This Is How Much Money Madelaine Petsch Is Actually Worth

Since its debut on the CW in 2017, Riverdale has been a mega-hit for the network. While any show can find a handful of adult actors and have them play teenagers, it seems like the CW really struck gold with its cast for the teen drama. Some of its stars may have been familiar faces when Riverdale first hit the air, but the members of the main cast are now household names after being catapulted to fame by the show. Madelaine Petsch, for example, only had a handful of acting credits to her name before landing the role of Cheryl Blossom.

Prior to snagging the life-changing gig, Petsch was working three different jobs just to make ends meet — the actress split her time as a barista, a personal assistant, and a restaurant hostess (via Privé Revaux). These days, her full-time job is bringing Cheryl Blossom to life — and she gets a pretty penny to do it. Here's how much money Madelaine Petsch is actually worth.

Madelaine Petsch doesn't have a problem paying the bills anymore

According to a 2018 Variety report, Riverdale's four top stars — KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Cole Sprouse — pull in about $40,000 each per episode. Seeing as how, aside from the first season, each season thus far has included 22 episodes, the core cast is taking home about $880,000 per season. While Madelaine Petsch isn't part of the core four, seeing as how she's an original cast member, we're sure her paycheck is not far outside the same ballpark.

Thanks in part to her Riverdale salary, the actress is worth a whopping $4 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth. It's likely that Petsch is probably also bringing in some cash from her Privé Revaux partnership and her role as a brand ambassador for the skincare brand Biore.

Considering the fact that Riverdale just got renewed for a fifth season, it seems like Petsch will continue to steadily add to her already impressive net worth for the foreseeable future. Now that you know how much the actress is worth, see where she stacks up compared to her Riverdale co-stars.