Inside Patti Stanger's Life Today

Have you ever had tons of money, but had trouble finding love? Since 2000, Patti Stanger has been running her own matchmaker company, Millionaire's Club. She then took this premise, alongside her credentials as a relationship connector, to the small screen and became a star in the process. In 2008, The Millionaire Matchmaker premiered on Bravo, and throughout eight seasons, Stanger played the role of cupid for only extremely wealthy and single individuals. She quickly gained popularity for her brutal honesty when coaching her clients — but all in the name of potential love.

The TV show went off the air in 2015, but Stanger didn't slow down one bit, dipping her toes into other money-making ventures. But viewers may want to follow Stanger's "do as I say, not as I do" advice, since she's admittedly experienced her own difficulty in the romance department.

Come one, come all, you single fish out there in the sea (and those in a relationship, too). We present to you a look inside Patti Stanger's life today.

Moving within the big world of TV

When The Millionaire Matchmaker went off the air, it appeared that Patti Stanger's days on TV may have come to an end. At the time, rumors swirled that Bravo fired her following a salary dispute. However, in a 2016 interview on The Wendy Williams Show, Stanger revealed that this wasn't the case. Instead, she explained how she and Marc Juris — the president of WE tv — had met and hit it off years prior at PaleyFest. "He had come to my agent and he's like, 'If she ever leaves Bravo, I want her,'" she told the titular host. "And I said, 'I want to do something different with the show ... and I want to help, not just America, [but] the world, in love.'"

This eventually led to Stanger joining the WE tv network and kicking off her Million Dollar Matchmaker show in 2016. While discussing her second TV series with the KTLA 5 Morning News Show the following year, Stanger said, "The secret sauce of this season is ... that I put you in the hot seat and I give you the healing and I figure out why are you doing what you do [in relationships], so we break your bad patterns."

Patti Stanger lost money while surrounded by millionaires

Patti Stanger traveled around California to help her high-end clientele while filming both The Millionaire Matchmaker and Million Dollar Matchmaker. Unfortunately, she found herself dealing with a scary situation while taping in Los Angeles. 

In May 2019, The Blast obtained legal documents that revealed Stanger's lawsuit against the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, which stemmed from a 2017 robbery. The reality TV star reportedly booked three rooms at the hotel, one for relaxing, another for wardrobe plus makeup, and a third for all of her personal keepsakes — but claimed that robbers carried out a complex scheme and stole at least ten suitcases worth of belongings from this third room. At the time, TMZ reported that $300,000 worth of items had been stolen.

Stanger, who was seeking unspecified damages, alleged that the hotel falsely assured her about security cameras focused on her rooms, claiming that these were merely "decoys" used to "discourage staff from theft." The LAPD eventually dropped the case, despite having caught the suspected thief, because the hotel reportedly "failed to obtain any corroborating ... evidence of the suspect's presence ... on the night in question."

In a statement to Page Six, Stanger's lawyer revealed that she felt the "robbery was a wakeup call" and "hopes this case will raise awareness to the fact that many ... luxury hotels ... are often prime targets for large scale theft rings." We certainly hope proper justice will be served.

She's gained popularity abroad for a surprising reason

With two popular reality TV series set in California, it's no secret why Patti Stanger is so well-known in the United States. What is surprising, however, is her appeal and recognition to fans halfway across the world. In an article written for USA Today in 2018, author and fellow matchmaker Paul C. Brunson shared a personal story about discovering Stanger's shockingly huge following in China after meeting two Chinese businesswomen while enjoying a social dinner in Istanbul. 

Despite the fact that the on-and-off screen matchmaker's TV series never aired in China, she was still "crushing it globally" when it came to her "personal brand and audience building," as evidenced by the fact that she was more recognizable to Brunson's acquaintances than the likes of Oprah Winfrey. "My two new friends told me many of her quotes and video clips have gone viral on WeChat, the most popular social network in China," he wrote. "They then dropped the literal million-dollar nugget, 'and we love how real she is.'"

