Where Does The Long Island Medium Live And How Big Is Her House

Purported psychic Theresa Caputo and star of Long Island Medium is a captivating figure with her boisterous personality and sky-high bleach blonde hair. And some might argue her public persona is more engaging than her claim that she can communicate with the dead, especially where it concerns her home life. Theresa, a mom-of-two, announced her divorce from husband Larry Caputo in 2018 after 28 years of marriage, drawing even more attention to her off-camera life. Some fans, for instance, wondered if the couple would sell their family home for greener pastures or if there would be a legal fight over the property. 

As it turns out, Theresa ended up keeping the home and reportedly resides there at the time of this writing. That's because Larry made the decision to leave New York state. "Right now, Larry is living in LA and I'm here in New York," the psychic told Extra. "We're just taking it day by day."

So where does Theresa Caputo live and how big is her house? We reveal our vision (get it?) below.

Theresa Caputo is a hometown gal

In case you didn't already know, Theresa Caputo lives in Hicksville, Long Island in a two-story home. Theresa has resided in the town all of her life, telling Newsday in 2014, "I've lived on this block for 42 years." The medium also revealed that she lives next door to her parents, which has been serendipitous amid her divorce. "I mean, my dad is always over here checking up and helping out," Theresa said in a Long Island Medium episode, per . "But with Larry being in California, [my dad's] here all the time."  

Theresa might not live in a mansion, although it's big enough for her to host psychic readings in her home. The Long Island native and Larry Caputo remodeled the property in 1999 and 2001, and the "expansion made way for a spacious living room with long sectional couches — one black and one white," Newsday reported. Theresa must love the home a lot because she could easily buy a new abode with her reported net worth of $3 million.

Theresa Caputo's house is under construction

Theresa Caputo seemingly isn't planning to move anytime soon, although it's clear she's in the midst of some serious construction issues. Theresa touched on this dilemma with her daughter, Victoria Caputo, in a 2018 episode of Long Island Medium. "Can you believe we've been living like this for months?" the medium complained to her daughter as the two stood in a room cluttered with their belongings. Theresa elaborated on the years of remodeling in a confessional, telling viewers, "I had started the construction plans before Larry and I separated, and it just seems never-ending. We've been renovating the upstairs bedroom and the house is a cluster BEEP. I mean, look, I have a toilet in the driveway for god's sake." The mom also called the project "organized chaos," and said her divorce played a role in the delayed construction. "It was always daddy and I," she revealed to Victoria. "So I had someone to kind of help me and make a decision for me."

We're not sure if the renovations are done, although we hope this is the case for Theresa's sake.