This Is How Much Alissa Violet Is Actually Worth

Alissa Violet is an actress, model, and YouTube personality who exists in a world where living a fabulous life can result in millions of fans and just as much money. As the former star of The Deleted who you might have also seen in a documentary about her ex, The Mind of Jake Paul (yes, that Jake Paul) — Violet isn't shy about showing off the kind of extravagant experiences and luxuries she's been able to afford thanks to her lucrative fame-seeking, fortune-flaunting career.

Hop over to Violet's Instagram account, where she has over 9 million followers, or her YouTube channel, which adds nearly 4 million fans to her viewership, to see her traveling to Milan, Mexico, and plenty of other dreamy locations. You'll also see her posing in front of her slick Lamborghini (which appears to be sitting beside a Bentley) and hanging around in expensive outfits. Plus, Violet likes to use her money to purchase pricey gifts for those in her life, like when she bought her mom her "dream purse," which happened to be nothing less than a Louis Vuitton, a brand the star seems fond of collecting.

If you're wondering if Violet's videos and posts are an accurate reflection of reality or simply a show for social media, the truth is that she certainly has enough money to pay for a rather click-worthy lifestyle.

Alissa Violet has turned her fame into a fortune

Alissa Violet may not have the most well-known name, especially outside the YouTube sphere, but she's still doing pretty well for herself when it comes to bringing in money. And like many young stars these days, she's found multiple ways to rake in some decent paychecks.

Comparilist breaks down Violet's earnings, explaining that she likely "makes as much as $500,000 a year, depending on modeling gigs and advertising" as well as "product endorsement contracts with companies like Converse and MTV," while "her YouTube advertising revenue and sponsored Instagram posts ... can bring in $400,000 a year."

With that kind of earning potential, Violet is now sitting on a fortune of around $6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That's not too bad considering the fact that she's still in her early 20s and has plenty of time to add to that number in the years ahead. However, that doesn't mean that she's willing to wait. As Violet so eloquently tweeted back in 2017, "[IT'S] MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!!!!" To paraphrase Ariana Grande's "7 Rings," she wants it? She got it!