Whatever Happened To Theresa Caputo's Ex-Husband, Larry?

"Long Island Medium" fans were devastated when Theresa Caputo separated from her husband in December 2017. A fixture on the TLC show from the beginning, Larry Caputo added humor to the episodes with his colorful personality. The end of the 28-year marriage came as a shock not only to fans but to Theresa and Larry as well. "I never thought we would be where we are," she said in a May 2018 "Long Island Medium" episode. 

Theresa and Larry had been going through a rough patch for quite some time when they decided to call it quits. In the Season 17 finale, viewers gained insight into the real reason the Caputos were getting a divorce. "I think a lot of the frustration has to do with us not spending the time together anymore," Larry said in the December 2017 episode, E! News noted. "Along with that comes the lack of communication so it's like losing your best friend. It's hard."

Larry later revealed that the hit show began to chip away at the foundation of their marriage early on. "[It was] exciting and fun in the beginning, but then after the longevity you become more exposed, now it affects your private life," he told Radar. The couple filed for divorce in April 2018, and proceedings were finalized the following December. Theresa and Larry vowed to remain close for the sake of their children, Victoria and Larry Caputo Jr. Since then, Theresa has done a lot of moving on — and so has Larry.

Larry Caputo needed no time to start dating again

Even before splitting from Theresa Caputo, Larry Caputo moved across the country. In September 2017, he moved to Los Angeles, and by June 2018, he was dating someone new. "I have moved on. I'm fortunate enough to say that I have met someone special. But I'll just leave it for that now," he told TMZ. A month later, the outlet identified Larry's girlfriend as Connie Stauddy, a woman from Alabama who had contacted Theresa for a reading several months earlier.

They were first seen together a few days earlier while shopping in her native Decatur. By February 2019, the relationship was Instagram official. "Love my baby boo!" Larry captioned a since-deleted selfie of the two, according to E! News. It's hard to gauge what's happened to the relationship since, but Larry has deleted evidence of it from his Instagram. A February 2024 Instagram photo of Stauddy with another man suggests she and Larry are no longer a couple. He hasn't been publicly linked to anyone else after Stauddy.

Professionally, Larry tried his hand at wine-making after moving to California, but the Lorenzo Caputo Wine website is no longer active, and he hasn't updated the Facebook page since 2021. His Instagram suggests he's been working in fashion, an old passion of his. "I've always been very fashion conscious. Even in my hippie days, I had to dress in the latest hippie clothes," he told Inked in 2015. Larry does look stylish and in shape — and happy!

Inside There Caputo's life today

"Long Island Medium" hasn't released new episodes since 2019, but that doesn't mean Theresa Caputo is done with TV. In January 2024, she debuted "Theresa Caputo: Raising Spirits," a Lifetime series that explores her personal life in addition to her psychic abilities. "I still speak to the souls of the departed, so don't worry about that. But what I love is that we go a little bit more into my personal life with my family, my parents and my granddaughter," she told Today, referring to Victoria Caputo's child, Michelina.

Since her divorce from Larry Caputo, Theresa has also launched a podcast, "Hey Spirit! with Theresa Caputo," which debuted in 2020, and released the 2020 book, "Good Mourning: Moving Through Everyday Losses with Wisdom from the Other Side." She hasn't just been busy in her professional life. Theresa has had a serious boyfriend since 2020, though she prefers to keep the relationship out of the spotlight.

She hasn't revealed his identity or when they met, but they became a couple thanks to the COVID-19 health crisis. "We welcomed him into the bubble and that's where we decided to be exclusive," she said on People's "People Every Day" podcast in 2021. "So it was kind of unexpected, just like the pandemic." In a February 2021 interview on the "Tamron Hall Show," she explained she wanted to protect her beau and his family as non-public figures. "Just trying to be respectful and to respect everyone," she said.