The Real Reason You Never Hear About Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Kids

Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir Carter are some of the most famous children in the world. Their parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, are music legends who collectively became billionaires in 2018, according to Forbes. Yet, despite their superstar status, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are a notoriously private couple. In fact, according to The New York Times, Beyoncé has such an unprecedented amount of control over her public image, at one point in 2015, she "had not answered a direct question [from the media] in more than a year." 

Choosing instead to share snippets of their children via internet-shattering Instagram posts here or rare red carpet appearances there, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have effectively shielded their young family from the spotlight. To wit: "It's very important to me that my daughter is able to experience life and run through the sprinklers and have slumber parties and trust and live and do all the things that any child should be able to do," Beyoncé told Vogue in 2013. 

Of course, that's a desire that any parent can understand, but is there more to the story than that? Let's pull back the curtain on what is effectively the music industry's royal family as we explore the real reasons you don't see Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids. 

Posts about Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids break the internet

Us mere mortals can't handle news about Queen Bey, let alone her children, without losing it. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's no secret that the world got into formation with her a long time ago. Who could forget Bey's stunning "Love On Top" performance at the 2011 MTV VMA's? The minute she opened her jacket to show off her baby bump, she became a Guinness World Record holder "for most Tweets per second," as users of the microblogging site set their fingers ablaze by sending almost 9,000 tweets per second. 

The world record agency also confirmed that the Beyhive lost it again when Beyoncé posted her pregnancy photo, announcing the twins to Instagram in February 2017. The now infamous shot of the "Halo" singer kneeling in front of a floral arrangement and holding her baby bump became Instagram's most liked photo of all time, clocking over six million likes in one day. And, let's not forget the first time that Beyoncé showed the world her twins for the first time a month after their birth. According to The Telegraph, that post racked up "more than 1.2 million likes in 40 minutes," and once again nearly broke the internet. 

Is it possible that Queen Bey is simply trying to make sure that us mere mortals will have uninterrupted internet service by not posting about her children all the time? 

Beyoncé perfectly curates her image

Beyoncé controls her image so tightly that she keeps tabs on everything. In 2103, GQ noted that Beyoncé has an official archive of every single photo and video of her in a "temperature-controlled digital-storage facility." The superstar's "visual director" even recorded the interview, because it seems like Bey hires a videographer to shoot nearly every minute of her fabulous life.

And, when someone gets their hands on an image that threatens Bey's perfect image, her Beyhive — as her fans are known — is ready to step in. After her 2013 Super Bowl performance, BuzzFeed published a piece about Beyoncé's fierce performance along with photos from her show. Apparently, her biceps and grisly faces were too a tad too intense. Her publicist quickly swooped in and asked for the "unflattering" photos to be taken down. Instead, Buzzfeed published another story with her publicist's email. Queen Bey can't win them all.

But, rest assured that when it comes to the Carter kids, the Beyhive will not back down. BuzzFeed also reported that the celebrity news site, Hollywood Unlocked, leaked a photo of Blue Ivy and the twins on their Instagram feed in April 2019. Jason Lee, the owner of the news site, quickly received a call from Beyoncé's rep demanding that the image be removed. This time the Carter family won and the image quickly disappeared from the internet. The lesson here is that you better not cross the line with it comes to the Carter children's image.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids are already outshining them

Blue Ivy Carter clearly can't help it when she makes an appearance and outshines her famous parents. After Beyoncéreleased the video for "Spirit" from Disney's the Lion King, Page Six ran the headline that Blue "[stole] the spotlight" from the established singer. Her 15-second cameo in a chiffon lilac dress and flowing red curls sparked dozens of similar headlines, like from Clevver News and The Standardbut, it was BuzzFeed that really put the nail in the coffin, declaring, "Move Over Beyoncé, Blue Ivy Is The Reigning Queen In The 'Spirit' Music Video." Ouch!

Even when Beyoncé and Jay-Z's eldest steps out for an event with her mom and dad, the press still can't seem to focus. When a then-five-year-old Blue Ivy donned a $5,000 dress at a New Orleans wedding, AOL stated that she outshone her famous parents. Was the snub was part of the reason why Beyoncé choose not to share the photos from the event on any of social media pages? Instead, it was the wedding photographer, who goes by the Instagram handle KodaKlens, who shared the intimate pic

By the looks of it, we might have to get in formation soon behind a new queen. Maybe Queen Bey is just protecting her throne from Queen Blue?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids are too busy doing other things... like buying art

Aside from stealing the spotlight, Blue Ivy is busy building her art collection with mom and dad. Jaws dropped around the world when Vanity Fair published the story about Blue Ivy bidding $19,000 on an acrylic painting by Sidney Poitier. At just six years old, she attended the Wearable Art Gala with her parents for a family outing in Los Angeles. We guess this is the Carter version of a normal family outing?

Vanity Fair's essay about Blue's bid that once again stole the spotlight from her parents. During the live auction, Blue "raised her paddle" twice to bid on the portrait. First she placed a $17,000 bid followed by a $19,000 bid. In the end, Tyler Perry walked away with the piece, outbidding Blue by $1,000 for a grand total of $20,000. But, the grade-schooler didn't stop there. In a more reserved bid, she won a $10,000 collection of law and medical texts by Samuel Levi Jones. Beyoncé also bid on and won a $17,000 Lorraine Schwartz panther earrings. It's true what they say, "like mother, like daughter." 

Also that evening, former First Lady and Carter family confidante, Michelle Obama, appeared on a "taped message," in which she called Beyoncé "my sister." So, while the rest of us watch Netflix for family night, Blue Ivy teleconferences with political stars and buys artwork costs what some people earn in a month.   

