Meghan Markle's Dad May Be A Key Witness Against Her In Court

The tension between Meghan Markle and her father, Thomas Markle, may get even uglier because Thomas reportedly plans to testify against his daughter in a lawsuit involving the British press. According to Page Six, legal documents suggest that Thomas "will help prove that the Duchess was [allegedly] behind a smear campaign against him in the run-up to her wedding."

Back in October 2019, Meghan and Prince Harry moved forward with legal action against the U.K.'s Mail on Sunday newspaper for printing a letter she wrote to her dad. Many view the lawsuit as a sign that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had enough of the country's ravenous press coverage of its royals. "It's an accumulation, and Harry refuses to sit and do nothing as the British press scrutinizes Meghan and invades her privacy," a source told Us Weekly. "Meghan comes across as a strong woman, but she's been deeply affected by the negative stories about her." Now, it looks like Thomas may make the situation worse by serving as a key witness for his daughter's opposition.

Meghan has not responded to this development, and it seems unlikely she'll do so, considering the family drama that transpired in the days leading up to her wedding.

Thomas Markle has caused problems in the past

This isn't the first time that Thomas Markle has caused issues for his daughter, Meghan Markle. Frankly, he can't seem — or doesn't want — to stay away from the press. In fact, he's directly worked with the media in the past, which is what sparked this sad legal situation.

After Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement, the buzz about the couple went into overdrive. Instead of respecting his daughter's privacy, Thomas took part in a staged photo-shoot with paparazzi. This reportedly irked Meghan and probably didn't impress the rest of the royal family, either. In the end, Thomas did not attend Meghan's wedding in May 2018. Her father-in-law, Prince Charles, walked her down the aisle.  

In January 2019, when Meghan and Harry announced that they were walking away from their roles as senior royal, Thomas once again wedged himself into the headlines by talking to the press. "I'll just simply say I'm disappointed," Thomas said. The feeling is probably mutual.

While this is undoubtedly an unfortunate circumstance between a dad and his daughter, Thomas Markle isn't the only member of Meghan's family who's willing to speak out against the duchess. 

Meghan Markle's half-sister is also stirring up trouble

Soon after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their intentions to quit their jobs as full-time roles and pursue a part-time life in Canada, the duchess' half-sister, Samantha Markle (or Samantha Grant) emerged to criticize her famous sibling.

"I think what is shocking is the lack of consideration for the people involved, the British royal family, the promises that were originally made ... to honor royal duty and to lead by example," Samantha told Inside Edition. "They stepped into the spotlight knowing what the duties were, knowing what the media would be like for them."

Samantha, who lives in Florida, said she had no intention of trying to fix her fractured relationship with Meghan now that her sister will be living much closer in Canada. "The [Markle] family had extended olive branches to her to demonstrate that we want to be on amicable terms but she wasn't willing to extend it back," Samantha claims.

Meghan, in turn, has not commented on Samantha's criticism. The duchess is no doubt focused on putting down roots with Harry and her baby boy, Archie, while also surely leaning on her mother, Doria Ragland, for support.

Meghan Markle's mom, Doria Ragland, is her rock

Meghan Markle may have strained — and estranged — relationships with both her father, Thomas Markle, and her half-sister, Samantha Markle, but thankfully, the duchess has the support of her mother, Doria Ragland.

An insider told the Daily Mail that Ragland is "relieved that her daughter is putting her mental health and well being first." The insider added, "Doria is very much about being true to oneself and so of course she will continue to encourage Meghan to take the road less traveled."

A social worker who lives in California, Ragland has been by Meghan's side — either emotionally or literally — throughout her daughter's transition into royal life. She attended Meghan's wedding and was with her daughter the night before the ceremony. She also spent time with the royals when Meghan and Harry welcomed little Archie into the world, visiting with the queen as the monarch met the new addition to the family.

Meghan may not be able to rely on her dad or sister — and she may be on the outs with the crown too — but at least she has her mom in her corner.