The Truth About Al Pacino's Much Younger Girlfriend Meital Dohan

Al Pacino has reached the pinnacle of Hollywood stardom thanks to unforgettable roles in popular films like The Godfather trilogy, Scarface, Scent of a Woman, and, more recently, Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood. But the iconic actor is also known for his relationships with much younger women, like his former flame, actress Lucila Sola (who dated him when she was 37 and he was 77), and his current girlfriend, Meital Dohan, who shares almost the same age gap as Sola did with Pacino.

Pacino and Dohan first made headlines in September 2018 after being spotted out together "at a number of cozy dining spots," according to Page Six. A source revealed, "They've been quietly seeing each other for a few months and they seem very happy." The insider added, "They initially kept things very private, but now they are not making a secret of their relationship."

By October 2019, the duo went public when Dohan accompanied Pacino for the premiere of The Irishmen in Los Angeles. This obviously piqued plenty of people's interest and made fans eager to know all about the woman who had captured Pacino's heart. Thankfully, we have all of the details about the multitalented, mega-quirky Meital Dohan.

Meital Dohan is famous in Israel

Meital Dohan doesn't just spend her days doting on her movie-star boyfriend, Al Pacino — she's also an actress who's busy making her name in the American entertainment industry. But before coming over to the United States, she was an established performer back in her home country of Israel. "The actress attended the Nissan Nativ acting school," according to The Times of Israel, who notes that Dohan then went on to play "roles on Israeli television, film, and stage."

Dohan's website highlights a few of the notable gigs she tackled in Israel, telling fans that she "was part of major productions such as Dancing with the Stars, Ugly Betty, Romeo and Juliet, and many more." Thanks to her appearances, Dohan even managed to earn "two Israeli Oscar nominations" while also taking home "an Israeli Tony award." While she hasn't found the same level of success over in the States quite yet, she has managed to break into the Hollywood scene, which means that more recognition and awards may still be in Dohan's future.

You might remember Meital Dohan from Weeds

If you were a fan of the show Weeds, which starred Mary-Louise Parker as a single mom and pot dealer, then you're probably now thinking, "Ooooh, that's why Meital Dohan looks familiar!" Indeed, the Israeli actress appeared on the show between 2006 and 2012 as "Yael Hoffman, the head of a rabbinical school who is pursued by Andy Botwin [Justin Kirk], with whom she shared a controversial scene," according to The Hollywood Reporter. You're now likely thinking, "Ooooh, that scene!" Yes, that's her and that's the scene.

Dohan talked to ISRAEL21c (via about her role on Weeds, saying, "The producers decided they wanted an Israeli character. I helped with some of the Hebrew lines I had to say, and I was able to be involved and present my point of view on (just about) everything when we created (Yael's) character." 

We have to wonder how much of Dohan we would be able to see in Yael if we were to give Weeds a rewatch, which we should probably do anyway because Dohan's on-point performance was just one of the reasons to enjoy the award-winning series that ran for eight smoking (or should we say, toking) seasons.

Meital Dohan knows how to rock, too

Meital Dohan is also a singer who told The Hollywood Reporter in 2012, "The whole epiphany about pursuing and focusing on music happened in a very funny way. While doing Dancing with the Stars in Israel, I had a spiritual guide who told me to go back to L.A. and start with my music career." And that's just what she did.

"In early 2012 the Israeli bombshell caught the attention of mega hip-hop producer Che Pope (Lauren Hill, Eminem, Dr. Dre) and they began to record her debut album I'm In Hate With Love," Dohan's website explains. Pursuing music seems to have been a good choice as the "international attention she received for her first single 'Yummy' (Rami Afuni LMFAO) and the viral video led media outlets all around the world to declare Meital as 'the next triple threat.'"

For Dohan's follow-up single, she teamed up with Sean Kingston for "On Ya," (screenshot above) a tune that hit #5 on the U.K. Club Pop Charts and #31 on the Billboard Club Chart. The pair even made a video for the song, which sees Kingston flying a doomed plane and Dohan shooting lasers from her eyes before dancing in the desert while wearing a shiny gold goddess (?), superhero (?) outfit. Unfortunately, Al Pacino doesn't make a cameo.

