Source Makes Heartbreaking Claim About WWE Star Mick Foley's Marriage

Former WWE star Mick Foley has been married to his wife Colette Foley since 1992, but the pair reportedly hit a rough patch. Originally, it was love at first sight for the Foleys, as Colette, who was an aspiring actor and model, saw past the wrestler's rough exterior. "Even when I met Colette, she preferred the way I looked without them," Mick said referring to his missing two front teeth, on the "Cigars, Scars and Superstars" podcast in November 2018 (via 411 Mania). "I believe she threw the adjective 'sexy' at me and that wasn't something I was used to hearing," he added.

Unfortunately, the spark that lasted over three decades between the pair had finally diminished. "This is what I heard from a very reliable source, that him and his missus are no longer together," wrestler René Duprée revealed on his "Cafe de René" podcast on June 10. "I heard it from a friend of mine from New York who talks with Mick regularly, and he and his wife are separated," he added.

Before that news broke, Mick had spoken about his marriage and how he was a WWE star who was treated like he worked an incredibly normal job while at home. In October 2023, Mick recalled coming home from an epic match only to be given domestic chores from his wife. "You come back home and you're no big deal, and it's probably good for your ego," he said on his "Foley is Pod" podcast. Colette's strained relationship with the WWE complicated their marriage.

Colette Foley's beef with Vince McMahon

Even though Mick Foley was a legendary WWE wrestler, Colette Foley had issues with the organization. Colette gave a joint interview with Mick for "20/20" in 2000 where she detailed the physical ailments her husband endured as a hardcore wrestler. After that aired, the shady side of Vince McMahon reared its head as the WWE honcho took issue with what Colette said. "Mick Foley is embarrassed about that interview and said that his wife would never do another one," McMahon said on KNBR radio at the time (via the New York Post). McMahon went so far as to compare the Foleys' interview to the infamous sit down with Mike Tyson and then-wife Robin Givens. This led to Mick confronting the WWE boss. "The main concern I had was that I did not appreciate any comparison between my wife and Robin Givens," he told the Post.

The tension between Colette and McMahon remained, and she did not attend the Mick Foley Appreciation Night which was held near the end of the wrestler's career. "Even though Vince did call up Colette and apologize ... she didn't feel comfortable in that world," Mick said on "Foley is Pod" in October 2023.

That was not the only time Colette took issue with the WWE. Mick recalled in November 2022 when she was barred from going backstage during a big event even though other wrestlers brought their plus-ones. Colette may have been MIA from the WWE, but she was not out of the spotlight entirely.

They were on reality TV together

Mick Foley is one of the stars people forgot was on "Celebrity Wife Swap." He was on an episode in 2012 along with Colette Foley and their kids. "Yeah, I'm thinking specifically of 'Celebrity Wife Swap,' which was a really fun experience. I think we were the only family that wished the experiment could have gone on longer," Mick said in an interview with WWE. Later, in 2016, the Foleys starred in a reality show based on their family titled "Holy Foley." That series featured the family, but instead of focusing on the married couple it focused on Mick and daughter Noelle Foley, who was an aspiring WWE wrestler.

Even though Mick had been on reality TV with his wife he did not post her often on social media — even before reports of marital disharmony. Colette, however, did not shy away from posting about her husband on Instagram. In February 2023, she uploaded a car selfie of the two when they were visiting Los Angeles. Later that year, Colette gave a special — if not somewhat unique — Father's Day shoutout to her husband, but the pair were not celebrating the day together. "Happy Fathers Day, Grouchy! I had No clue what day it was! I hoping you're Enjoying & Basking in the Glory of Fatherhood, this evening," she wrote in the caption of an Instagram carousel that featured throwback snaps of the Foley family. "I had No idea it was that special day. Well have fun!" Colette wrote in a follow-up post.