What Lauren And Cameron From Love Is Blind Are Up To Now

Love is Blind is one of Netflix's most strikingly addictive reality shows, and by the end of the first episode, you can easily understand why. Participants get engaged to strangers who they've never met face-to-face; instead, they get to know each other by talking through a wall for hours every day. After the engagement, the couples meet in person, go on vacation, meet each other's families, and move in together. Finally, each pair must choose whether to go through with the wedding or walk away from each other forever.

It's all very dramatic and intense, which is why people can't stop talking about it, even though the series finale already aired on Feb. 27, 2020. The show is the ultimate test of whether love is truly blind or not.

Out of all the Love is Blind couples, one pairing stood out from the rest from the start: Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton. Let's review this couple's fate on the show, and then discuss what they're up to now! Warning: Spoilers for Love is Blind coming up.

Lauren and Cameron talked 16-plus hours a day in 'the pods'

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton immediately captured viewers' hearts on Love is Blind. They clicked instantly and they were the first pair to say "I love you" to each other in show's "pods"; Hamilton even fought back tears as it happened. 

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Hamilton explained how things got so intense so quickly. "We were dating 16 plus hours a day," he said. "So you know, it's a lot of conversation to have." The couple also clarified that their conversations were much more wide-ranging than Netflix's edited depiction implies (via Entertainment Weekly). Due to the structure of the experiment, they were able to quickly dive into the most intimate and deep parts of a relationship. "Some people don't even talk about stuff like that years into the relationship, which is crazy to me," Speed told the Times. "I was happy to put everything out in the first couple of dates. This is me, take it or leave it."

Speed and Hamilton ended up being one of only two couples to actually say "I Do" on the show's finale. Now that the series is over, many fans are wondering what the lovebirds are up to these days — and whether they're still together.

Lauren and Cameron are 'so happy' in their relationship

Love is Blind finished filming all the way back in November 2018, Elite Daily reported. (Netflix made cast members agree not to share anything about their relationships on social media until the show finished airing. An impressive feat!) That means it's been an entire year and a half since Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton got married.

As it turns out, they're still married and more in love than ever. "We're so happy," Speed told Elite Daily. "It's just, like, every day we learn more and more about each other, and we honestly fall more and more in love with each other."

Some fans managed to figure this out before the finale even aired, because that's how obsessed people are with this adorable couple. "The fact that they're analyzing our social media because they're so invested and they want to know if we ended up still together is amazing," Speed told the Los Angeles Times. "The backgrounds of our photos. Like, does the paint color of the walls match the picture in Cameron's picture."

Now that they can finally be open with their relationship, they plan to celebrate. "We're hoping to have a reception this year," Speed told Elite Daily. "We wanted to wait until after the show came out so we could fully, like, post it [on social media] and cheer and have all our family and friends join."

Lauren and Cameron are planning to have kids

By now, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton have fully settled into married life. They live in what Speed calls "Cameron's used-to-be bachelor pad" (via Entertainment Weekly), and they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in Mexico. They also have Sunday dinners with her dad every week, per the New York Post.

The couple has already completed another major relationship milestone: They adopted a dog together (!!!). His name is Sparky, and get this: He's "a practice child before we get started with the real one," Lauren told EW.

Yes, these two are planning on having kids. "That's what I told Cam — like, [Sparky] is really teaching us patience for when we get ready for a human baby," Speed told Elite DailyThey even have a spare room, which Speed is using as an office "until something else happens," as Hamilton slyly hinted to the Los Angeles Times

Best of all, they plan to show their future kids how they met by making them watch Love is Blind. "We're gonna beat it into their memories," Speed joked. "We'll make them watch it every Valentine's Day."