The Untold Truth Of Patrick Mahomes

The son of a former professional baseball player, Patrick Mahomes was literally born to play sports. While briefly flirting with following in his father's footsteps, Mahomes chose football. And since being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017, the young quarterback has set the league on fire with his spectacular play.  In just his first year as the full-time starter in 2018, Mahomes had a season for the ages. He tore through NFL defenses with 5,097 yards and 50 touchdowns en route to winning the NFL's Most Valuable Player award at just 23 years old. Hollywood couldn't come up with a better story than that. 

But wait, there's more. In just his second season, Mahomes led his team to the Super Bowl to battle the San Francisco 49ers. Will his fairy tale career continue? We'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, let's huddle up and find out the untold truth of Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes survived a potential brush with death

During Patrick Mahomes' rookie year in 2017, he was second on the depth chart behind starting quarterback Alex Smith, so he didn't see much action on the field. Off the field was an entirely different story. Per ESPN, on May 12, Mahomes and four of his friends were robbed at gunpoint in Texas. "[Mahomes] and some of his friends had been out to a baseball game earlier that evening here in Tyler [Texas]," Sgt. Darrell Coslin said. 

"After the baseball game was over, he and his friends returned to one of the residences. They had pulled into the driveway and were exiting the vehicle when a suspect pulled in behind them and blocked them in," Coslin continued. "He exited his vehicle and approached them on foot, acting as if he was armed with a handgun." According to Coslin, it "was a completely random act" as the perpetrator "had no idea who he was robbing." No one was injured, but after police arrived at the scene to obtain the suspect's vehicle information and description, the vehicle was found "a short distance away." 

Two men were arrested for the crime after one of them confessed, and the stolen property was recovered. "The team is thankful Patrick and everyone involved are safe because that's what's most important," the Chiefs said in a statement to In Oct. 2017, the man arrested for the crime was sentenced to 12 years in prison (via CBS Sports).

Have you tried Patrick Mahomes' cereal?

In the mood for some Mahomes Magic Crunch? If so, you'll have to visit the Midwest and go shopping at Hy-Vee, a chain of 265 supermarkets (via Forbes). Retailing at $3.99 a box, the cereal was "expected to sell 50,000 boxes," according to Hy-Vee spokesperson Tina Potthoff. But much like Patrick Mahomes himself, his namesake breakfast staple outperformed expectations and sold 300,000 boxes.

"The excitement Hy-Vee's Mahomes Magic Crunch cereal has created for Kansas City Chiefs fans is truly unmatched in our company's history," said the supermarket's CEO, Randy Edeker. Proceeds of each sale were donated to Mahome's charity for underprivileged children in and around Kansas City, called 15 and the Mahomies Foundation. Potthoff claimed that, as of Jan. 23, 2020, "More than $88,000 has been donated to the foundation."

"Patrick Mahomes is a true MVP both on and off the field. His generosity and mission to help so many children in Kansas City is inspiring, and we're proud to partner with him to support that mission because Hy-Vee has a rich history in Kansas City as well," Edeker said. "Also, as a sponsor of the Kansas City Chiefs, this is just one of the many ways our stores are showing their support for Chiefs Kingdom this season." Now we're craving some cereal

Patrick Mahomes' old tweets raised some eyebrows

A good rule of thumb: never tweet. If you're on the fence about firing off a hot take, don't. Especially if you're famous. Mahomes learned that lesson the hard way when users discovered the superstar's tweets from 2011 and 2013, where he seemingly defended police brutality and George Zimmerman, the man who fatally shot teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012.

In 2011, per the Miami Herald, Mahomes responded to a tweet about police brutality with, "Stop resisting or assaulting a cop #realcops." Replying to a tweet that called Martin's death "an absolute tragedy," Mahomes wrote, "No one knows what actually happens which is why he is not guilty but a crime could have occurred." Twitter users pounced on the unearthed tweets, labeling him a Zimmer supporter. "Patrick Mahomes supports George Zimmerman in case you were deciding who to root for in the super bowl," one user tweeted.

However, when Zimmerman was found not guilty in 2013, a then 18-year-old Mahomes tweeted the following: "Knew this was going to happen at least you know Zimmerman will never be able to go in public again." Well, since Zimmerman has made a slew of negative headlines since that acquittal, it would seem that tweet also aged badly.

Does Patrick Mahomes have a photographic memory?

