily Beast).

Unsurprisingly, Mongeau's unkind words came at a big cost. Shortly after the podcast episode was released, Babbel, a language-learning platform sponsoring "Cancelled" announced that they would be cutting ties with Mongeau. "This absolutely does not align with Babbel's company values," a representative for the company told NBC News.

Cynthia, whose last name was later confirmed to be Coutu, responded to the allegations with proof that she had sent details of the tour to Mongeau's friend. "You should bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable walking shoes, casual clothes, layers. It will be chilly in the cellars," the itinerary read in part, per NBC News. In a direct statement to the outlet, Cotou also defended herself, claiming she had tried to remain as professional as possible while dealing with Mongeau on the wine tour.

She was in a feud with Mads Lewis

In 2022, following influencer Cooper Noriega's death, Tana Mongeau stirred up a feud with Madison Lewis who had been good friends with the late star. The beef started when Lewis called out her ex-boyfriend, Jaden Hussler (who had also been Noriega's best friend), for being a hypocrite. Though it's uncertain what went down, Lewis also asked fans to stop using Hussler's music in video tributes for Noriega. "Please stop using Jaden's music over edits of Cooper it's disrespectful. You're a hypocrite, Jaden, a f***ing hypocrite," she wrote in a since-deleted tweet at the time (via Distractify).

Things soon took a turn when Mongeau hopped in on the drama, retweeting Lewis's post and writing, "Who tweets this?" The feud between the two influencers ramped up in the coming weeks, with Lewis calling Mongeau out during a 2023 appearance on the "BFFs" podcast. "She just switches up on people real, like, so fast. You know what I'm saying? I was really good friends with her, actually," Lewis shared. 

In response, Mongeau fired back during an episode of her "Cancelled" podcast, explaining that she and Lewis were acquaintances at best. "We've never hung out when the sun is out, we've never hung out alone ... I couldn't tell you anything about her," she explained. Lewis, however, shut down Mongeau's claims with screenshots showing that they were indeed good friends at some point. While it's unclear where the two stand now, Lewis was reportedly spotted at Mongeau's Halloween party back in October 2023.

Mongeau's new look in 2023 sparked mixed reactions

New hair, who this? In August 2023, Tana Mongeau made headlines after switching out her signature platinum blonde hair color for a darker shade. Taking to Instagram at the time, the YouTuber shared a picture of herself posing in a car with pouted lips. "New hair, new body count," she quipped in the caption. Expectedly, Mongeau's influencer status meant fans had a lot to say about the new look.

Her Instagram comments were filled with compliments, with rapper Ice Spice even dropping a heart eyes emoji. Other fans also took to X, sharing their thoughts on the influencer's new hair color. "That brown hair makes Tana Mongeau look so good. I pray she don't change back to that blonde," one person tweeted. But while many loved Mongeau's new hair, a few others just weren't digging it as much. "But it's a wig and it's not even done that well," one hater commented.

Similarly, in October 2023, Mongeau had fans swooning over her good looks after debuting a black hair color in an Instagram post. But it turned out that was a wig too, used to cosplay as Megan Fox's character in the 2009 cult classic, "Jennifer's Body."

Mongeau's beef with Bryce Hall

In 2023, Tana Mongeau found herself in the headlines again after her former friend and fellow social media personality, Bryce Hall, revealed he had sex with the "Cancelled" podcast host to gain social status. "We were feeling each other, but I knew who she was obviously, and I was like an up-and-coming guy ... I did whatever was humanly possible to put myself in that scenario," Hall recounted on the "Zach Sang Show." "I wanna [hook up with Tana] to say I did it." In a different podcast appearance, Hall described Mongeau as "fake," adding that he was no fan of hers.

Expectedly, Mongeau responded to Hall's comments, explaining that she would have never gone public with the reason behind their intimate relationship. "As someone who has also probably slept with someone so that I can say I did it, I would never come on a podcast and say that. I would be afraid of how bad that would make me look. I just can't. I really can't believe he said that. I think that's so insane. I guess good for you for being so shameless," she said on her "Cancelled" podcast (via People). Amid the feud, Mongeau enjoyed the support of other YouTubers, including Chris Olsen, who publicly defended her during a red carpet event.

Her interesting dating history

Tana Mongeau's relationship with Jake Paul and Bella Thorne might have made headlines but the Youtuber's dating history extends beyond these two. Between 2015 and 2017, Mongeau dated internet personality Somer Hollingsworth before going on to start a relationship with Brad Sousa. The podcast host however later admitted to using Sousa as a rebound to get over a previous fling with BFF Hunter Moreno.

"I'm an idiot for dating a person that I knew was not good for me, wouldn't understand me, and would eventually just, like, use me and hurt me. I definitely dated Brad to try to fall out of love with Hunter," she shared on her YouTube channel in 2019. In the clip, Mongeau shared details of their breakup, revealing that Sousa had cheated on her.

Mongeau also once briefly dated rapper Lil Xan, who reportedly also cheated on her. After the end of her relationship with Bella Thorne, the YouTuber apparently dated Thorne's ex and previous throuple partner, Mod Sun, as revealed in a December 2020 video. But while Mongeau has had a number of short-lived romances through the years, the popular influencer is not giving up in the love department just yet. In December 2023, the "Cancelled" host went Instagram official with a new boyfriend named Makoa. "Happiness check!" she captioned a carousel of loved-up pictures with Makoa.