Three People Reportedly Shot Inside Kandi Burruss' Restaurant

Kandi Burruss may be an accomplished figure in the music industry as well as one of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but that doesn't mean that her life is always ideal. In fact, the star has endured a number of tragedies over the years, and that now includes a shooting that took place at the Old Lady Gang restaurant that she owns with her husband, television producer Todd Tucker. According to CBS46, "Valentine's Day celebrations came to a screeching halt when a male suspect walked into Old Lady Gang restaurant ... and opened fire." The person apparently shot one man while also hitting two other bystanders who don't seem to have been targeted.

While it's not clear what sparked the violence at the East Point, Ga. establishment, a witness described the scene at the time of the shooting: "We heard two gunshots and I seen somebody run out that door, and I ran," the source said. "I just heard her scream 'ahhh,' and then I heard two pops. Pop, pop."

Thankfully, the injuries the victims received were all non-life threatening. Police have released an image of the suspect and some video footage has been made public. Crime Stoppers Atlanta is offering a $2,000 reward for information about the shooting. According to Fox5, "You do not have to give your name to be eligible for the reward."

Burruss has also spoken out about the violence that occurred at her restaurant.

Kandi Burruss is 'truly saddened' by the shooting

Kandi Burruss doesn't seem to have been at the her Old Lady Gang restaurant in East Point, Ga. when the shooting took place, but she has spoken out about what went down. 

On Feb. 15, 2020, the day following the incident, Kandi Burruss took to Instagram to shed some light on the situation. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star said she and her family are "truly saddened by the unfortunate events that occurred" on Valentine's Day. She noted that "an evening that was meant to celebrate love" had "unfortunately turned into something quite different" for the patrons and staff at her establishment.

"Our prayers and thoughts go out to the individuals that were harmed or in any way negatively impacted," the reality star continued in her social media message. "We are aware that this matter is being actively investigated by law enforcement and we are cooperating with law enforcement to bring to justice those involved."

While Burruss' sentiments regarding those who were involved in the incident were surely appreciated, that's not all that she shared in her touching post.

Kandi Burruss spoke about her business 'values'

Kandi Burruss wants to make it clear that even though a shooting took place at an establishment that she owns, that doesn't mean that she and her husband, Todd Tucker (pictured) are in any way fostering an unwelcoming environment. The reality star explained in her Instagram post: "As African-American business owners, it has been our goal to invest in our community by bringing jobs, quality dining, and a positive experience to the greater Atlanta area."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who owns Old Lady Gang restaurants in multiple locations, noted that "the acts of violence that occurred ... do not, in any way, serve as a reflection of OLG or its values."

Burruss ended her message by encouraging anyone with knowledge of the shooting to contact law enforcement as soon as possible. She also thanked those her supporters: "We appreciate all of the love and prayers that have come our way."

Fans pledge to support Kandi Burress and the Old Lady Gang eateries

After Kandi Burruss spoke out about the shooting at her Old Lady Gang restaurant in East Point, Ga., her fans responded with thousands of comments showing their support for the star. "We love you @kandi. May God bless the individuals and their families, also continue to bless you, your family, and good business," one follower said. Countless others followed suit.

Burruss' fans were also quick to let her know that they wouldn't be shunning her eatery because of the tragedy. In fact, the day after the shooting, Fox5 reported that the "restaurant was packed." As one fan said on social media, "People who know YOU know this doesn't reflect negatively on you or your business." Others echoed that idea. "When I come to Atlanta I'm still going to OLG," said another fan. Another called the Old Lady Gang eatery "one of the main spots in ATL where I feel at home. And I will continue to support. My prayers are with the victims."

We're sure both Burruss and those who were injured in the shooting appreciate each and every message.