Places That Have Banned Justin Bieber

He had his bodyguards carry him on their shoulders up the Great Wall of China. He took selfies in front of Tokyo's notorious Yasukuni Shrine for WWII war criminals. He wrote a ridiculous Holocaust survivor joke in the guest book at the Anne Frank House. Yup, everywhere Justin Bieber goes, some folks would prefer he hurry up and leave. Let's take a look at some notable places that took heroic measures to make sure the Biebs never comes back.


If there's a country that hates Bieber more than Argentina, we've yet to see it. The South American leg of his 2013 Believe tour started in the most Bieber way imaginable. He walked off stage during a show in Colombia and then was hit with a misdemeanor after tagging an abandoned hotel in Brazil. That's the good news. When the tour hit Argentina, all Bieber broke loose.

He reportedly defiled the Argentine flag on stage, and after he allegedly unleashed a bodyguard on a photographer outside a nightclub, a warrant was issued for his arrest. The warrant was eventually dismissed, but when Bieber tried to roll through the country again for his 2016 Purpose tour, the government said it was too late now to say sorry.

The Middle East

If you're shirtless on your album cover with a cross tattoo on your chest, you'd have a better chance of dropping your album in Mordor than you would the Middle East. According to TMZ, Bieber's Purpose album was rejected in "several Middle Eastern countries, as well as Indonesia." The pop star's public relations team reportedly rushed to get a more palatable cover redesign specifically for that market, but that made little difference. No word yet if Jesus approved of the strategy.

TV commercials in the UK

You know those celebrity Proactiv commercials—the ones where you need a telescopic lens to see the blemishes on stars' faces? Well, back in 2012, Katy Perry and Bieber shot ads for the skincare line, but they were quickly pulled from UK airwaves.

Why? The British version of the products don't have the same active ingredients as the U.S. line, and the UK Advertising Standards Authority did not believe Proactiv's claim that Perry and Bieber had used the British version prior to the commercial shoot. "In that context, we therefore considered the claims of continued use had not been substantiated," the authority said in a statement. "We concluded that the ads were misleading. The ads must not appear again in their current form." There's a "Belieber" joke in here somewhere.

Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Another story involving Bieber being an insufferable brat? Get outta here. Back in 2013, Bieber and six of his bros showed up to Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving at closing time. We could probably stop the story there, but wait, there's more!

According to E! News, the staff described the crew as "a disrespectful bunch" who trashed the bathroom. The leader of the pack was reportedly "very standoff-ish toward mostly everyone outside of his crew." When approached with the $1,600 bill, Bieber allegedly agreed to give the business an Instagram shout out in lieu of cash. That's a good deal considering the Biebs has tens of millions of followers, but it's only worth it if the pop star follows through.

An insider told E! News, Bieber "actually faked like he was posting something, per the agreement, but never did." Even worse? He didn't even tip. Bieber is now on the facility's no fly list for life.

Passage club in Vienna, Austria

Once again, during his 2013 Believe tour, Bieber visited a foreign country and left it worse than he found it. At the Passage club in Vienna, Austria, Bieber's bodyguards allegedly ran roughshod over fans and customers alike, destroying cameras and smashing cellphones. The club's manager, Joachim Bankel, kept it short and sweet during his subsequent interview with the Austrian Times: "Justin Bieber is no longer welcome here."

Mayan ruins

While on vacation in Cancun, Mexico in January 2016, Bieber and his entourage decided to pay a visit to Mayan temple ruins in Tulum. What could go wrong? A lot. According to TMZ, the group arrived with open beer bottles, which immediately ticked off the staff, and then Bieber proceeded to climb the ruins...and drop his pants for everyone to see. Naturally, Bieber and his buddies were asked to leave. They eventually did, "but not before hurling insults at the staff," reported TMZ.


The Biebs' behavior at the Great Wall of China may have been enough to get him booted from the country for good. CNN reported that The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture has banned the "Sorry" singer from performing "on the mainland" in an attempt to "purify" the country's entertainment industry. "His series of misbehaviors while living abroad and during his performances in China has caused public resentment," said the bureau in a statement.

The reason for the ban was reportedly revealed after one Belieber asked the bureau's website why the Canadian wunderkind didn't make any mainland China stops during his 2016 Purpose tour. The bureau responded by referring to Bieber as "a controversial young foreign idol" who has a record of "bad behavior" on and off stage.

Great. We can't wait for his protest concert in Tibet where he'll probably get to meet the Dalai Lama and be amazed that he isn't a farmyard animal.