The Hilton Family Is Hiding Some Huge Secrets

Love them or hate them, the Hilton family is an American institution. The first family to have an international hotel chain, they're arguably more famous for their scandals than success in business. But even this publicity-loving clan has some secrets they don't want you knowing, which leaves us asking, just how crazy can one family get? Let's dig into some of the famous family's secrets they definitely don't want you to know!

Conrad Hilton's drug problem goes deeper than you think

Don't be too surprised by news of Conrad Hilton's two-month prison sentence from June 2016. Popped for drugs while on parole, the then-22-year old youngest brother of Paris, Nicky, and Barron Hilton was no stranger to the wrong side of the law—and the family's known about his issues with drugs for quite some time. According to People, Conrad has had drug problems since he was a teenager, and it obviously hasn't gotten any better. The revelations shed new light on his notorious 2014 airplane freak-out, when an out-of-control Conrad reportedly threatened to kill the flight crew, saying, "I will f**king own anyone on this flight... they are f**king peasants." Sound like he was sober at the time to you?

Conrad terrifies friends, curses at police

Conrad Hilton's evident long-term breakdown reached a new low in early May 2017 when the hotel magnate's scion reportedly violated a restraining order filed against him by ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily in 2015, and was arrested for stealing a Bentley belonging to Hunter's dad, Rick Salomon—an act for which he was charged with grand theft auto. Hunter's mother, E.G. Daily, regrets that the episode led to Conrad's arrest, but it's clear that the 23 year old's increasingly disturbed behavior led him way over the line one time too many. "I didn't want it to be a big deal, which is why some of the times I didn't call the police," she said in a video posted to TMZ. "To me, it's a matter of someone who's not doing well."

But it didn't stop there—during his arrest, he went unhinged, screaming at police at the top of his lungs. The audio, in which he accuses officers of sexually assaulting him, is disturbing, full of vile insults both racist and homophobic. "I'm tired of these rapes," he screamed to his arresting officers. "You f***ing f****t, you just touched my d***, that's why I f***ing hate you. F**k you." He also used the n-word, and accused one officer of wishing he could smoke a crack pipe, adding nonsensically "but I won't let you, b*tch." In case there was any doubt who's in the video, the charmer makes sure to add that his name is "Conrad Motherf*****g Hilton—don't you forget it."

A drug bust on their ranch found 400 kilos of cocaine

Speaking of drugs, Conrad may not be the only member of the family with a connection to illicit substances. In 2014, the Tico Times in Costa Rica claimed drug traffickers were using an airstrip on Hilton property to move drugs. Authorities seized a plane carrying 400 kilograms of cocaine and roughly $1.5 million in cash from the Rancho Horizonte farm in Cañas. A prosecutor said the farm was connected to "several U.S. shareholders and supposedly has the name 'Hilton' in its title," yet authorities did not suspect the Hiltons had done anything wrong. The Hiltons played dumb, of course, but the debacle further tarnished a family with more than a little scandal to its name.

Conrad Hilton, Sr. borrowed money from a bellboy

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, but not everyone's a fabulously wealthy hotel tycoon. Apparently it wasn't always smooth sailing for the first Conrad Hilton, who once found himself so broke that he needed to take out a $500 loan from none other than his bellboy! Adjusted for inflation, that's about $7,000 in 2016, a ludicrous sum to cough up for your boss. Things ended up working out pretty well for both of them—Hilton's hotels bounced back, and the bellboy became a well-compensated executive. Even so, that's a pretty big gamble, and a pretty big ask on Hilton's part. It's no surprise the family doesn't bring it up too often.

Paris Hilton's house is a monument to...herself

Remember the Bling Ring? Not the Sofia Coppola movie—we're talking about the real crew. This gang of teenage thieves spent a year between 2008 and 2009 busting into celebs' homes when they weren't there and making off with thousands of dollars in clothes, jewelry, and cold hard cash before finally getting busted. One of their targets was an out-of-town Paris Hilton, whose house the amateur crooks decided to invade because they figured she was "dumb."

To say they busted in might be an overstatement—they found a key under the doormat—but you can't exaggerate how weird the inside of the heiress' house was. The burglars found customized throw pillows covered with images of Hilton's face, stripper poles, and apparently (surprise, surprise) more than a little bit of cocaine. Nick Prugo, one of the burglars, described Hilton's home as "horrifying." He told Vanity Fair, "There was that percentage of 'Wow, this is Paris Hilton's house,' but as soon as I put my foot in the door I was just wanting to run out."

Elizabeth Taylor was a Hilton...for 205 days

Conrad "Nicky" Hilton. Jr. thought he'd found true love when he met the stunning actress Elizabeth Taylor in a Los Angeles nightclub in 1949. And for a short (short) while, they were smitten. Married in front of thousands of fans and guests in an outrageously expensive wedding in 1950, the young lovers quickly embarked on a whirlwind three-month honeymoon in Europe, where they promptly learned to hate each others' guts, according to Entertainment WeeklyHilton, whose fame was negligible compared to his superstar wife, was derisively referred to as "Mr. Taylor" and soon grew to enjoy gambling more than the company of his bride. For her part, the actress also quickly tired of the marriage, preferring to spend her time shopping and smoking too many cigarettes. By the time the couple returned to America, their love affair had long faded. Taylor won a divorce, refusing alimony on the grounds of "mental cruelty." Conrad, Jr. died, at age 42, of an alcoholism-related heart attack. Today, he's is mostly known in crossword clues as the first husband of the famous actress.

Paris can't keep her drug use under wraps. Like, at all.

When it comes to drug use in the Hilton family, no one's worse at keeping it close to the vest than Paris. You'd think that being the highest-profile Hilton in the early-aughts would encourage her to cloak it just a little and not drop a bag of yayo on the ground in full view of a police officer. Back in 2010, the then 29-year-old got pulled over in Las Vegas in a black Escalade that reeked of marijuana with then-boyfriend Cy Waits. As if that wasn't bad enough, "a bindle of cocaine in a plastic bag came out of her purse" while she was reaching into the car for lip balm, the officer told The New York Times. Say what you will about the wisdom of that move, but we can't deny her lips looked good for the mugshot.