This Is How Much Jennifer Garner Is Actually Worth

Jennifer Garner has tackled a range of roles during her time in Hollywood which have earned her both fame and fortune. While taking on gigs for both television and film, the actress has played everything from a CIA agent in Alias to a teen who finds herself trapped in a grown-up's body in 13 Going on 30. Over the years, Garner's hard work has made her a lot of money. Frankly, you might be surprised by just how much the actress is actually worth.

While we don't know the exact amount Garner takes home from each of her jobs, Box Office Mojo by IMDB Plus (via Cheat Sheet) reports that 2007's Juno, in which the actress had a key supporting role, brought in around $186.1 million at the box office. Daredevil, which came out in 2003 and featured Garner alongside her now-ex-husband Ben Affleck, earned $157.6 million. Based on those numbers, its seems safe to assume that Garner walked away with a pretty decent paycheck in each case.

Thanks to those roles and others, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Garner is worth $60 million. However, she may have banked part of that due to a sad circumstance.

Jennifer Garner might have made a fortune when she split from Ben Affleck

In 2018, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck officially called it quits after getting married back in 2005. And while their divorce may have been painful — not to mention the fact that the split probably came long after it should have – if you take a look at the sad, iffy, and awkward ways the actor ruined his marriage, Garner may have ended up walking away with a fortune.

"[Ben and Jen] didn't sign a prenup and she's very savvy when it comes to their assets," a source told Star magazine (via Hollywood Life) in 2015. The insider with knowledge of the situation added, "She knows exactly what they have and where it's invested."

"[Garner] thinks she should be rewarded for [raising their children]. She tended to the kids while [Affleck] went off filming and partying," the source continued. "She'll do anything for those kids, even if it includes fighting mercilessly for Ben's money and their family's house."

Garner might have been willing to battle it out, however, considering the exes reunited to celebrate their daughter's 14th birthday in December 2019, it seems like they were able to come to an amicable divorce settlement that satisfied everyone involved. It also cleared the way for Garner to focus on her next professional venture.

Jennifer Garner is making major bank on baby food

In 2017, Jennifer Garner widened her career path by co-founding Once Upon a Farm organic baby foods. "My mom grew up on a little farm in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, and every meal and snack in her house was sourced directly from the farm," the star told Entrepreneur. "She was determined that my sisters and I were as connected to food as she was."

While Garner admits that her situation is a little different these days (i.e. she's a super busy A-lister), the actress says she's "always prioritized food and mealtime" with her children. That priority is not only a lovely way to stay connected to family while also keeping her kids healthy, it's also led to a buzzing business. As of October 2018, the cold-pressed baby food was available in 8,500 grocery stores in the U.S., according to Tech Crunch who reported on the $20 million boost the company had received at the time.

"I am proud of the innovative business that we have built," Garner said in a statement. "It is incredibly exciting to see so many families embracing our products. This latest round of funding allows us to continue to help busy parents give their children the most nutritious foods possible and make life a little bit easier for families across the country." It will also help bring in a heck of a lot more money if the business keeps booming. You go, Jen!