Grace Kelly's Granddaughter Looks Exactly Like The Legend

Talk about twins! Grace Kelly of Monaco has left behind a legacy of beauty and charm that lives on in her granddaughter, Camille Gottlieb. The young royal has taken Instagram by storm and seized the attention of fans because of her uncanny resemblance to her late grandmother and her intriguing presence online. 

How does Camille fit into the family tree? Well, she's not technically in the line of succession for the throne of Monaco because her parents weren't married. Her mother is Princess Stephanie of Monaco (Grace's youngest daughter) and her father was reportedly palace guard named Jean-Raymond Gottlieb. According to Harper's Bazaar, Gottlieb isn't even on Camille's birth certificate, but Camille "openly acknowledges him as her dad on social media." Camille also has two half-siblings from her relationship and brief marriage to her former bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet. According to Town and Country, Camille's sister is fashion designer Pauline Ducruet, and her brother, Louis Ducruet, is a talent scout for a soccer club.

While Camille may never rule Monaco, she is certainly ruling the social media game and seems to possess the same remarkably regal features that defined her famous grandmother, who jumped from being an Oscar-winning American actress to a beloved European monarch back in 1956. Let's take a closer look at this fascinating family.

Grace Kelly's fashion sense was timeless

For movie buffs and Alfred Hitchcock fans, Grace Kelly is a legend. The American actress, born in Philadelphia, rose to fame in the 1950s thanks to Hitchcock casting her in Dial M for Murder and in Rear Window. She won an Academy Award for The Country Girl in 1955, but it seemed almost as quickly and quietly as she rose to fame in Hollywood, the actress dashed off to Europe to become a princess. Her title, no joke, was Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco. 

But Grace wasn't just to become a princess, forgotten in the dusty archives of a dwindling European dynasty. She essentially became the princess, and her elegant fashion and glamour pervaded the world. As quoted by Vanity Fair, "The stylish image of Grace Kelly was everywhere" and in 1955, clothing companies even used her figure to create mannequins. 

Her style remains influential today. According to People, British royal Kate Middleton (pictured left) channeled Grace Kelly's style not just for her wedding dress but on many other regal occasions as well, opting for lace and higher necklines. As Vanity Fair reminds us, Grace Kelly's look is "forever." 

Grace Kelly's granddaughter inherited her classic beauty

Grace Kelly died in a tragic car accident in 1982, but as her daughters and granddaughters grew up, fans of the iconic princess have marveled at the resemblance they bear to the Hollywood legend. Camille Gottlieb, in particular, looks strikingly similar to her beloved grandmother. 

Camille's mother, Princess Stephanie, is the youngest of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III's three children. In turn, Princess Stephanie had three children of her own, and her youngest, Camille, is now making headlines for her iconic look. 

According to Hello!, Camille is very aware of the similarity and is flattered when people compare her to Princess Grace. "Every time my mother tells me about her, it's to say what an extraordinary woman and what an exemplary mother she was," Camille told Point de Vue (via Hello!).

Camille Gottlieb is forging her own identity

While it must be tough living in the shadow of her famous grandmother, Camille Gottlieb has carved out a fascinating life. In fact, without a throne to worry about, she was free to run off and join the circus, literally. 

According to Hello!, Camille "traveled from 2001-2004 with the Knie's circus caravan while her mother was in a relationship with [an] elephant trainer." She reportedly took an interest in theater and rhythmic gymnastics, so it seems Grace Kelly's love of the performing arts lives on in her granddaughter. Camille clearly caught the travel bug too, because she reportedly ventured to Asia to work with baby tigers. 

In 2016, Camille was linked to supermodel Thomas Martini, but the couple has reportedly split. While she boasts an impressive following on Instagram, this well-connected royal seems to enjoy staying out of the spotlight. She did, however, get behind the mission of "Be Safe Monaco," a campaign against drunk driving that she reportedly founded after losing a friend in an accident, per Hello! 

As she continues to mature, we're looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Camille — a young woman with fabulous genes that she's not afraid to flaunt!