Only an exclusive education will do for Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids

The Carter children are also busy learning how to take over the world at super posh schools. Well, the twins aren't old enough for school, as of this writing, but big sis Blue Ivy is learning how to make her mark. 

So, just where does Blue go to school? A source dished to Us Weekly that Beyoncé's gal pal Gwyneth Paltrow recommended the exclusive West Hollywood's The Center For Early Education to the Carters. "Gwyneth was telling Jay and Bey about the quality of life for her kids in L.A. and really swayed Beyoncé and Jay to make the move," a source told the tab. Soon, the music moguls said goodbye to New York and hello to Los Angeles to be close to Blue's new school.  

Us Weekly also reported that the school's $19,000 tuition ensures that Blue is able to learn in a culturally diverse environment that "[focuses] on students' individual developmental needs." It also only accepts a small number of applicants. In other words, it's super exclusive. Following in her mom's well-heeled footsteps, Blue also performs at dance recitals at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, according to VIBE. She even danced to her mom's cover of "Before I Let Go" at the June 16, 2019 recital. The Carters are just busy being your average super-talented family.

Do Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids have a literal team of nannies?

Busy lives require helping hands, and according to Ok! Magazine, a not insignificant portion of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's childcare staff includes a whopping six nannies for the twins! With an alleged salary of $100,000 each, these nannies don't come cheap. A source stated that the twins' need three nannies each, because they have different sleep schedules. The magazine also noted that each works in eight hour shifts to provide round-the clock care. Rumi and Sir are literally being catered to 24/7! It probably allows their busy parents to get a good night's rest after long days performing and posing on the red carpet. 

So, how many nannies does Blue Ivy have? According to Ok! Magazine she only has two. But, when you throw in the fact that she also has a stylist, it balances out. WWD shed light on who dresses the young trendsetter. Beyoncé's rep confirmed that Blue Ivy shares her "stylist and personal shopper" of nearly a decade, Manuel A. Mendez — because what seven year doesn't have a dedicated staffer to curate her red carpet looks, right? Mendez was the man behind Blue Ivy's golden ruffle dress at the Wearable Art Gala, and her "custom white Valery Kovalska tuxedo pantsuit" that she wore for the 2018 Grammy Awards.  

With a staff that is the size of a small company, the Carters have plenty of time to focus on running the world.  

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids' names alone are a potential goldmine

Beyoncé and Jay-Z don't just control their children's image. They also control their name. The Washington Post was the first to mention that the new parents rushed to file their trademark application for the name Blue Ivy about a month after she was born in 2012. Unfortunately, the music moguls didn't move fast enough.

Fashion designer Joseph Mbeh, filed his petition for the name "Blue Ivy Carter NYC" on January 11th, 2012 — just four days after Blue's birth. On January 20th, someone else filed to use the name "Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV'" for their fragrance line. Neither were fast enough to file. The first come, first serve rule of filing for patents meant that everyone lost to a small boutique, called Blue Ivy, in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin that filed on January 19, 2011. And, yes they filed before Beyoncé was pregnant. So, the lucky owners now own the rights to the name.    

Determined not to lose again, the Carters filed faster after the birth of the twins in 2017. TMZ reported that the Carters filed right when twins were rumored to have arrived home. This time the Carters cleverly included their last names. The addition could also have something to do with the fact that Rumi was "a 13th century Persian poet," and is now a popular unisex name. And, Sir is simply a noun. Either way, when was the last time you were patented as a brand?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids don't fly coach

You won't catch the Carters waiting for luggage or standing in line for customs. They fly in style and with a full entourage. The Daily Mail showed a clip of the music moguls leaving a massive plane in Johannesburg ahead of the Nelson Mandela Global Citizen Festival charity concert in 2018. Beyoncé was seen carrying one of the twins while an attendant shielded them from the sun with an umbrella. Onlookers told the outlet that the couple waited in the massive airbus for nearly an hour while their team handled customs for them. When the family finally did get off the plane "they had a full police escort." 

Private planes are nothing new for the Carters. Jay-Z already owns a Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet. According to the The CW44 Tampa Bay, Beyoncé purchased it as a Father's Day gift for her boo in 2012. With a price tag of $40 million, the jet has seating for up to 16 passengers, a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and two bathrooms. It's basically a home away from home, and quite an impressive gift for the dad of three. 

The Brooklyn native has a passion for private jets. CNBC reported that the rapper invested in the ride-share app Jet Smarter, which allows you to book empty seats on existing private jet routes. Basically, it's the Uber of the skies. So, even if they fly using ride-shares, most likely the Carter children will never know what it means to fly commercial. 

Why would Beyoncé and Jay-Z's kids ever leave home when their house is a mini city?

Why would you leave the house when your home is basically a small city? Remember how the Carters moved from New York to Los Angeles for Blue's education? In 2016, they splashed $88 million on a Bel Air mansion to be close to the great school. But, according to Page Sixit was a bargain compared the $120 million bid the couple originally put down. 

So, just what does $88 million buy you in Los Angeles's real estate market? The Los Angeles Times stated that the Carter's sprawling 30,000 square foot compound consists of six buildings, with an extra 10,000 square feet of outdoor space that includes four pools, a basketball court, a 15-car garage, and plenty of green spaces for the children. Inside, the Carter home was remodeled to include a media room, recording studio, wellness facilities, and separate staff rooms. 

Previously, the family wasn't exactly living out of a suitcase in their rental. According to Realtor, the family of three rented a 10-bedroom Malibu estate for $400,000 month before the twins were born. While it's not exactly slumming it, it's safe to say that their new digs are even more luxurious than their old rental. 

With a new house, new additions to the family, and a home that has everything they need, why would the Carters ever need to leave?