YouTube is perfect for a quirky star like Meital Dohan

If Meital Dohan's video with Sean Kingston made you want to hear (and see) more of what she has to offer, then you can find more of her music on her YouTube channel, which features more than just a few of her poppy tunes. With almost 2.5 million followers, Dohan has embraced the popular platform by making skits that show off her incredibly quirky — and often NSFW — comedic style.

If you're into wonderfully wacky humor, then you may find yourself clicking the subscribe button after you check out videos like "Meital Dohan Fitness Wisdom" in which she tells her audience, "Health is very, very important and keeping in good shape, I think it's so important for artists." That's apparently why she displays a range of, er, stretches while aided by a group of muscular men who are all wearing skin-tight gold shorts. While some of her workout moves are a little questionable, they do seem to be keeping her shape.

Dohan's viewers can also enjoy the clips from "Meital Dohan Adopts A Tiger (Yummy Charlie)," as well as its (seemingly inevitable) follow-up video, "Meital Dohan Explains The Difficulties Of Owning A Pet Tiger." And if you're wondering, yes, Charlie is a real tiger who makes an appearance in the videos, and, no, we don't know if he really lives with Dohan (but we're going to hope he has a nice, appropriate home somewhere that's not a YouTuber's abode).

Is there such thing as a quadruple threat?

Along with being an actress, singer, and YouTube figure, Meital Dohan is also a writer. Monsters and Critics explains that along with appearing on the Israeli television show Screen Warriors, she also "penned scripts" for the series. She's also taken her writing over to her theater work and is responsible for multiple plays that have been performed in Israel and New York. Fans of the stage may have seen Dohan's Love and Sex on the High Holidays, which featured "well-known Israeli singer Ivri Lider," as well as Bath Party, which Dohan co-wrote and starred in.

If you can't make your way to one of Dohan's plays, then you can check out her writing in her first book, Love and Other Bad Habits, which was published in Israel back in 2007. On her website, Dohan describes the book to potential readers as "visually and poetically stimulating ... a rare tapestry of feminine identity." Containing "texts and photos showing a diverse and honest representation of women removing their masks," the ladies on the pages include "Israeli figures, some of whom are publicly known and famous." The participants "poetically expose themselves, forming an intriguing outline of the feminine body and mind." Described as a book that focuses on "defiance, irony, the immortalization of feminine beauty, the conflict between the different roles of women in the modern world, and the expectations they need to meet," it might be your new favorite read.

Meital Dohan is almost 40 years younger than Al Pacino

Meital Dohan is an undeniably accomplished woman, which is why it's no wonder that Al Pacino is intrigued by her. However, she also happens to be 39 years younger than her boyfriend. "Do[h]an is 40 and Pacino is 79," The Times of Israel reported in July 2019, while also noting that the pair had first met two years earlier at a post-screening after-party, meaning she was 37 and he was 77 at the time (and also meaning that they met very soon after he ended things with Lucila Sola).

Although his past with younger women may have made it easier for Pacino to accept the age difference, Dohan admitted that she had reason to worry when they got together. Apparently, "Dohan said she didn't tell her parents at first about the relationship, concerned as to how they would react." However, they eventually found out about her much older, very famous boyfriend and when they did, "they were fine with it, even impressed, as long-time fans of Pacino."

Pacino's family members also seem to be willing to accept their romantic situation — or at least, one family member is cool with it. When Dohan and Pacino made their red carpet debut in October 2019, Extra pointed out that "Al and Meital were joined for some shots by his daughter Olivia, his child with ex Beverly D'Angelo." Maybe to this crew, age ain't nothing but a number?

Al Pacino and Meital Dohan may or may not still be together

Has the couple called it quits? Although Al Pacino and Meital Dohan attended the Amazon Studios Golden Globes after-party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 5, 2020, the pair haven't been spotted together as he continues to make the rounds for the 2020 awards season. The Sun did report that Dohan attended the BAFTAs with Pacino in early February, but... the woman the tab identified as Meital Dohan doesn't really look like her. And at the same time, unconfirmed rumors are buzzing that the couple has split.

"Al Pacino, 79, and his 40-year-old girlfriend Meital Dohan have reportedly called time on their relationship after a year of dating," according to a now-deleted report from The Sun (via Hollywood Heavy News). Apparently things may not have worked out because "The Irishman actor and his Israeli beau found it difficult to manage the 39-year age gap between them, so decided to go their separate ways." This claim also popped up in other publications that have now taken down their reports. Does that mean that everything's still going strong between Pacino and Meital? Only time will tell.