How Much Meghan And Harry Will Be Worth After Resigning

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a shocking move by announcing their decision to step back as senior royals. Their actions might result in the pair being punished, and these two could also be forced to make some big sacrifices, like leaving behind the budget for Markle's enviable wardrobe. But fear not, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said they're working to become "financially independent," and if you crunch the numbers, they should do just fine.  

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Markle has about $5 million to her name. Along with signing lucrative endorsement deals and making money off of her now-defunct lifestyle site, The Tig, the former actor landed a starring role on Suits in 2011 and stayed with the show until 2017 — when things got serious with Prince Harry. Before she bid adieu to her onscreen career, Markle was reportedly earing $50,000 per episode, which helped her bring in an estimated annual salary of around $450,000.

While Markle obviously has enough money to settle down with Prince Harry and their son, Archie, her personal fortune pales in comparison to the amount her husband has tucked away. Let's take a closer look. 

Princess Diana made sure Prince Harry had his own money

Before Princess Diana passed away in 1997, she made sure that her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, would be taken care of, even without their royal funds. In order to do this, she put away a significant amount of money that stemmed from rather sad circumstances.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles (William and Harry's dad) officially divorced a year before she passed away, and as a part of the settlement, Diana received $24 million from Charles. However, she didn't keep the money for herself. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Diana put the full amount "in trust for William and Harry to inherit on their respective 30th birthdays. By the time they both were 30, the trust had appreciated to the point that each son ended up inheriting $40 million."

Prince Harry's overall net worth remains at an estimated $40 million, so combined with his wife's earnings, the duke and duchess should be able to make ends meet without their royal allowances — especially if Markle plans to return to her Hollywood roots.

Meghan Markle may be joining the Disney kingdom

Before she married into the royal family, Meghan Markle was an actor who climbed her way up the Hollywood ladder. From humble beginnings that included a stint as a briefcase model on Deal or No Deal, the performer eventually landed a leading role on Suits. She left that successful show — and her acting career — behind to pursue her relationship with Prince Harry. But now that she's leaving her role as a senior royal, rumors are already buzzing that the Duchess of Sussex could return to Hollywood with a new Disney gig.

Back in July 2019, Prince Harry was heard talking with Disney CEO Bob Iger about the fact that Markle does voice work, and according to The Times, she's now signed a voiceover deal with Disney. However, the duchess may not be pocketing a paycheck for this particular job. Instead, the contract allegedly "involve[s] the duchess doing a voiceover in return for a donation to Elephants Without Borders, an organisation that helps to track and protect the animals from poaching."

That kind of arrangement would certainly be in line with the couple's desire to grow its charitable work, but it would also send a message that Markle may be willing to resume her career in Hollywood. And that's not the only opportunity Meghan and Harry have the potential to pursue!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could pursue The Tig, Vogue, or even Netflix

As Megxit unfolds, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have plenty of lucrative options they could consider to butter their bread without royal funds.

Before becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Marke was not only an actor but also the force behind a lifestyle site called The Tig. Offering tips and advice on everything from food to travel, the website was shut down when Meghan and Harry got serious. However, the Duchess of Sussex reportedly renewed the trademark for The Tig in September 2019. Markle reportedly said she did not plan to relaunch that site at the time, but it's worth noting that when she and Harry made their announcement about leaving their roles as full-time royals, they did so via a new website that was created by the same company that created The Tig's site. Interesting, eh?

If Meghan and Harry are looking for still more ideas, the duchess could surely score a gig in publishing. She already has experience as a guest editor at Vogue. The royal renegades could even strike a streaming deal. As one Twitter user quipped: "Listen, I know that 'financially independent' means that Harry's friends the Obamas will get them a Netflix production deal, but I don't care. They're free." Meghan and Harry, do your thing!