Patti Stanger's sparkling side work

It seems only natural that Patti Stanger would have additional pursuits outside of reality TV, particularly given her entrepreneurial skills in running a successful matchmaking business. According to her Millionaire's Club website, the businesswoman has boasted several sister brands and side companies, including a fashion line called Je T'aime — that's "I love you" in French, because does anything say romance and love more than France? The brand has featured just about everything, including custom-made jewelry and clothing with not-so-inspirational quotes like, "With Tequila You Get Babies." Rounding out the collection were a signature fragrance, makeup, and handbags.

Stanger has also been involved with the company, Attracting a Soulmate, with which she's produced audio recordings with purposeful subliminal messages. Teaming up with clinical hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones after studying quantum physics herself, the two have promoted the premise that people unconsciously hold onto negative thoughts, which ultimately lead to missed romantic opportunities. For those inclined, Stanger's voice and music recordings have attempted to guide the listener in changing their mindset and find a soulmate through the science of attraction.

First and foremost -- matchmaking

Patti Stanger got her start in the dating business as head of marketing for Great Expectations, America's oldest dating service. In 2000, she started her own matchmaking service, the aforementioned Millionaire's Club. The goal was to match high-profile male clients with prospective romantic mates in a discreet manner. Of course, then came TV's own The Millionaire Matchmaker, which is just about the opposite of discreet dating. But even after securing her place on reality television, Stanger continued to run her matchmaking company off screen.

The Millionaire Dating Club boasts a 99% success rate. For $85,000 a year, you could join the club's gold package, which has featured a personal coaching session with Stanger. For those not in the financial elite, our modern-day cupid has offered Patti Knows. Containing articles and dating advice from a series of writers, Stanger has also posted her own blog entries on the company's website. However, as of this writing, she hasn't posted since 2015. Perhaps there is just too much potential romance in the air to allow for free writing time.

Patti Stanger's professional gambling ... on relationships

If your entire career is built around matchmaking and relationship advice, it should come as no surprise that people may consider you an expert on these topics. For Patti Stanger, this has meant talking about something we all know and love here at Nicki Swift: celebrity couples. She is often asked to comment on the latest celeb dating and romance news, sometimes about people she's never even met. In a since-deleted feature for The Nest, Stanger gave her predictions on the chances of survival for then-recently-engaged celebrity couples like Prince William and Kate Middleton (a 51% chance is the answer she gave). While speaking with Us Weekly, Stanger even claimed she successfully predicted a few celeb engagements, including the ill-fated romance between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos shocked the world with news of his January 2019 divorce from longtime wife MacKenzie, Stanger was of course on hand to share her thoughts on the richest man in the world's dating life. "He's going to take his time to get the next marriage going," she claimed to Page Six, revealing that while she had no doubts the driven mogul would attract potential mates, the trick would be to find people searching for the man and not the money. Stanger added, "But he might play the field a bit."

Life away from the TV cameras

To share her snappy comebacks and tough-love relationship advice live, Patti Stanger decided to take her act on the road in February 2019. The Patti Stanger Live! tour saw the matchmaker help audience members navigate the tricky waters of modern dating. She also brought attendees up on stage to improve their "handheld dating profile," and empowered women to take control in the dating world.

In addition to giving in-person dating wisdom to singles and couples, Page Six reports that Stanger sweetened the live tour deal through her clothing and jewelry line, Je T'aime. According to the media outlet, she planned to give away an engagement ring to any couple that proposed during a live session.

The former Bravo star also stayed in her comfort zone throughout 2019 by appearing on several talk shows to give her unique perspective on relationships, including The Real and Girls Want to Know. A common thread among these segments? The hosts and crew lining up to ask Stanger to set them up with their perfect match.

Is Patti Stanger a matchmaker without a match?

Love unfortunately hasn't come easily for this dating expert. A year after Patti Stanger split from her longterm boyfriend, David Krause, in 2015, she revealed on The Wendy Williams Show, "Now I'm ready to get married, and I'm ready to find the one." Part of the reason the matchmaker was still single, she admitted, was her "picky" dating preferences: "I like hot surfer dudes, maybe with a job."

By 2018, Stanger told Steve Harvey on his eponymous show that she was single, but "on the apps like everybody else," including Bumble and Tinder. However, her thoughts on dating apps seem to be mixed. Though she's used them herself and even met her ex on Plenty of Fish, Stanger previously quipped to the KTLA 5 Morning News Show that, in her opinion, the pictures men tend to use (and sometimes send) on these dating apps are "hideous" and "TMI." At the time, Stanger was still waiting to receive an invitation to the exclusive dating app Raya, and later got kicked off OkCupid in October 2019.