During a 2019 game against the Denver Broncos, Patrick Mahomes wore a microphone for the NFL's Mic'd Up series. The video quickly went viral after Mahomes successfully called a play the Broncos defense ran ... thirteen games prior. "Yeah, they went to saw zero," he said in the clip. "They've ran it one time this year against Indy, like Week 7."

Does he have a photographic memory? "My dad has told me I have. But at the same time, I don't really know what that is," Mahomes told The Kansas City Star. "I just know that if I see stuff I can usually go back and tell you exactly what I see. And I think that's the same with Coach Reid. That is why we are (together) on such a great page during the games."

His former coach at Texas Tech, Kliff Kingsbury, agrees with Mahomes' dad. "He's very very smart, he's got a photographic memory," he told Fox34 in 2019. "The first time we'd teach stuff he'd walk it through and nail it. It's just about the work ethic and preparation and making that a lifestyle. It sounds like he's doing that. He loves when the lights come on, that's him at his best and he's got some good stuff going for him."

His girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, draws the ire of opposing fans

According to People, Mahomes met Brittany Matthews in high school and they have been dating ever since. An athlete herself, Matthews played soccer at the University of Texas before playing professionally in Iceland. Now a fitness coach, Matthews attends every Kansas City Chiefs game to support her high school sweetheart. Some opposing fans don't appreciate that.

During a December 2019 game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., Matthews claimed security had to escort her and Mahomes' brother to "a safe place" after Patriots fans allegedly harassed them. "As soon as we sit down, drunk dude 'hey everyone this is Patrick Mahomes girl and brother, let's give them s**t' This shall be fun," she tweeted. She tweeted about the incident more until providing an update on Instagram. "Gillette security cane [sic] and got us said we have cameras everywhere and we have seen you getting harassed so we are gonna move you to a safe section!" she wrote.

And due to her status as an Instagram influencer, some believe she might be out of touch. Exhibit A: the responses to this tweet. "Today my normal UPS driver was out sick, I had a package that I had to have before an event tonight, called UPS they said it will not be there till 8 pm Called my normal UPS drive and he went out and got the package on his own and hand-delivered it to me!" Go ahead and fire up the popcorn GIFs before diving into those replies. 

Patrick Mahomes is in the history books

After his breakout 2018 season in which he dropped 50 touchdowns (FIFTY!), Patrick Mahomes was awarded the coveted NFL Most Valuable Player award in only his second season in the league. And while it's not unusual for a quarterback to win this award, Mahomes is only the fourth black quarterback to take home this trophy in the league's 100-year history — and only the second to win it outright before Lamar Jackson received the honor in 2019.

The significance of Mahomes' accomplishment wasn't lost on the black quarterbacks who came before him. Doug Williams, the first back quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and Warren Moon, the first black quarterback to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame, heaped praise on the young star (via The Undefeated), calling him "incredible" and "amazing," respectively. And fellow players took notice of the young star as well, voting him into the fourth spot on the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2019.

Mahomes was just as surprised as anyone after winning the MVP honor. "Man this is crazy! God is amazing! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped me get here! #ChiefsKindgom thank you for your passion but this is just the beginning!" he tweeted.

His bank book is about to break records, too

Talk about a bargain. In three short years, Patrick Mahomes has won the NFL MVP award and led his team to a Super Bowl. And while his accomplishments are piling up on the field, the dollars aren't exactly piling up in his bank account. The average NFL salary for a top quarterback is $15 million a year (with Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson making a whopping $35 million annually), but, as of this writing, Mahomes is still on his rookie deal, earning a comparatively paltry $16.42 million over four years. Expect that to change.

According to Business Insider, Mahomes' upcoming contract extension will "be unlike anything the NFL has ever seen." ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Mahomes could be the NFL's first $200 million dollar man, resetting the market for elite quarterbacks for years to come. Luckily, the Kansas City Chiefs have seen this day coming for a while. "We were already doing the deal assuming Pat would be an elite-level quarterback. We were already doing our contracts to fit a potentially big contract," Chiefs general manager Brett Veach told The Ringer in 2019. "When he was a rookie, as a backup, we were already doing our structures to fit. That's how much we believed in Patrick." 

What's up with Patrick Mahomes' bracelets?

