Here's How Much Money Victoria Justice Made From Nickelodeon

Throughout the 2000s, Victoria Justice was the ultimate Nickelodeon darling. The actress landed her first gig with the network back in 2005, taking on the role of Lola Martinez on Zoey 101. After the popular teen series' four-season run wrapped in 2008, Justice popped up as a guest star on other Nick shows like iCarly and True Jackson, VP. By 2010, Nick execs apparently thought Justice had paid her dues as a supporting player, and she snagged her very own show — Victorious. Justice starred as Tori Vega for four seasons, simultaneously solidifying her status as Nickelodeon royalty and making a life-long frenemy out of Ariana Grande.

Victorious aired its final episode in 2013, marking the end of an era for Justice. In October of that year, it was announced that the actress was slated to star in the MTV series Eye Candy. After nearly a decade of pulling in Nickelodeon paychecks, Justice was ready to shed her squeaky clean image and take on grittier roles (you know, the same thing every Nick star wants to do before they fade into obscurity).

So, before she bid adieu to the network responsible for a pretty significant chunk of her acting credits, exactly how much money did Victoria Justice make from Nickelodeon?

Being a Nickelodeon star certainly paid off for Victoria Justice

These days, Victoria Justice is worth a cool $10 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth. Considering the fact that her resume hasn't gotten too much longer since her Nickelodeon days, it's probably safe to say that a good deal of her wealth comes from her time as a tween queen. Case in point? For her turn as Lola Martinez on Zoey 101, CelebrityNetWorth reports that Justice was bringing home a whopping $50,000 per episode. Over the course of the Nickelodeon series, Justice appeared in 47 episodes. So, if we do that math, that shakes out to more than $2 million — and she wasn't even the star of the show! While there's no official word on how much the actress raked in after landing her starring role on Victorious, we can assume from her supporting cast member salary that she was making a pretty penny as the lead. 

Seeing as how Hollywood doesn't seem interesting in casting Justice anymore and considering the hefty sum the network paid her back in the day, we wouldn't be surprised if she popped up on a Nick reboot any day now.