Plotting her next million-dollar steps

After Patti Stanger left Bravo following eight seasons of The Millionaire Matchmaker, it seemed the split was made permanent when she moved her talents to WE tv for Million Dollar Matchmaker. However, the reality star hinted in 2019 that, if given the chance, she might consider returning to the network that made her a star.

During an interview with Parade, Stanger revealed the idea of rebooting the original series to a "2.0 version of Millionaire Matchmaker." First things first, she had plans on international expansion. "My dream was always to take it around the world, and do it in other countries and then bring it back to the United States for a more improved version," Stanger explained. "Safe dating is my platform. So, who knows?"

As Stanger summarized about her experience with Bravo, "I will never forget my time there, and I will never close the door."

Looking back at Patti Stanger's family history

It turns out that Patti Stanger didn't just wake up one day and decide to play cupid for the rich and famous. Rather, it was all in the family. Stanger is actually a third-generation matchmaker, following the lead of her mom and grandmother. "My grandmother would say there is a lid for every pot," the reality star told Parade. She previously revealed on the KTLA 5 Morning News Show that her mother's line was, "One and done, all you need is one." 

Of course, this means Stanger had two experts to turn to for advice, and revealed to Shape the best piece of dating wisdom she ever received from her mom: "Nothing good happens after 11 o'clock at night ... Once you get his number, get the hell out and be a mystery. Make him want you more." And while Stanger is admittedly a "softy inside" who grieves the end of a relationship, she revealed on The Wendy Williams Show that her mother approved of "monkey barring" (as Williams put it), meaning she wouldn't waste time waiting to date again following a breakup.

As for where Stanger, who was adopted as a child, claimed to get her "clairaudient" gift? She told Us Weekly that her biological grandmother "was a Cherokee and very into shamanism." Claiming she can "sense energy" in other people, Stanger revealed that she's honed this into her dating advice and matchmaking skills.

She's jumped from reality TV to acting

According to her IMDb page, Patti Stanger made her on-screen debut back in 2002 while representing the Millionaire's Club on The Anna Nicole Show. From then on, she typically appeared as herself on various reality TV series and interviews — with a couple grand exceptions. 

In addition take making her acting debut in a 2011 episode of Drop Dead Diva, Stanger played a reporter in the 2016 made-for-TV movie Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens. According to Bustle, she was part of a long list of celebrity cameos in the Syfy channel flick. (Consider us still reeling from the Emmy snub of this fine TV-movie classic.)

Stanger has also taken her multi-talents to the stage. Alongside Jeff Lewis of Bravo's Flipping Out, she's performed shows at comedy clubs on the West Coast. In a promo video for an October 2019 show posted on Stanger's Instagram account, the pair advertised their return to Orange County's Brea Improv Comedy Club. In addition to answering live audience questions, the show featured "funny stories that have never been told" and Bravo trivia — not surprising, given their experience on the network.

How much money is there for Patti Stanger in the business of love?

It's clear by now that Patti Stanger has been expanding into multiple money-making ventures since starting her Millionaire's Club business back in 2000. In addition to her company getting international exposure on The Millionaire Matchmaker and Million Dollar Matchmaker TV series, Stanger grew her empire to include a fashion and jewelry line, audio programs, live tours, books, a radio show, and talk-show appearances. 

With this multifaceted approach to her career, how much has the famous matchmaker earned, as of this writing in 2019? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Stanger reportedly has an estimated $6 million to her name. 

With all this money in the bank, you might be surprised to hear that Stanger seems to have invested a lot in herself. In addition to boasting a gorgeous, spacious home and literally hundreds of pairs of designer shoes, she revealed in an interview with Shape that health and appearance are important factors in her life. After getting "obsessed with spinning," Stanger began taking classes at the high-end gym chain Equinox. In another interview with the media outlet, she revealed her love of "anything related to dance" when it came to her exercise routine, including Zumba and the pole-dancing workout S Factor. It sounds like Stanger has been living her best life!