The truth about Pauly D's Baby Mama, Amanda Markert

If you take one look at Pauly D Delvecchio's Instagram, it's not clear that the Jersey Shore star and DJ is a dad — but he is. The reality TV star has a 6-year-old daughter named Amabella, who may not show up on his Insta very often — possibly even less than photos of Pauly D without hair gel — so it makes sense if the news is a surprise. 

Pauly D's daughter was born to a woman named Amanda Markert, who had a one-night stand with Delvecchio in Las Vegas, Heavy reports. Pauly D was already famous (or even notorious) for his one-night hookup antics on Jersey Shore when Amabella was conceived, but Markert had yet to be thrust into the spotlight.

Fast forward to 2019, and we know a few more details about Amanda Markert, the woman who made Pauly D a dad.

Amanda Markert was once arrested for assaulting her other baby daddy

With Amabella's birth, Pauly D became a father for the first time, but his baby mama Amanda Markert, who once worked as a Hooters waitress, already had a kid from a previous relationship. According to TMZMarkert actually assaulted the father of her first child when she came home after a night out drinking with her friends. 

TMZ says the baby's father, Lance Gerbino, said Markert was holding their son when she started "going crazy" and hitting him in the face with her fists. Photos show Gerbino was left with cuts in his mouth and on the side of his face after the alleged attack. 

Markert reportedly turned herself in to police following the attack on Gerbino, but that wouldn't be the end of her battles with her baby daddies. 

Amanda Markert fought Pauly D for custody of their daughter

As the mother of Pauly D's daughter, Amanda Markert is no stranger to drama. It should be no surprise, then, that Markert and Pauly D were involved in a brutal custody battle over their daughter, Amabella. 

Jezebel reported in 2013 that things turned "ugly" and "sexist" when Pauly D filed for full custody of Amabella after he found out she had been born. Jezebel shared that Pauly D thought Markert would be an "unfit" mother because she formerly worked at Hooters. Somehow Pauly D felt that his career as "that guy with the hair from Jersey Shore" was somehow a respectable one, but okay.

The plot thickens, though, because TMZ uncovered info that Pauly D tried to get Markert to have an abortion when she was pregnant with Amabella. Markert reportedly wanted to sell some incriminating text messages from Pauly D that asked her to terminate the pregnancy, though she obviously did not cooperate.