Creepy Fan Attempts To Break Into Kylie Jenner's Home

An unidentified man made several failed attempts to break into Kylie Jenner's gated community over the last few weeks, TMZ reported on June 21, 2016. According to law enforcement sources, the man originally arrived at the community, known as "The Oaks," claiming he had a scheduled meeting with Jenner. After being turned away, the man allegedly "rammed into the gate, cracked it and then sped away."

The man reportedly returned a few weeks later, cracked the gate, then fled the scene. In that instance, security cameras were able to capture the man's license plate, allowing cops to track him down and conduct an interview. During the interview, TMZ said the man admitted to ramming the gate because the guards had been "rude" to him. He was charged with two counts of misdemeanor vandalism, reported TMZ.

Jenner is reportedly selling her house, a decision made after a man claiming he and Jenner were "soulmates" tried to force his way through the community's security gates over the holidays in 2015. That man was arrested and placed on a psych hold for 72 hours, but he somehow managed to escape from the psych ward. Fortunately, police managed to find him and put him on another 72-hour hold, according to TMZ. The man had reportedly visited Jenner's property at least 10 times.

In light of all the drama, any potential buyers of Jenner's house are now being subjected to "heavy vetting" by the reality TV star, sources claim. One source for TMZ compared the vetting process to "getting into Fort Knox."

Jenner's step-siblings, Khloe and Rob Kardashian, also live in the gated community, according to TMZ.

FYI: Jenner's house is reportedly being listed for nearly $4 million.