The Untold Truth Of Mike Bloomberg's Girlfriend Diana Taylor

Since Mike Bloomberg is currently competing for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president of the United States, people are going to have quite a few questions about the guy going up against Pete Buttegieg, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and more. And while many know Bloomberg as the billionaire former mayor of NYC, details about his personal life tend to be less in the spotlight. For instance, the 78-year-old has been dating Diana Taylor for 20 years — and even she admits she's a bit of a unicorn. (That's her own phrasing, BTW; she told the Washington Post, "I'm a unicorn in a unicorn campaign.")

In their two decades together, the pair hasn't tied the knot and 65-year-old Taylor admitted to the Post, "Nobody's come up with the language around what we are." She's not a fan of the phrase "girlfriend," since it sounds "so temporary" and "very junior high." But matter what you call Taylor, one thing is clear: She's a huge supporter of Bloomberg's campaign, telling the newspaper, "He is a man of incredible capabilities and resources. I've always thought that he'd be a really good president."

Back in January 2011, Taylor said something similar to Harper's Bazaar. "If he's not going to be mayor forever, I would love to see him as president." Similarly, Bloomberg thinks highly of his partner, telling the same magazine, "She's very smart, very driven, very insightful–and she's capable of doing anything." So let's learn more about that very driven woman.

Diana Taylor puts her career above all else

Even though she campaigns for her boyfriend, Diana Taylor doesn't get stuck in Mike Bloomberg's shadow. The Greenwich, Conn. native is a career woman through and through. In a September 2011 profile for the Observer, Taylor is described as "a tall, charismatic figure" whose "demeanor was warm but professional." She's held several high-profile jobs, including Superintendent of Banks for Governor Pataki in 2003 and managing director at Wolfensohn Fund Management in 2007.

For undergrad, Taylor attended Dartmouth (which she called "so much fun") and got an MBA from Columbia University. Throughout her career, she's had a go-with-the-flow attitude and told the Observer, "I've never really planned anything. I've basically seen opportunities as they come up and they've turned out to be really good ones."

Being so busy is what keeps her relationship balanced. In that same profile, she said of Bloomberg, "He's doing his thing and I have my life, too, and things that are important to me." But unlike her boyfriend, Taylor opted out of politics, despite reportedly being approached by Republicans to run for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat in 2010. She later told Harper's Bazaar, "It wasn't the right time. I want to make a difference, and how I'm doing that now is through the not-for-profit work." She felt like if she was a "junior member of a minority party," she wouldn't be able to accomplish all she would've wanted.

She doesn't have any kids, but she is a dog mom

Mike Bloomberg has two adult daughters Georgina and Emma, per Town and Country. While he had kids with his ex-wife Susan Brown, Bloomberg and Diana Taylor (who is also divorced) haven't had any together. Not having kids helped allow her career to take off, since Taylor told the Observer, "I never had to run home and help anybody with their homework. That was a whole very time-consuming aspect I didn't have to worry about." However, she also added, "You have to do what you're comfortable with and what makes you happy and that's not the same for everybody."

The reason behind that choice is pretty simple, too. She told the Washington Post, "I never had kids because there was never anyone I wanted to have kids with." She does have a few fur children, though. The couple got two labradors in 2007 named Bonnie and Clyde, who have since passed away. Their new dogs are named Cody and Libby.

While she isn't a mom (aside from being what she called a "step- whatever for Mike's children — friend, I guess" to Bloomberg's kids), Taylor told the newspaper, "I define myself first and foremost as I've had a fairly successful career. I define myself by my family: my parents or my brother or sister and their families." Her life is perfectly fulfilled — no matter what stereotypical expectations society may place on women to get married or have kids.

Up until recently, Diana Taylor was a registered Republican

Just like her boyfriend, Diana Taylor was previously a registered Republican. According to the New York Post, she only recently switched to the Democratic party in October 2018. It's not all that surprising, since it's because of her party affiliation that she met Bloomberg at a 2000 business luncheon. She recalled to Harper's Bazaar, "We were seated next to each other because I was the only Republican in the room."

In a 2011 interview with the Observer, Taylor self-identified as a Republican, but clarified, "I'm socially very liberal. I don't understand why anybody cares who marries who. I think that guns should not be in the hands of criminals, and I'm rabidly-pro-choice. It's nobody else's business, and I'm fiscally quite conservative." She was also hyper-critical of then-President Obama, saying, "For somebody's who's going to come in and be the great unifier—you know, that hopey-changey stuff—it hasn't worked very well."

That's not to say people's views can't change over time. At the end of the day, Taylor told Washington Post in early February 2020, "I'm sort of a unique partner of a presidential candidate on a lot of different levels," but noted, "I think I have a pretty good idea of who I am at this point." That certainly feels accurate — and now at least people can have a better grasp on who she is, too.