Tamra Judge, Eddie Judge Sell $2M Coto De Caza Home

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Tamra Judge and her husband, Eddie Judge, made headlines on Feb. 20, 2020, when it was revealed they had sold their stunning Coto de Caza home. The property, which they bought in September 2018 for $2 million, features 6 bedrooms, 4.5-bathrooms, and sits on a 9,989-square-foot private lot, per Bravo. The cherry on top? A gorgeous backyard featuring a pool and spa. 

Considering the sprawling property is a gem, fans were understandably surprised by the couple's seemingly sudden decision. The news is especially curious because, in December 2017, the gym owners had purchased a five-bedroom, four-bath home for $1.63 million, only to unload it nine months later. "It just was never a perfect fit for us and when we bought it, I wanted it and Eddie didn't," Tamra explained to Bravo's Home & Design in September 2018. "He told me this, I'll never forget it, he's like, 'I don't have a good feeling about this house.'" She continued, "And I just felt like our lives were chaotic the entire time we lived in that house and so we just decided, I was like, 'Let's just sell it.' And it sold in three days. So, everything just fell into place. We were not meant to live there."

So, does the duo's latest real estate deal have to do with a curse? We reveal the real reason why Tamra and Eddie Judge sold their $2 million Coto de Caza home.

Tamra Judge received an offer she couldn't refuse

Although Tamra Judge has endured her fair share of drama throughout the years (a nasty divorce, estrangement from her daughter, and fractured friendships), the recent sale of her home is far from salacious. "Our house wasn't even on the market!" Tamra explained during a February 2020 appearance on Jeff Lewis' SiriusXM show, Jeff Lewis Live, per People. "My good friend Shelley Black... she said, 'Hey, I have somebody who wants to buy your house.'" The former reality star was offered $200,000 more than she had paid for it in September 2018. "I was like, sold!'" Tamra said about the enviable offer.

The deal might seem too good to be true, which probably explains why the mom-of-four decided to get ahead of the rumors when chatting with Lewis. "Everybody's going to be like, 'Oh my god she can't afford her house,'" she joked. And while Tamra isn't making her whopping RHOC salary anymore (she reportedly made $900,000 a season), she does own multiple businesses with Eddie Judge, including their CBD business and gym, Cut Fitness. One can assume she'll use her profits from those ventures to plop down some cash on her next abode. Stay tuned.

Tamra Judge always has a backup plan

Considering Tamra Judge knows a thing or two about selling homes, it makes sense she's considering getting back into real estate now that's no longer on RHOC. "I'm just sitting at home studying my real estate because I need a new career," she joked during a January 2020 Instagram Live conversation with Bravo exec Andy Cohen, to which he replied, per Bravo, "You are so funny, you're the queen of CBD, what do you mean you need a new career?" Tamra quipped back, "No, I've been renewing my real estate license for like, I don't know, three months, I'm just bored now, Andy, I don't have a job!" But when pressed about her next career move, she revealed, "I'm probably not going back to real estate, but I have to renew my license every four years and I always do it 'cause I'm always looking for a backup plan!"

Although Tamra might not become a full-fledged real estate agent ever again (she held this position early on in RHOC), she is considering getting into a similar venture with Eddie Judge."We're going to start flipping," she told Jeff Lewis, per People. "I love it. I really miss real estate."

Tamra Judge is going through a difficult time

In addition to the move, Tamra Judge is dealing with an intensely personal issue with her ex-husband, Simon Barney. Barney — who Tamra shares three kids with and was married to for 13 years —  was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer in 2019. "He told me the news and we both literally started crying. I just couldn't believe it," the mom told People in February 2020. "My first thought was, 'I don't want to take my kids to their dad's funeral,' and immediately, any ill feelings between the two of us just vanished. At the end of the day, none of that matters. All we have to do is rally together to make it through this."

Tamra, who also dealt with a past health scare involving Eddie Judge, went on to reveal how this news factored into her RHOC exit.  "The reality of it is, after Eddie's heart condition and now Simon with cancer, it's just very hard for me to want to go on a show where people are screaming and yelling and arguing about things that don't even matter," she told People. "They've taught me that life is precious, and you don't get that time back."

Hopefully, Tamra will find her next home soon so she can put all her energy into supporting Barney. Fingers crossed.