What Happened To Andrea And Lamar From Love After Lockup?

We first met Andrea and Lamar on Love After Lockup, the hit WeTV show in which couples find romance and often marry after one person in the couple gets released from spending part of their lives in prison. In the spotlight of Love After Lockup, Andrea and Lamar's bond was anything but perfect after Lamar got out of prison and the audience got a sneak peek as the pair worked through some of their most fiery arguments. (Spoiler alert: they didn't have anything to do with trying to recreate some of the surprisingly delicious meals from Lamar's time in prison.)

After Lamar's release, Andrea dealt with trust issues involving Lamar's ex throughout the first season of the show. In one episode, Andrea is at a restaurant with Lamar, his brother, and ihs cousin, when Lamar gets a phone call from another woman. Andrea stormed out on the lunch meeting after she said she heard "the other woman is going to come." She said on the episode, "He promised me that I wouldn't ever have to deal with his ex. That was a promise." 

Despite the stresses that came after Lamar was released, the couple is still married and living in Los Angeles, and has appeared in recent episodes of Love After Lockup, as well as its spin-off show, Life After Lockup. Here's a look at how they make it all work.

Andrea and Lamar moved to Los Angeles

In the aftermath of Love After Lockup, Andrea and Lamar moved to Los Angeles. In a teaser for Life After Lockup, which follows the Love After Lockup couples after their initial romance, Andrea, who is Mormon, dished about the sacrifice she made to pursue her relationship with Lamar. "I packed up my life in Utah and my kids and moved to California to be with Lamar and the family because he couldn't parole in Utah," she said.

Though the couple has stayed together, trying to bring their different lifestyles together has proven "explosive" at times, Andrea said. She mentioned how her friends and family disapproved of her getting into a relationship with Lamar in the first place, because he's done time behind bars.

"I know a lot of my friends and family would talk about our different worlds and I didn't listen to them. I was really naive," Andrea said. She added, "Then when we tried to put those worlds together, it was really explosive and still is. There's a lot of things we have to work on." 

Nevertheless, they are able to find the joy in life, Andrea said. "One common misconception is that we are always fighting and that we don't have a lot of joy or happy moments. We do; that's why we're together," she added. 

Andrea and Lamar are staying hopeful on Life After Lockup

"I can't believe I'm one of the OG's," Andrea tweeted while teasing the new season of Love After Lockup. Andrea and Lamar are facing new challenges on upcoming episodes of the followup show, Life After Lockup. In the show's teaser, Lamar dishes that he's hoping he can use Life After Lockup to prove himself to Andrea's friends and family who questioned her decision to be with him. 

"Since I was in prison, a lot of people spoke down on her and our relationship and I'm trying to show them, don't judge the man on circumstances and things that happened in his past," Lamar said. 

He went on to say, "And the story, it hasn't been completed." 

"It's still being written," Andrea added. 

Lamar said that he wants to make a difference for other people who are willing to change their pasts. He said, "Allow me to show the transformation and show something different, some motivation, and show people that they can make it too. No matter what."