Tahnee Welch: What Raquel Welch's Daughter Is Doing Now

Tahnee Welch (born Latanne Rene Welch) may be the child of Hollywood icon Raquel Welch, but the star's daughter is an accomplished actress in her own right. Appearing in both "Cocoon" and its sequel, "Cocoon: The Return," back in the '80s, Welch went on to star in several projects throughout the years, including "I Shot Andy Warhol" in 1996. While Welch's later roles never quite managed to capture the public's attention the way the two earlier films did, that didn't stop her from landing acting gigs. In fact, in 1999 alone the actress took on three different projects: a film called "Black Light," a TV movie titled "Body and Soul," and a drama short by the name of "Pyrite."

Welch also tackled a fair share of modeling work during her time in front of the camera, reportedly popping up in major publications like Vogue, Marie Claire, and Interview, among others. And while she might not have earned the bombshell reputation that her mother achieved, Welch did pose for the November 1995 edition of Playboy, something her mother also did back in 1979. Oh my! 

Tahnee Welch took on lava-spewing spiders in a Sharknado-like film

Tahnee Welch may have been busy throughout the '80s and '90s with work in the entertainment industry, but she's seemingly been selective about the jobs she's taken on in recent years. Her only credit past 1999 is her role in the 2016 sci-fi/thriller "2 Lava 2 Lantula!" – the sequel to 2015's "Lavalantula." Think of it as a "Sharknado"-type film, only with massive, menacing arachnids instead of airborne Hammerheads. In fact, actor Ian Ziering appears in the spidery story as "Sharknado"'s Fin Shepard, bringing the two franchises together and merging the fictional worlds. Welch plays herself in the TV movie alongside Steve Guttenberg, who the actress first worked with on "Cocoon" back in 1985.

While her mother Raquel Welch was still spotted out and about by paparazzi every now and then until her death, a Tahnee sighting is relatively rare these days. And not much is known about how she's filling her time now that she's no longer gracing the silver screen. During the early 1990s, Welch was linked to "I Shot Andy Warhol" co-star Jared Harris, but the current status of her love life is unknown. 

Welch might have gone off the grid, but she's not the only star from the '80s to go completely MIA.

Raquel Welch struggled to balance work and motherhood

Tahnee Welch was born on December 26, 1961, per People. Raquel Welch's role as a new mom coincided with her burgeoning career. She drew recognition with her performances in the 1966 films "Fantastic Voyage" and "One Million Years B.C." The latter film marked a major turning point for Raquel. She played the cavewoman Loana, donning a fur bikini and quickly becoming a media sensation, per CNN.

But it was tough balancing motherhood and work. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Raquel talked about the challenges of being a mother in the entertainment industry. She said, "When I'm running around the world and being Miss Sex Symbol and having this big career in film and everything and I'm running from place to place, I couldn't always be with my children when I wanted to be. Eventually, I could see that this was taking its toll on my kids, and it used to just break my heart." Yet, over the years, she focused on mending her relationship with her kids. She noted that she took more initiative towards having a closer relationship with them, and it certainly helped. Raquel remarked, "Little by little, the disappointment or the lack of confidence they had in me melted away."

Tahnee Welch didn't have any kids

On multiple occasions, Raquel Welch has discussed her close dynamic with her kids, Damon and Tahnee Welch. In an excerpt from her memoir "Beyond the Cleavage" (via ABC News) she wrote, "Fortunately, my children and I have a good relationship, and they're still my great joy. My son, Damon, became a computer consultant engineer, and my daughter, Tahnee, a talented actress known for her role in 'Cocoon.'" She called them "a source of pride and hope." She added, "Now if they'll just give me grandchildren, I'll be complete. That's an ambition of mine only they can fulfill."

Raquel's dreams to be a grandparent were not fulfilled, as neither Damon or Tahnee had kids of their own, per Hitc. Raquel once said, "I don't have any grandchildren – unfortunately, my kids are not cooperating." However, the actor did have a daughter-in-law at one point. In 1990, Damon tied the knot with Rebecca Trueman, daughter of famous British cricket player Fred Trueman. They split after two years of marriage. On the other hand, Tahnee never got married. In addition to her romantic ties with Jared Harris, she also dated actor Luca Palanca in the '90s, per another Hitc report. Tahnee was employed at Palanca's family restaurant, Joe & Joe's Pizzeria, which is where she was introduced to Palanca.