Where Does Daniel Radcliffe Live And How Big Is His House?

It would be an understatement to say that the cast of Harry Potter has banked a few bucks over the years. While Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe has done some pretty weird things since saying goodbye to the wizarding world, he's made some pretty smart moves when it comes to his living situation. Over the years, Radcliffe has bought several nice — and unsurprisingly expensive — homes in New York City. 

In October 2009, Curbed New York reported that the actor had picked up a house in the West Village for $5.65 million, by which time he had already "been spreading his real estate seed all over downtown Manhattan for years." The outlet notes that he had previously "snagged a $4.3 million condo ... in Soho, and later added an equally expensive 3 [bedroom] pad in the West Village's 1 Morton Square."

The West Village acquisition is an 18-foot-wide townhouse that a Sotheby's listing explained is located "on one of New York's most picturesque tree-lined landmark cobblestone blocks" and "is one of three adjoining homes built by a sea captain in 1847 for his three daughters." In addition to three floors that include "a living room, dining room, kitchen, powder room, 4 bedrooms, three baths, a balcony overlooking the garden, and 6 working fireplaces," there's also a "separate one-bedroom apartment with a wood-burning fireplace and a picture window facing the garden."

The listing happened to note that the separate apartment could be rented out, which is just what Radcliffe did with another one of his NYC homes.

You can live in Daniel Radcliffe's home

Daniel Radcliffe may not be able to get you a letter into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but he will let you stay in one of his stunning New York City homes — that is, if you're willing to hand over $19,000 per month. According to Variety, that's how much the Harry Potter actor was renting his Soho condo for in 2015. However, all things considered, it's a relatively good price considering it cost the star over $4 million to purchase the fabulous residence.

So what do you get for that kind of cash? The home is 1,843 square feet and features two bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. There's also a "relatively compact if stylishly sleek and expensively equipped galley-style kitchen" that sits between "two distinct but integrated areas: an essentially windowless dining area just inside the front door and a living room with a sunny, south-facing floor-to-ceiling wall of windows and a huge sliding panel-mounted with floating bookshelves that slides open to reveal a library/guest bedroom with en suite bathroom."

When its time for privacy, residents can retire to the master bedroom, which boasts a "roomy walk-in closet," or they can relax in the "marble-floored" master bathroom that contains a "super-size soaking tub." The building itself offers a full staff, fitness center, swimming pool, and a garage, which is definitely a bonus in downtown NYC.

If this space doesn't strike your fancy, Radcliffe has other homes that are just as stunning.

Daniel Radcliffe's other homes are just as impressive

Considering the fact that he owns multiple properties in New York, it's safe to say that Daniel Radcliffe will always have somewhere to stay in the city. Along with the NYC pads we already mentioned, the performer apparently owns another home that Variety describes as "a massive luxury complex along the West Side Highway." Paying almost $5 million for the condo in 2008, it's even bigger than his other condo, stretching across 2,446 square feet and featuring three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. The home also offers the star "unobstructed views of the Hudson River."

Radcliffe has apparently decided to focus his real estate investments on the NYC market which may be why he sold his three-bedroom penthouse in "the prosperous Toorak area of Melbourne, Australia," which his parents originally bought then signed over to the actor when he came of age. That being said, Radcliffe likely also owns some property in England, where he was born and raised. And while we don't know if he's put any of his U.K. properties up for sale or for rent, there have been opportunities to pick up homes you saw in the Harry Potter movies.

Homes from the 'Harry Potter' movies have hit the market

Fans of the Harry Potter movies likely dreamed about attending Hogwarts, the wizarding school that was housed in a magical castle. While it may not be possible to be a real student at the enchanted academy, there have been opportunities to own some of the other homes seen in the films.

In September 2016, the Privet Drive house where Harry lived in a small cupboard under the stairs with his dreadful aunt, uncle, and cousin went up for sale. "The three-bedroom suburban cul-de-sac house featured as 4 Privet Drive, Surrey, home of ... the Dursleys, ... is, in fact, 12 Picket Post Close in Bracknell, Berkshire" according to the BBC. The home hit the market at £475,000, which is considerably more than the £290,000 the owners paid for it in 2010. That same month, Hermione Granger's family home went up for sale. However, it was quite a bit pricier, offered at $3.1 million. Time notes that it's "a spacious three-level, six-bedroom home with a classic, verdant back garden," which is "[s]ituated in a cul-de-sac in the northern London suburb of Hampstead." 

In 2018, it was reported that the stunning Suffolk home where Harry Potter was born was still up for sale after failing to find a buyer at £1 million. Perhaps fans of the films are hesitant to live in the place where the wizard's parents were killed by... he who must not be named.