Patrick Mahomes wears bracelets for every game, but they aren't just a fashion statement. Go ahead and grab the Kleenex for this one. According to Fox 4, Mahomes wears one for Team Luke Hope For Minds, a foundation that helps "families who are affected by severe brain injuries." The foundation was created by Tim Siegel after his son Luke suffered a brain injury during a golf cart accident.

Not only does Mahomes actively raise money for the foundation, but he also has a relationship with the family. "The very first time, I noticed that he was wearing it in a game was when they show before the handoff," Siegel said, "and I got text messages, and then I sent a message to him and said, 'Hey, I didn't realize you wear it,' he goes, 'I never take it off.'"

Another bracelet was given to him in 2019 by Whitney Wells, a 10-year old girl who was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. She met Mahomes during Chiefs' summer camp and gave him the bracelets that include her name and her "You Got This" mantra. "Mahomes wearing her bracelet has made her feel very special, especially on tough days," Wells' mother told Fox 4. "He's given her happiness. He's given her the feeling that she really is a special girl, and he gives her hope." Sadly, Wells lost the battle with her brain tumor and passed away in December 2019.

Patrick Mahomes wasn't supposed to be a star

Known as a gunslinger coming out of Texas Tech and playing in an offense that was designed to put up gaudy numbers, many NFL decision-makers feared Patrick Mahomes was a system quarterback who wouldn't translate to the pros. Combine that with the fact that Texas Tech compiled a pedestrian 16-21 record during Mahomes' three years as a starter and the narrative before the 2017 NFL Draft was set.

"The question seemed to be: Who had come out of that [Air Raid] offense and been successful?" former NFL general manager and NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly said (via the New York Post). "He was certainly a gunslinger who left the pocket too soon and threw the ball all over the place. You saw raw talent, you didn't see discipline. And he hadn't won."

However, as Lady Gaga says, it only takes one person to believe in you. For Mahomes, that was Kansas City Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach. According to Pro Football Talk, the moment he fell "in love" was watching Mahomes' Texas Tech team suffer a brutal 66-10 loss to Iowa State in 2016. What sold him was Mahomes returning to the game after suffering a shoulder injury in what was becoming a meaningless game (they were trailing 45-3 at halftime). After Veach secretly pursued Mahomes to pretend they had no interest to ward off other teams, the Chiefs traded up and took Mahomes with the 10th overall pick.

Meet Patrick Mahomes' brother Jackson

There's another star in the Mahomes' family — Patrick's younger brother, Jackson Mahomes. But Jackson doesn't make his living on the gridiron, he makes it on social media. An outstanding high school basketball player, the 6'6" "little brother" is quickly rising to fame by being BFFs with Mahomes' girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, and his newfound TikTok stardom.

His social media presence is strong, having amassed over 60,000 Instagram followers, and over 190,000 fans to his verified jacksonmahomes5 TikTok channel. However, being the son of a former major league baseball player and the brother of a star NFL player has its downsides. "It's hard at times because everybody's asking for something," Jackson told ETSN in 2018. "You've got to act better and be respectful. Your name is out there. Everybody knows who you are and what your family is."

According to the publication, the siblings used to fight so regularly that they broke an oven. "What kid breaks an oven?" their mother, Randi Mahomes, said. "I mean, shatters an oven. I never would buy new stuff before Patrick moved out because I was like, 'They're gonna break it.'" Good news for mom: the famous siblings like each other now, as Patrick quipped, "He's not as annoying anymore now that he's grown up a little bit."

Patrick Mahomes' teammates just realized he's famous

Patrick Mahomes shot to fame so quickly, his teammates are still grappling with the fact that he's a celebrity. "It's kind of funny; I think what a lot of guys on the team don't realize is how much of a celebrity he is," Austin Reiter, the starting center for the Chiefs, told USA Today Sports. The realization came for Reiter when the two were discussing newly released movies. "I asked him recently, 'Hey, you seen this movie yet?' He's like, 'Nah, I can't. I gotta wait for it to come out (for home viewing),'" Reiter said. "That was when it hit me: The guy can't go to the movie theater — even with a hoodie to hide his hair." 

We can assume Mahomes gets recognized on the street by rabid fans. Why? Mahomes was the second best-selling jersey in 2019 on NFL Shop. The first? Tom Brady. However, the recent fame hasn't gone to this celeb's head. "He's just a really funny, cool dude. Honestly, like laid-back. I feel like people expect to hear a lot of different things about him, but he's really just chill," defensive end Tanoh Kpassagnon said. "One of the guys for sure."